The One and Only Chapter: 1641 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1641

Blood Clan Headquarters.

The vampires are holding a blood feast to celebrate the victory they have just won.

Cain was sitting on the throne, holding a crystal red wine glass with blood in it.

While shaking the glass slightly, he asked lightly, “How do you react now after the human allies have been defeated for 100 kilometers?”

Many nobles of the blood race at the scene, when they heard the voice of the ancestor, instantly became quiet.

The only seven remaining princes of the blood clan are also you look at me, I look at you, everyone is immersed in the joy of victory, and no one really pays attention to the latest movements of mankind.

Seeing this, Cain’s face sank, and he said displeasedly: “Why, a small victory will make you get carried away, and you won’t even pay attention to the movements of the enemy.”

“Do you really think that you have already won, and even the enemy disdains to pay attention?”

Speaking of which.

He looked at the seven blood kings in front of him with cold eyes: “Now, who of you can tell me, who knows the latest movement of mankind?”


It was Max, one of the seven princes, who stood up.

In the battle at the peak of the Hand of ***, Max was the only one of the four princes who escaped.


Because of his repeated defeats in battles and successful escape every time, he was secretly nicknamed by the powerful blood clan, called Mai Runran.

At this time, Max was completely without the sharpness of the past, completely looking like a deeply frustrated loser. He was probably beaten by Chen Ning and had a psychological shadow, and he would live under Chen Ning’s fear of ********** for the rest of his life.

He said softly at this time: “Reporting to the ancestors, after Woods and others were defeated by the ancestors, they retreated two hundred miles in embarrassment.”

“It is said that Woods can’t control the scene, and the human allies are not accepting him.”

“He is very embarrassed. He has already sent someone to invite Chen Ning, who is in the hospital, to recuperate.”

“According to the latest information I have received, Chen Ning will soon be on the battlefield to face the ancestors.”

When Cain heard Max’s words, his face softened slightly: “It seems that some people are still awake, and after the victory, they did not forget to pay attention to the enemy’s movements.”


He looked at the other six blood princes coldly: “Now, do you know why I protect Max so much?”

“Although he has suffered repeated defeats, he is not to blame.”

“You laugh at him for running away every time he is defeated. I dare to say that if you were him, you would not be as good as him.”

Several blood race kings bowed their heads and did not dare to make a sound.

They didn’t dare to be angry with the ancestors, but they were more ruthless with Max in their hearts, and the estrangement with Max became more serious.

Max is rarely sober in the world.

He looked at these companions who didn’t want to see him, and then looked at the only ancestor of the blood clan who supported him, and thought to himself: Chen Ning is too powerful, and it is not an exaggeration to say that he is the son of the emperor.

These companions do not want to see me.

That’s all, I’ll stick to it for a while, as a repayment for the kindness of the ancestors.

If even the First Ancestor cannot defeat Chen Ning, then there will be no hope for the rise of the blood clan. I should also escape to the mountains and forests and hide in incognito for the rest of my life.

After Cain scolded these blood princes, he commanded in a deep voice: “Everyone rest for two days, and on the third day, gather our elite soldiers, I will fight again, and completely destroy these gods of war of hundreds of countries.”

Max and other blood race powerhouses said in unison, “As per your order.”

At this moment.

Chen Ning and the Eight Tiger Guards were already on their way to support the Allied troops.

Five black jeeps were moving unhurriedly in the wilderness.

Chen Ning closed his eyes, his figure swayed slightly with the bumping of the vehicle, and when he closed his eyes and rested, he was used to taking time to rest at any time, maintaining his peak state at any time, and being ready for battle at any time.


A ray of the setting sun, projected from the car window, shone on his handsome face.

He frowned slightly and opened his eyes.

Dian Chu, who was next to him, sensed something sensitively, and asked softly, “Captain, do you not like being exposed to the sun? I’ll close the curtains of the car for you.”


After Chen Ning’s physique became a blood clan physique, many changes took place in his body.

For example, his skin became fairer and his appearance became more handsome.

For example, his body has become stronger, it seems that he can jump into the air with a slight leap, and it seems that he can pinch the stone into powder.

In addition, his interest in ordinary food is not so strong, but he likes five-ripe steak.

This is directly exposed to the sun and also causes him a little discomfort.


But he stopped Dian Chu, looking up at the sunset in the distance, facing the sun directly, and said lightly: “Don’t draw the curtains, just let it dry like this.”

