The One and Only Chapter: 1642 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1642

Both Dian Chu and the Eight Tiger Guards were stunned by this scene.

They turned their heads to look at Chen Ning in disbelief, thinking that if they fought against the blood clan army another day, would Chen Ning be able to disperse the million blood clan army in one sentence?

But on second thought, it shouldn’t be possible.

Because the blood clan must obey the will of the strongest blood clan, if there is the ancestor of the blood clan, the blood servants must only obey the will of the ancestor of the blood clan, and will not obey the orders of Chen Ning.

Chen Ning didn’t even think that a single word could make countless blood servants disperse.

He was also a little surprised.

He said lightly: “It’s okay, let’s continue on our way, don’t waste time.”

Dian Chu and the others said, “Yes!”


The crowd is ready to get in.

However, at this moment, a sharp air-breaking sound suddenly sounded, and a hidden weapon shot towards Chen Ning’s left face at an incredible speed.

Dian Chu and the others were taken aback.

Chen Ning raised his head slightly, then dodged the hidden weapon.

The hidden weapon swept across Chen Ning’s face and hit a nearby tree, which turned out to be a woman’s brooch.

“Who attacked!”

Dian Chu shouted angrily and surrounded Chen Ning with the Eight Tiger Guards to protect Chen Ning.

“It’s me, Helen.”

I see.

In the darkness in the distance, a tall and young beauty walked out unhurriedly.

She not only has a slender figure, but also has long wine-red wavy hair, and with her delicate and picturesque facial features, she turned out to be a beautiful Western beauty.


There was an air of innate nobility about her.

Chen Ning looked suspiciously at the beauty in front of her, and noticed that although she was wearing bright lipstick and dressed very beautifully, it was hard to hide the scarlet in her eyes and the paleness on her pretty face.

If there is no wrong guess, it should be a high blood race.

Chen Ning said coldly, “Are you a blood clan?”

With beautiful eyes, Helen looked at Chen Ning with interest, and asked narrowly, “Aren’t you?”

Chen Ning was shocked.

Dian Chu and Bahuwei also looked at each other.

What is the origin of this vampire named Helen in front of her? Why does she know the secret of Mr. Chen’s transformation into a vampire physique?

Chen Ning’s eyes looking at Helen have become extremely cold: “What else do you know?”

Helen noticed the coldness in Chen Ning’s eyes, and the murderous intent contained in it.

However, she didn’t seem to be afraid or panic at all, Yan Ran said, “Have you already made plans to kill me? Are you thinking of asking about my origin first, and then killing me?”

Chen Ning said coldly: “You probably think you are very smart.”

Helen smiled and said, “You mean that people who think they are smart often don’t live long, right?”

“I’m sorry, I’ve lived far longer than you think.”

Chen Ning said indifferently: “Speak your identity and your intention, or, I can spare you to die.”

Helen smiled and said: “I accidentally learned that you were infected with the blood poison of the blood king, so I am very interested in your current physical condition, especially after I know that you are going to challenge Cain.”

“I’m here to help you.”

“But before that, I want to see if you’re worth my help?”


She moved suddenly, like wind and electricity, and shot towards Chen Ning like a ghost like a charm.

Chen Ning only felt that Helen had already arrived in front of him.

This female blood clan is very strong, and her strength is estimated to be lower than that of any blood clan king.

Chen Ning had this thought in his heart.

at this time.

Helen had already raised Qianqiansu’s hand and hit Chen Ning with a slap.

Even though she seems to be a weak woman, this palm strikes, and there is a slight thunder and lightning explosion in the air, which shows the horror of the power of this palm.

Chen Ning did not hesitate and raised his hand with a palm.


There was thunder on the ground, and the wind blew up.

Dian Chu and Eight Tiger Guards next to them were swept away ten meters away by the palm wind, unable to get close to Chen Ning and Helen.

As soon as the master makes a move, he will know if there is any.

Helen and Chen Ning touched each other and felt Chen Ning’s super powerful fighting power.

She couldn’t help but praised: “Your strength is beyond my expectations, and I am amazed!”


