The One and Only Chapter: 1643 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1643

Just as Helen disappeared, Dian Chu and the others arrived.

Dian Chu said in surprise: “Captain, are you okay, what about the female blood clan?”

Chen Ning has recovered and said lightly, “Let her slip away.”

slipped away!

Dian Chu and the others were very surprised. They didn’t think that this female blood race could slip away under the eyes of the great governor. It seems that the strength is not weak!

Dian Chu also wondered what the origin and purpose of this female blood clan was.

But he didn’t dare to ask.

Chen Ning commanded calmly, “Let’s go, and continue on our way.”

Everyone returned to the convoy and continued to drive forward.

Chen Ning looked out of the car window, thinking about what Helen said to him. He didn’t understand what Helen came from, and what did it mean to advise him?

The next day!

At noon, Chen Ning and his party finally arrived at the front line, the temporary Allied camp.

Some time ago, the Allies, under the command of Chen Ning, successively won the east and west army of the blood clan, and killed many kings of the blood clan. The fighting spirit of all the soldiers was very high.

But now, Chen Ning looked at the soldiers standing guard at the gate of the temporary camp, everyone had their heads drooping and their faces exhausted.

Some people even had bandages wrapped around their heads, and there were mottled bloodstains on their clothes.

Where is the heroic figure some time ago?

The soldiers standing guard finally found the arrival of several jeeps from Chen Ning.

An officer on duty wearing a colonel’s uniform and a bearded face appeared immediately, staring vigilantly at the sudden appearance of several jeeps, shouting loudly: “Who is here, immediately report your identity and stop for inspection.”

The exhausted soldiers behind him also quickly picked up weapons such as submachine guns, and aimed their guns at several jeeps in front of them.

Several jeeps stopped.

Dian Chu jumped out of the car first and shouted to the bearded colonel in front of him: “Remove your guns immediately, your commander-in-chief is back.”

The commander-in-chief is back? !

The bearded Colonel was stunned when he heard the words, and immediately recognized that Dian Chu was Chen Ning’s deputy. He couldn’t help showing ecstasy: “The commander-in-chief is back.”

The Allied soldiers behind him were also stunned for a moment, and then they were all surprised and cheered: “The commander-in-chief is back.”

The commander-in-chief is back.

This message quickly spread throughout the Allied camp.

The soldiers, who had lost the battle, were disillusioned, and had low morale, became extremely excited one by one when they learned that Chen Ning had returned.

Chen Ning is the strongest *** of war in human beings, and is an invincible legend.

They have followed Chen Ning, and they have made great achievements many times, and they have long been full of trust in Chen Ning.

On the contrary, he has followed Woods recently, eating an unprecedented pale, and dozens of war gods of all countries have been killed.

All the Allied troops were extremely dissatisfied with Woods, and the war-weariness was very strong.

At this time, Chen Ning came back, which was great news for them.

They were really tired of fighting with Woods, and they really missed Chen Ning commanding them to fight.

For a while!

Everyone knew that after Chen Ning came back, there was no need for the officer’s approval. All of them spontaneously ran out and lined up to welcome Chen Ning’s return.

This huge movement also awakened Woods, who was taking a nap.

Woods had just fallen asleep for a long time when he vaguely heard shouts from outside. He sat up in fright for a while, and shouted in panic: “Come on, what’s going on outside, what’s going on?”

“Did Cain lead the blood clan army to call?”

The voice just fell.

His capable subordinate, Locke, rushed in from the outside. After a hasty salute, he resisted the surprise and explained to him, “General, it’s not the blood race that came, but the commander-in-chief is back.”

“The soldiers outside were all elated and ran out to welcome the return of the commander-in-chief.”


Chen Ning is back!

Woods’ expression was weird, both secretly relieved and a little lost.

Chen Ning was the commander-in-chief of the Allied forces.

Chen Ning is back, and Woods is bound to give up the command.

And now the Allies are extremely dissatisfied with him, even if he wants to let it go.

The advantage is that the Allies are in a mess now, they have just lost the battle, and they have to face the attack of the ancestors of the blood clan at any time.