Dian Chu glanced at Chen Ning and said in a low voice, “Yes!”

Dian Chu actually knew that Chen Ning had undergone a lot of changes in his body recently.

For example, Chen Ning likes to eat five-mature steak with a little blood.

But Chen Ning also noticed something was wrong.

So Chen Ning is using his powerful willpower recently to forcibly change his own body.

The body likes ****** food.

Chen Ning chose not to eat, but ate white porridge and vegetables.

The body does not like being exposed to direct sunlight.

Chen Ning did not allow the curtains to be drawn, but wanted to expose his body to the sun, so let the sun shine.

Dian Chu knew that Chen Ning was a *** of war with strong willpower. Chen Ning didn’t like being dominated by his body. He preferred to use his own will to control his body.


Dian Chu didn’t say anything, and silently followed Chen Ning’s instructions.

The team is still moving forward.

Before you know it, the sun has set.

Night falls.

Some wild animals such as wild wolves began to come out for food while taking advantage of the night.

Even in the gloom, more dark creatures appeared and came out to hunt.

Most are blood servants.

Chen Ning was sitting in the car when he suddenly heard two gunshots coming from the front.

Chen Ning frowned slightly: “What’s going on?”

Dian Chu, who was beside him, immediately said: “It should be that the Tiger Guards found that there was a blood servant who didn’t know whether to live or die, and shot and killed him!”


Chen Ning looked out the car window and found two blood servants lying on the side of the road.

Chen Ning couldn’t help but ask curiously, “I ran into blood servants just after midnight. Are there many blood servants in this area?”

Dian Chu said: “Of course!”

“This used to be the country of Austria, with a population of tens of millions.”

“The blood poison was the first to erupt from here.”

“The entire Au Ya Kingdom has fallen, and more than half of the human beings here have not escaped. They have been infected by blood poison and become blood servants.”

“As soon as night falls here, there are wandering blood servants everywhere.”

“If you are unlucky and encounter thousands of blood servants blocking the road, it is normal.”

Chen Ning nodded: “Understood, this is the headquarters of the blood clan, and it is also the hardest hit area of ​​blood poison.”

The voice just fell.

The vehicle in front stopped.

The car Chen Ning was in was also forced to stop.

Chen Ning frowned: “What happened again?”

Dian Chu said, “I’ll get out of the car and have a look.”

After Dian Chu got out of the car, he came back soon, his face became solemn: “The Governor, the situation is a little bad.”

Chen Ning said, “What’s wrong?”

Dian Chu said: “It may be the sound of the Huwei’s shooting just now, attracting all the blood servants wandering in the wilderness, and now that we are surrounded by thousands of blood servants, a fierce battle is estimated to be inevitable. ”

Chen Ning frowned.

He also got out of the jeep.

Dian Chu and the Eight Tiger Guards surrounded him at this time to protect him.

Chen Ning found that there were indeed countless figures around, and it seemed that there were not 10,000 or 8,000 people.

These figures, with their eyes blazing scarlet in the dark night, looked at Chen Ning with bloodthirsty eyes, like a flock of hungry people who saw a few fat sheep.

What surprised Chen Ning and the others was that although these countless blood servants surrounded them, none of them dared to take the initiative to pounce on them.

They seemed to be very afraid, looking at Chen Ning with fear and puzzled eyes.

Chen Ning also wondered: “Why did they attack, what are they hesitating about?”

Dian Chu and the Eight Tiger Guards were also puzzled.

Until Dian Chu saw these blood servants, his eyes were full of bloodthirsty, but Chen Ning’s eyes were full of awe, and he suddenly realized.

He whispered in Chen Ning’s ear, “Captain, these guys probably sensed the high bloodline aura in your body and mistook you for their leader.”


Chen Ning was stunned, and then said with a strange expression: “Then I can try to order them to move?”


Chen Ning took two steps forward.

Sure enough, those blood servants fell down in fright as if they had seen a king.

“You guys, leave here immediately and don’t appear in front of me.”

Chen Ning’s voice was not too loud, but it was as powerful as a muffled thunder and could be heard by the audience.

An unbelievable scene appeared.

These tens of thousands of blood servants actually obeyed Chen Ning’s will, and they dissipated respectfully immediately, and they all disappeared after seeing it for a while.

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