The One and Only Chapter: 1645 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1645

“Chen Ning, you dare to kill our blood emissary.”

“The two armies don’t fight, but you kill our blood emissary, you are too shameless.”

“That’s right, you just wait for our blood race to revenge, and wait for the wrath of our ancestors!”

Seeing the tragic death of McMann, several blood races at the scene let out a sound of anger.

Chen Ning was full of disapproval, and said lightly: “Just allow your blood clan to harm the messengers I sent, and not allow me to move your blood clan’s messengers?”

“If the two armies fight against each other, they will leave a way for themselves.”

“The hatred between us humans and your blood clan is endless, and there is no need to leave any way out.”

“Take this salted fish, go back and tell Cain, I’ll find him soon and make a break with him.”

Several vampires were shocked and angry, but Chen Ning just shot to kill McMahon’s terrifying power, they all saw it, at this time, they all dared to speak, took McMahon’s body, and left angrily.

After Lundgren, Hepburn and others saw Chen Ning come back, the strength of the Allied forces also returned.

All of them were full of joy, thinking that the Allies had to be led by Chen Ning.

Woods said at this time: “Commander-in-chief, if you kill the messenger sent by Cain, you will definitely anger Cain. If Cain is angry, he leads the blood clan out of the nest to attack us, what should we do?”

Chen glanced at Woods and smiled: “There’s no need to wait for them to hit us, we’ll hit them first.”

“Send the order down.”

“Let the logistics take out the best food and make the most sumptuous dinner, and everyone can get a glass of wine for the soldiers to enjoy.”

“Take a break tonight, tomorrow morning, the army will pull out the camp and go to the blood clan headquarters.”

Woods’ eyes widened.

He still didn’t respond.

Next to Lundgren and Hepburn, there are many gods of war, and they have responded in unison: “Yes.”

Only Dong Young Gun, Luo Tian and other allies of the United States are still hesitating and watching Woods’ attitude.

Seeing that most of the people supported Chen Ning’s decision, Woods had no choice but to say, “Yes, the commander-in-chief.”

Dong Ying Gun and other gods of war, seeing this, followed Woods and said: “Yes, the commander-in-chief.”


The Allied camp was full of cheers, and the soldiers enjoyed their meals to the fullest.

Chen Ning was sitting on a rock outside the camp at this time, staring at the sky in the distance.


The sky was clearly divided into two colors, one side was pitch black like ink, and the other side was azure blue with a reddish sunset glow.

“Under the black sky, is Oga, which is now the headquarters of the blood race.”

“Although the earth has seen the sun again, the blood clan headquarters area is still in a state of eternal night, and the sky is blocked by the sky.”

A crisp female voice rang in Chen Ning’s ears.

It turned out to be the Holy See saint Hepburn.

Hepburn was wearing a battle dress of a female warrior of the Holy See, which was beautiful and sassy.

Chen Ning turned his head and glanced at Hepburn, a little surprised: “Why are you here, and the Sanguine headquarters area you said is still in the eternal night state, what’s going on?”

“Just like you, come out to relax.” Hepburn explained with a smile: “After the end of the dark sky, most of the world has seen the sun again.”

“But only the blood clan headquarters area, the sky is still blocked by the dark sky, this area is still in a state of eternal night.”

Chen Ning suddenly said, “I just said, why didn’t that guy in Woods let the United States bombard Cain with a missile? It turns out that the dark sky in this place has not ended, and it is still in a state of eternal night!”

Hepburn said with a smile: “In the blood family headquarters area, the satellite signal is blocked, and the missile cannot strike accurately.”

“Secondly, the blood clan has captured countless humans here as slaves, and these slaves are also the reserve food of the blood clan.”

“It is estimated that more than 100 million humans are imprisoned in this area.”

“The blood servants are even more numerous.”

“Even if Woods dared to fight again, he would not dare to bomb this area with missiles. Otherwise, he would accidentally injure the human beings in this area, and he would definitely be reviled by others, and even bear the burden of anti-humanity public opinion.”