With Chen Ning back, Woods can unload his burden.

Woods’ expression changed a few times. He got off the bed and started getting dressed while ordering Locke: “Go and order everyone to gather and meet the commander-in-chief.”

Locke rolled his eyes twice, lowered his head, did not dare to look at Woods, and said in a low voice, “General, everyone has spontaneously combined to meet the commander-in-chief.”

Hearing the words, Woods froze, his expression somewhat ugly.

How much everyone hates him, how much everyone supports Chen Ning!


He also knew that Chen Ning’s heart was not in him.

He could only hold back his dissatisfaction and waved his hand: “Okay, I see, you go out and wait for me.”

Locke quits.

Woods dressed neatly and came out of the room.

at this time.

More than a dozen gods of war, including Dong Ying Gun and Luo Tian, ​​who followed Woods unswervingly, came in a hurry.

Dong Ying Gun’s face was full of anxiety: “Mr. Woods, the big thing is bad, that guy Chen Ning is back.”

Woods glared at Dong Yingjian: “It’s a good thing that the commander-in-chief is back. What are you doing when you are shocked? Go, go and welcome the return of the commander-in-chief with me.”

Dong Young Gun and others were dumbfounded.

Everyone thought to themselves, when Chen Ning comes back, you will lose your power, and you are not angry at all?

Only Catherine, the *** of War in the Eagle Kingdom, could see that Woods had lost the battle recently, and he was already low in self-confidence, so he didn’t have the confidence to clean up this mess.

The arrival of Chen Ning, to some extent, is a relief for Woods.

at this time!

Chen Ning took Dian Chu and the Eight Tiger Guards, stepping on black boots, and walked into the Allied camp unhurriedly.

There were many Allied soldiers rushing towards them and lined up automatically.

Seeing the square formations, they quickly assembled in front of Chen Ning.

Soldiers from all over the world looked at Chen Ning excitedly, and shouted in unison, “Welcome the return of the commander-in-chief!”

Chen Ning saw many familiar faces among these Allied soldiers in public.

There are Holy See saintess Hepburn, Rakshasa *** of War Longger, and even Wei Yan and other seven heroes in the north, as well as Black Widow and others.


There are also some familiar faces that have not been seen, and may have been sacrificed on the battlefield.

For a time, his heart was full of emotion.

He raised his right hand slightly and greeted everyone: “All Allied soldiers and soldiers, comrades in arms, hello everyone.”

“Hello, Commander-in-Chief!”

The Allied soldiers responded in unison, their voices overwhelming and imposing.

Woods, who just arrived, looked at the soldiers who were still sick before, and after Chen Ning appeared, he became so mighty and domineering, and his heart was somewhat unpleasant.

At this time, he couldn’t even care about envy and jealousy.

With Dong Yingjian and other more than a dozen gods of war, they walked quickly to Chen Ning’s side, and first they collectively saluted Chen Ning.

Then he showed a warm smile and pretended to be excited: “Commander-in-chief, you’re back, it’s really nice.”

Chen Ning said lightly, “General Woods, stay safe.”

How dare Woods say that he is safe, he looked ashamed, lowered his head, and said in remorse: “The Allied forces are under my command and have just lost the battle, and the brothers suffered heavy losses.”

“I am ashamed!”

He changed his words and immediately said: “However, fortunately, the commander-in-chief has come back, and I can also unload the burden.”

“In the future, the Allied forces should be handed over to the commander-in-chief for your command!”

Woods’ voice just fell.

Lundgren choked at all unceremoniously: “You should have handed over command long ago.”

Woods blushed when he heard this.

He didn’t have time to get angry, and Hepburn had already said: “That’s right, if you continue to let you command, the Allies will be killed by you sooner or later. Fortunately, the commander-in-chief is back.”

Black Widow took the opportunity to shout, “Long live the commander-in-chief!”

The Allied soldiers at the scene were instantly thunderous, shouting long live Chen Ning along with Black Widow.

Woods looked at Chen Ning, who was surrounded by everyone and looked like the stars and the moon, and was speechless with envy.

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