The One and Only Chapter: 1644 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1644

When Chen Ning came back, the Allied soldiers were in high spirits.


The bearded colonel on duty rushed over and said anxiously: “Commander-in-chief, the blood race is here.”


All the gods of war at the scene were taken aback and looked at Chen Ning subconsciously.

The blood clan actually sent messengers, what did they want to do?

Chen Ning’s face was calm, and he said lightly, “Let him in and take him to my tent to meet me.”


Chen Ning turned around and walked towards the coach’s tent.

This is the big tent that belongs to Woods, but Chen Ning is back, so it is natural to let Chen Ning work here.

Chen Ning brought Woods, Lundgren, Hepburn and other important members of the Allied forces to the coach’s tent and sat down according to their identities.


Several men in black cloaks were brought in by soldiers.

These men hiding in black cloaks are all blood races. Because they are afraid of the sun, they are used to hiding their bodies under the cloaks when the sun is shining.

After a few blood races entered the tent, they lifted their cloaks to reveal their true colors.

The guy in the lead was tall and handsome, a typical blond and blue-eyed western handsome man, but his face was pale, his eyes were scarlet, and when he smiled, he gave people a sinister and evil feeling.

He is the messenger sent by Cain, the ancestor of the blood family, and the servant who has been with Cain for many years, McMahon.

McMann has no title among the blood clan.

However, he was the servant of Cain, the ancestor of the blood family, and served Cain for countless years, and he has long since become Cain’s left arm.

Therefore, although he did not have a title among the blood clan, none of the blood clan dared to disrespect him, even those blood clan princes had to give him a three-point thin face.

In addition, he has followed Cain all the year round, and has also learned a lot of skills. It is said that his combat power is unfathomable, and some people even suspect that his strength is still higher than that of the blood prince.

As for the real situation, no one knows, because McMahon rarely has the opportunity to shoot himself.

However, in McMahon’s heart, he despised anyone and any blood family. In his eyes, his master Cain was the strongest in the world, and he was the second in the world.

this time.

He seemed to be a lion walking into the sheepfold, majestic and arrogant, looked at the man sitting in the master seat with contempt, and said frivolously: “Why, I know the envoy of the blood race is coming, but I don’t know how to get up to greet him. ?”

His eyes fell on Chen Ning, and his eyes met with Chen Ning.

In an instant, the eyes of the two were like thunder and fire.

Chen Ning felt that McMahon’s eyes were like two black vortices, and his eyes met them, making him almost fall into them in an instant.

The body also seemed to be shackled invisibly, and the whole body could not move.

But in the next instant, Chen Ning’s powerful mental willpower suddenly exploded, and there was a flash of light in his eyes.

Instantly broke free of McMahon’s mental control, and his body returned to freedom.

On the contrary, McMahon trembled and looked at Chen Ning in horror. Chen Ning’s sudden outburst of strong will shocked him.

He seemed to find that the person sitting in front of him was not a human being, but a powerful blood race whose strength was not under his master Cain.

He was so frightened that he almost knelt down and kowtowed to Chen Ning on the spot.

Fortunately, he stabilized in time and did not kneel on the spot.

He suppressed the shock in his heart, forcibly calmed down his mood, and looked at Chen Ning in shock, puzzled in his heart.

Seeing this human man, what happened?

Why did such a powerful will burst out in that moment just now?

And that will, like the horror of the blood race, made him have a kind of fear of kneeling and surrendering.

He is obviously a human being, so how could he make himself feel that he is the power of the blood race?

Chen Ning jokingly looked at McMahon, who was full of surprise, and teased: “Hoho, you are just a messenger, what qualifications do you have for me to get up and greet you in person.”

“Man said you don’t have this qualification. Even if Cain came in person, he wouldn’t have this treatment.”

McMahon said angrily, “You dare to insult my master!”

Chen Ning said lightly: “I’m just telling the truth, when Cain comes, there won’t be any courtesy, only the sword will be added to him.”

McMahon was furious: “You are so bold.”

Chen Ning said with a smile: “I have always been courageous. I don’t take Cain in my eyes, and you are not worth mentioning in front of me.”

“But I’m not interested in bullying errands like you.”

“So don’t make me unhappy, tell me, what nonsense did Cain send you to convey?”

