The One and Only Chapter: 1646 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1646

Hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers have arrived at the edge of the blood clan headquarters area.

at this time!

It’s noon.

The scorching sun in the sky was fierce, and the soldiers were sweating profusely.

Just going further, the sky was blocked by a mysterious black screen, and the whole front was shrouded in darkness, and there was darkness everywhere.

Woods and others all looked at the front with complicated eyes. The front shrouded in darkness was like a huge mouth of the abyss, as if waiting for them to take the initiative to go up and be swallowed.

Lundgren turned his head to look at Chen Ning: “Master Commander, are you really not changing your mind?”

Hepburn, Woods and others all looked at Chen Ning in unison.

Chen Ning said lightly, “No need!”

“According to the plan, I enter this last occupied area and duel with Cain.”

“If you find the dark sky in front of you and start to retreat, and this area in front of you begins to be exposed to the sun again, then I have defeated Cain, and you can launch a general attack.”

“If there is no news that I will win, it is probably that I have died in the battle, and you all take the opportunity.”


Chen Ning jumped out of the command car and prepared to enter the dark area alone.

Dian Chu and the Eight Tiger Guards quickly followed.

Chen Ning said, “You don’t have to follow me.”

Dian Chu said loudly: “We are the guards of the Great Governor, no matter where you go, we will naturally follow you every step of the way.”

Chen Ning said: “You stay where you are.”

Dian Chu was still waiting to speak.

Chen Ning said coldly, “This is an order.”

Dian Chu and the Eight Tiger Guards were shocked.

Obedience to orders is the first rule of the military.

They could only stare at Chen Ning’s back, the message in front of them, disappearing into the darkness…

As soon as Chen Ning walked into the darkness, he felt the darkness, and there were countless pairs of eyes staring at him secretly.

What surprised him was that he walked into this extremely dark environment without any discomfort, and it could even be said to be like a duck in water.

In the dark, his vision was normal, or his vision was better, and he was able to see farther.

Or, this is one of the benefits brought by the blood race physique.

As soon as Chen Ning stepped into the dark area, Cain already knew it.

He was very surprised and said to the left and right: “Is Chen Ning crazy?”

“He actually let the human alliance army stay in place, and he came in to die?”

Max said: “This guy has always been arrogant. I don’t know what tricks he is playing this time?”

Cain smiled: “If he wants to be a hero, then give him a chance.”

“Don’t we have countless blood servants under our command?”

“Let the blood servants intercept him and consume his stamina.”

“Can he kill a hundred blood servants, can he kill a thousand blood servants, can he kill 100,000 blood servants?”

“Prepare a million blood servants and let him kill until he becomes weak. When I asked him to walk in front of me, he was already a weak-footed shrimp with exhausted limbs.”

Max said: “Yes!”

After Chen Ning entered the dark area, the speed seemed to be slow but fast.

Every time he took a step, his figure would flicker, and his figure had already appeared 100 meters away.

He was heading in the direction of Cain’s Palace, advancing at an incredible speed.


There were figures in front of him, blocking his way.

Countless shadows, each shadow’s eyes exudes a scarlet light.

With Chen Ning’s eyesight, he could clearly see each of their pale and hideous faces, as well as the blood-sucking fangs exposed in their mouths.

It turned out to be countless blood servants, blocking his way.

Among the army of blood servants, an extraordinarily tall middle-aged man with a mustache in a retro black suit looked at Chen Ning from a distance and sneered at Chen Ning: “Hohoho, Chen Ning, you are so courageous, how dare you dare. Come alone.”

“Our ancestors ordered us to greet you well!”

“I called a million blood servants.”

“Aren’t you very good at fighting? I’ll let you kill enough until you’re weak, hahaha.”

This mustache man who was hiding in the blood servant army and shouting, named Aomon, was a blood clan duke.

He was ordered by Max to summon millions of blood servants and use the crowd tactics to consume Chen Ning’s stamina.

Chen Ning looked at the endless blood servants in front of him, frowned slightly, and then his eyes turned cold.

“Is the honor and inferiority of the blood clan already indistinguishable?”

“Have you lowly dared to stand in front of me?”

Chen Ning’s voice was not loud, but like a dull thunder, it was heard from Xu Yuan and the audience could hear it.

The blood servants in front of them, listening to Chen Ning’s voice, only felt thunder blasting in their ears, and their hearts were beating wildly.

a time.

The blood servants all felt the mighty aura of a powerful superior emanating from Chen Ning.

This is the king’s breath that can only be found in the blood race almighty.

In their bones, in their blood, the blood servants who subconsciously surrendered to the upper blood race were inexplicably frightened for a while, as if they had seen an ancient king.

Frightened instinctively, they all gave way, and knelt down to greet them.

Aomon was even more stunned to see this incredible scene in front of him.

The vast army of blood servants, which was as vast as the sea, followed Chen Ning’s words and gave way to a majestic road, and millions of blood servants knelt down to greet them.


What’s going on here?

He didn’t even feel it.

The vision in front of him was dazed for a while, and then Chen Ning’s figure appeared in front of him out of thin air.

Chen Ning said indifferently, “Did I allow you to stand in front of me?”

Only at this time did Aomen feel the powerful aura of the blood race on Chen Ning’s body, but he couldn’t think about it at this time.

With a strange cry, he pulled out the stabbing sword he was wearing around his waist, and slashed towards Chen Ning with a ruthless slash.

Chen Ning raised his left hand and copied it casually.

He took Aomon’s rapier directly, and Aomen’s face turned pale in shock.

“Just you dare to wield a sword in front of me?”

Chen Ning said coldly, his hands were slightly hard, the stabbing sword in his hand had been shattered directly and turned into countless pieces.

at the same time.

Chen Ning’s figure flashed, approaching Amon, raising his hand and punching Amon’s chest.


A scalp-tingling sound of bone shattering sounded.

Chen Ning’s punch directly sunk Amon’s chest deeply, and shattered all the internal organs in Amon’s chest.

Aumeng flew out like autumn leaves, and when he fell to the ground, he was already a corpse.

Chen Ning kept his pace and continued to move forward, walking past the road where millions of blood servants were kneeling.

Every time he took a step, his figure flickered, and in the blink of an eye, he had already appeared a hundred meters away.

His voice was like rolling thunder, and it was transmitted into the distance: “Cain, since you know I’m coming, why don’t you come out and die?”

The headquarters of the blood clan, in the luxurious palace.

Cain was preparing to wait for work, waiting for the millions of blood servants to exhaust Chen Ning’s physical strength, and then came forward to easily remove Chen Ning’s head and drink Chen Ning’s blood.

But he didn’t think that there was a muffled sound like a thunder in the distance, and it was actually Chen Ning’s cry of war.

He was startled and angry.

Was about to ask what’s going on?

Max has hurried in from outside.

“Lord Ancestor, the situation is weird. When millions of blood servants saw Chen Ning, they were so frightened that they gave way and knelt down to greet him.”

“Chen Ning killed the Duke of Aumont and came over here at a very fast speed.”


Cain and several blood princes at the scene showed shocked expressions.

A million blood servants, so scared to kneel to meet Chen Ning?

How is this possible!

Cain couldn’t believe the whole message in his heart, but he did feel that there was a powerful force coming towards him quickly.

It must be Chen Ning.

Although he felt that something was wrong, he couldn’t bear to think about it at this time.

He said solemnly: “Since Chen Ning is here, then Max, you guys go out and meet him.”

Max and other princes said in unison, “Yes!”

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