She has launched a stormy attack on Chen Ning.

I have to say that her strength is very strong, and she doesn’t even need to be inferior to the blood sword *** Fuhand.

It’s a pity that Chen Ning’s strength is still above Verhand.

in addition.

Since Chen Ning was infected with blood poison and turned into a blood clan physique, his combat power has increased exponentially.

At this time, it is also easy to deal with Helen’s offensive.

Chen Ning took all of Helen’s attacks.

Then grab Helen for a brief breath of air, and strike back like lightning.


Chen Ning flew up and kicked Helen’s chest.

Helen was kicked by Chen Ning, and she took advantage of her strength to dodge back ten meters, then turned around and started running towards the darkness.

Chen Ning still didn’t know Helen’s identity, and Helen knew his secrets, how could he let Helen run away from under his nose, turning into a swift shadow, chasing after him.

When Dian Chu and the Eight Tiger Guards saw this, they quickly chased after them together.


Their strengths were far from Chen Ning and Helen, and they were lost after a while, and Chen Ning and Helen disappeared.

Helen’s speed can be described as galloping.


Chen Ning’s strength is above her.

Soon Chen Ning had caught up with her, picked off a leaf, and bounced towards Helen in front of her.


The leaves flew out and looked about to cut Helen’s neck.

Her reaction was also very fast, and suddenly she made an emergency avoidance, avoiding the leaves.

But after she avoided Ye Ye, she found that Chen Ning had appeared in front of her, blocking all her escape directions.

She was slightly out of breath, tugged a strand of hair by her ear, and said sweetly, “Chen Ning, are you in love with me? You chase me so hard.”

Chen Ning said coldly: “Your joke is not funny at all, and it can’t save your life.”

Helen seemed to be blocked by Chen Ning, and she didn’t panic at all. She giggled and said, “Okay, what do you want to know?”

Chen Ning said, “How did you know my secret, and what is the purpose of your coming to me?”

Helen said: “I heard that you killed a number of blood kings, so I became curious about you. I heard that you were seriously injured and hospitalized, so I inquired about your situation.”

“Accidentally, I learned from a doctor that a drop of original blood was injected into your body by Gray. You are probably infected with a blood race virus, and you are about to become a higher blood race.”

Chen Ning frowned.

Helen seemed to know what Chen Ning was thinking. She giggled and said, “The doctor who leaked your secret was killed by me. Don’t worry, your secret has not been leaked out.”

Dian Chu said before that he had found several doctors to treat himself, and it must be a certain doctor who leaked the secret.

Chen Ning stared at Helen: “You know my secret, and you dare to come to me, aren’t you afraid that I will kill you?”

Helen smiled and said, “Don’t be afraid, because I came to you to help you.”

Chen Ning asked suspiciously, “Help me?”

Helen said with a smile: “That’s right, Cain has a lot of strength, and there are many blood kings and countless masters around him.”

“Although there are many gods of war in your human allies, there are only a few that can be seen in combat.”

“There are fewer people who can really help you deal with Cain and other blood race powerhouses.”

“I’m here to give you advice.”

Chen Ning was even more suspicious: “Are you serious?”

Helen giggled twice, leaned closer to Chen Ning, red lips exhaled like blue, and whispered a few words to Chen Ning, teaching Chen Ning how to deal with Cain.

Chen Ning listened and frowned.

He said solemnly: “Is what you said true, and why do you do this, aren’t you a blood race?”

Helen said with a smile: “I am a blood race, but it means that I have to be with Cain.”

“Chen Ning, I have already told you how to deal with Cain.”

“However, this method can only allow you to duel with Cain in a fair environment, without being interfered by other powerful blood races.”

“As for whether you can defeat Cain, it depends on your own skills.”

Chen Ning frowned and thought, weighing the truth of Helen’s words.

Taking advantage of Chen Ning’s distraction, Helen dodged and ran away, her laughter drifted in the wind: “Giggle, Chen Ning, if you don’t kill me, then I’ll go first, see you next time.”

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