As Chen said, he was already supporting the seat off-hand with one hand, his palm dragging his face, and he looked like he was listening with interest, but his expression was a little playful. Looking at McMahon was like looking at a clown.

McMahon was startled and angry.

He never thought that the Alliance of Humans had just been beaten to pieces by his master and fled two hundred miles away in embarrassment.

At this time, he was still so arrogant that he dared to speak to him with such an attitude.

He wanted to have a seizure, but finally realized that something was wrong.

The handsome man sitting on the master’s seat in front of him is not a westerner, but an eastern face.

He asked in surprise: “You are not Woods, who are you?”

When Woods next to him heard McMahon’s words, he was very upset. He thought to himself, what do you mean? Could it be that you are so arrogant and domineering because you think Woods is easy to bully?

With a cold face, he said loudly: “Blind your dog’s eyes, this is the commander-in-chief of our allied forces, Huaxia *** of War, Mr. Chen Ning Chen.”

Chen Ning!

McMahon was taken aback and looked at Chen Ning in disbelief.

“It turned out to be you, Chen Ning.”

“You have actually returned to the Human Alliance.”

“No wonder when I came in just now, I found you human soldiers with high fighting spirit and eager to move.”

“It turns out that you came back. I guess you stupid humans have forgotten the pain of being taught by my master for a while, and think you can do it again?”

After McMahon knew that the man in front of him was Chen Ning, he understood why this man was so strong.

Having killed many kings of the blood clan, Chen Ning naturally has the confidence and strength.

But he still doesn’t take Chen Ning seriously. After all, in his heart, the master Cain is number one in the world, and he is number two in the world. Why should he be afraid of Chen Ning?

Chen Ning frowned slightly.

It seems that after Woods lost the previous battle, the blood clan became more confident.

Now a little blood clan messenger dares to shout again and again in front of him.

Chen Ning raised his hand, knocked on the table, and warned coldly, “Mikeman, don’t challenge my patience. I don’t want to have the same knowledge as you and tell me your intentions.”

First, McMahon did not take Chen Ning seriously, and secondly, he felt that the two armies would not kill him when they fought.

Based on these two points, he did not feel that he was in a dangerous situation at all.

When he saw Chen Ning say this, he thought that Chen Ning didn’t dare to touch him.

He sneered: “As it happens, I like to challenge other people’s bottom line the most.”

“However, if you want to know what my master has to say, you may as well let you know.”

After speaking, he said loudly: “My master said, I will give you one day to surrender and join the blood clan as slaves, but you can save your life.”

“In addition, based on Chen Ning, you are here.”

“I’ll add one more thing to my master, you must personally come to see my master lead to death.”

“If you don’t come, my master will destroy the allied army first, and then attack the east, enter Huaxia, and kill all your wife’s relatives.”

This word is exported.

Hepburn, Lundgren, Dian Chu and others at the scene were completely angry.

When McMahon said this, he glanced at Chen Ning proudly: “After I finish speaking, you can decide for yourself what to do, goodbye.”

After he finished speaking, he took a few of his subordinates and turned to leave.


Chen Ning stood up.

McMahon turned his head and looked at Chen Ning in astonishment: “Do you have anything else to do?”

Chen Ning nodded, walked in casually, and said lightly: “Yes, something is wrong.”

“I hate people threatening my family the most.”

“And when I got in the car, I sent Hong Qi to your blood clan to spread the word. Your blood clan hurt Hong Qi, and I still remember it.”

“So…you’re out of luck.”


Chen Ning shot in anger.

McMahon’s face changed drastically.

Chen Ning’s strength, and his anger shot, can’t be resisted by a small servant of Cain.

I saw Chen Ning’s right hand suddenly sticking out, McMahon didn’t have a reaction, he was already strangled by Chen Ning’s throat, and one hand was abruptly lifted off the ground.


McMahon’s face was full of pain and he struggled desperately, but under Chen Ning’s powerful arm, he seemed so insignificant.


Chen Ning folded his fingers together and pinched McMahon’s throat abruptly.

Poor McMahon died on the spot.


Chen Ning threw McMahon’s body in front of several blood clans like a dead dog, and said coldly: “Go back and tell Cain, let him wash his neck and wait for death.”

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