Chen Ning nodded: “It’s true.”

Hepburn looked at Chen Ning’s profile, and she couldn’t help but feel that Mr. Chen seemed to be more handsome and more attractive.

Her pretty face flushed slightly, she forced herself to calm down, and asked softly, “Mr. Chen, you ordered the Allied forces to start heading towards the blood clan headquarters area tomorrow, how sure are you to win this decisive battle?”

Chen Ning said with a smile: “I don’t have much confidence, maybe 50%.”

Hepburn nodded, 50% sure, it was no small thing.

After all, this time he was facing Cain, the ancestor of the blood family, the creature known as the strongest existence in the world.

Hepburn asked curiously, “I don’t know if you have any tactical plans. Would it be convenient to reveal them in advance?”

Chen Ning turned his head and glanced at Hepburn, and said lightly, “I don’t need any tactics and plans, my method is simple and rude.”

“After arriving in the Evernight area, you will lead the allies to wait in place, and I will go there in person and duel with Cain.”

“If I defeat Cain, you will lead the Allies to take the opportunity to attack and wipe out the blood clan in one fell swoop.”

“If I can’t defeat Cain and die in a duel, then you can act accordingly.”


Hepburn waited for the eyes, surprised and anxious.

“Lord Commander, how could we let you go to a duel with Cain alone…”

Chen Ning interrupted: “Nothing is impossible.”

“It’s the best way.”

“If I can kill Cain, then the calamity of the blood race can be declared over as long as the Allied forces attack.”

“If I can’t kill Cain, then I have done my best, and I will ask you all to work hard in the future.”

Hepburn looked at Chen Ning and was speechless for a long time.

She didn’t understand, Chen Ning’s return this time seems to have changed a bit, but she can’t tell where it has changed.

She vaguely felt that Chen Ning seemed to hate the blood clan very much, and seemed to be eager to slaughter Cain with his own hands to end the turmoil brought about by the blood clan.

Even in order to end all this, Chen Ning seemed to put his life and death aside.

She didn’t understand why Chen Ning, who had always been steady, had to take such a risky move?


She didn’t know that Chen Ning was now infected with blood poison, and it was the blood poison of the king of the blood clan, which turned his physique into a blood clan physique.

Although Chen Laojiu helped his body with treatment and adjustment, it covered up some of his blood clan characteristics, making him look no different from ordinary people from the outside.

But he knew that he was already a blood clan.

The discomfort caused by the change of identity and the hatred for the blood clan made him extremely tired of the blood clan that changed his fate, so he is not afraid of death at all now, and just wants to quell the dispute brought about by the blood clan with his own hands.

There was even a hint of extreme thought in his mind: If he, who has become a blood clan, could not become a normal person, then he would die in battle, or would be the best destination.

That’s why he resolutely decided to go all out and fight Cain.

If he wins, mankind wins.

If he loses, then he also tried his best, and death is also a good destination.

the next day.

The alliance army began to assemble under the command of the gods of war from various countries.

Immediately following, the orderly allocation, the continuous flow towards the distant blood clan headquarters area, set off again.

Blood Clan Headquarters.

Cain is having a meal with Max and a few blood race kings around the long table.

this time.

Linna stepped on high heels and walked in quickly.

Cain frowned slightly: “Didn’t I say that during meal time, if there is no big business, don’t come in to disturb it?”

Lianna said neither humble nor arrogant: “Master Ancestor, I’m afraid I have to disturb you.”

“Because Chen Ning killed the messenger we sent, McMann, and he also led the army of the Human Alliance towards us.”

“It looks like Chen Ning is breaking the boat and going to a duel.”

Cain was stunned when he heard the words.

Immediately, he sneered, put down the knife and fork, picked up the white napkin on the table, wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth, and sneered: “Hoho, he actually took the initiative to die, then I will let him do it.”


He instructed Max to wait: “There are guests coming, you all go to prepare, and then come with me to greet the guests.”

Several blood princes of Max said in unison: “Yes, Lord Ancestor.”

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