The One and Only Chapter: 1640 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1640

Seeing that Chen Ning was lost, Chen Laojiu couldn’t say anything to comfort him, so he quietly retreated.

Only Chen Ning and Dian Chu were left in the ward.

After a while, Chen Ning finally regained his senses and accepted the reality.

Since it is impossible to change the fact that he has become a vampire for the time being, he can only wait for the treatment in the future.

His eyes fell on Dian Chu and asked, “How many people know about my situation now?”

Dian Chu said truthfully: “Apart from our personal guards and a few trusted doctors, no one knows about it for the time being.”

“Captain, you haven’t shown up for many days. The outside world speculates that you were seriously injured during the battle on the mountain of ***’s Hand, and they all speculate that you are receiving treatment.”

“Even… some unscrupulous media also spread rumors that you may have died from your injuries, saying that our Guards will not be mourning in secret.”

Chen Ning asked again: “What about those guys in Woods, have you come to ask for trouble?”

Speaking of Woods, Dian Chu became angry and said indignantly: “After you were seriously injured and unconscious, he took over the command of the Allied forces and went to sweep the battlefield, claiming that the battle was won under his command. .”

“Now, he has led the main force of the Allied army to the headquarters of the blood clan, which is the original Ao Ya.”

“He wants to personally annihilate the remaining main force of the blood clan, and his name will go down in history.”

Chen Ning said lightly: “If he has this ability, it’s fine.”

“I’m afraid that he is eager for quick success and will kill the Allied brothers.”

Dian Chu said: “Although the blood clan has suffered great defeats one after another and suffered heavy losses, you have even beheaded several princes by you.”

“But Cain, the ancestor of the blood family, is still alive, and many other blood family princes are still alive.”

“There are countless blood servants in the occupied area.”

“Woods wants to completely eradicate the blood clan and make a name for himself. It’s not that simple. I guess he will suffer a loss when he leads the Allied forces to arrive in the country of Oga, and will even soon come to ask for help crying.”

As if to verify that Dian Chu’s guess was true.

As soon as Dian Chu’s voice fell, the sound of Tiger Guard’s report came from outside.


“General Woods encountered Cain, the ancestor of the blood family, on the front line, and was defeated by the ancestor of the blood family. The allies were beheaded by more than 30 gods of war, and the rest of the soldiers were killed and injured countless times.”

“General Woods sent someone to ask for help and asked the Governor whether you have recovered or not. He said that he hoped that the Governor would come to the battlefield and rescue the Allies.”

Chen Ning and Dian Chu looked at each other, they were really worried about what to do!

Chen Ning said solemnly: “Come in, I want to ask questions.”

The door of the ward was opened, and two tiger guards came in with a blond foreigner.

This foreigner is Woods’ cronies, Locke.

Seeing Chen Ning, Locke showed an ecstatic expression, and hurriedly stood at attention and saluted: “Subordinate Locke, I have seen the commander-in-chief.”

Chen Ning said lightly: “Locke, why did you come to me if you didn’t follow your General Woods to fight on the front line?”

Hearing this, Locke immediately said with a sad face: “Commander-in-chief, the Allied forces were defeated on the front line, and dozens of Gods of War of Hundred Nations sacrificed, and the Allied forces even lost their soldiers.”

“Mr. Woods can’t hold back.”

“He asked me to invite you to the battlefield and clean up the mess.”

Chen Ning didn’t speak yet, and Dian Chu, who was beside him, said angrily, “You *******!”

“Mr. Chen was at the peak of the hand of *** a few days ago, and he fought four blood kings alone, and the blood kings died and escaped.”

“General Lundgren even under the arrangement of Mr. Chen, used the preset coordinates to carry out missile saturation bombing on the blood clan army, completely disintegrating the enemy’s combat effectiveness.”

“You sir, Woods, are good. He did nothing. He brought the main force of the Allied forces to clean up the battlefield, and then claimed that it was all his credit.”

“Not a single word of credit for our Mr. Chen.”

“Our Mr. Chen is hospitalized, and he has never come to visit. Isn’t he proud to bring the main force of the Allied forces to wipe out the blood clan in one fell swoop and achieve great achievements?”

“Why are you being taught by the blood clan now, but I think of our Mr. Chen and came to ask for help?”

Locke was unable to answer these questions from Dian Chu.

He lowered his head and begged Chen Ning: “Mr. Chen, the Allied forces were defeated on the front line, morale was low, and the army’s heart was shaken.”

“Mr. Woods has lost his temper.”

“If you don’t come out and sit in the town, let the whole world have nothing to do with it!”

Chen Ning didn’t have a direct answer, only asked: “Cain, the ancestor of the blood family, went out in person?”

Locke said quickly: “Yes!”

“Cain, the ancestor of the blood clan, brought several blood clan kings and countless elite blood clan soldiers to form the most powerful blood clan army in history, defeating our allies.”

“Cain also personally beheaded dozens of Allied War Gods.”

“General Woods finally took the defeated army and retreated a hundred kilometers away, only to escape the pursuit of the blood clan.”

When Locke said this, he paused and said, “Cain, the ancestor of the blood clan, said that he killed dozens of human war gods, just to get back a little interest.”

“He also said that next time, let Mr. Chen come out to face him in person, he will kill you to avenge those lost blood descendants.”

Dian Chu said angrily, “Bold!”

Chen Ning’s face was calm, and he said lightly: “Cain is not dead, and the scourge of the blood family will never be calmed down.”

“Locke, go back and tell Woods, and tell the Allied soldiers, let them hold on for a few more days, and I will return to the battlefield soon.”

Locke was ecstatic when he heard the words: “Yes, the commander-in-chief.”

“With the words of the commander-in-chief, I can go back and answer my order.”


He solemnly gave Chen Ning a military salute, then took a few steps back, followed by turning around and striding away, telling his allies the good news that the commander-in-chief of the allied forces, the strongest *** of war in mankind, would return to the battlefield immediately.

After Locke left.

Dian Chu looked at Chen Ning with a heavy face, and said in a worried tone, “Captain, you haven’t recovered from your injuries, so why rush back to the battlefield?”

“Then Woods is so fond of grabbing power, let him suffer a little more.”

Chen Ning shook his head, reached for the teapot on the table to pour tea, and said indifferently: “That guy Woods is despicable and annoying, but this matter is related to the safety of countless Allied soldiers and can’t be played.”

“And if I don’t fight, it is estimated that more human gods of war will be killed and injured.”

“I can’t bear it!”

Dian Chu is very worthless for Chen Ning. I want to say why all the burdens must be shouldered by the Governor?

Before he could say anything, Chen Ning had already picked up the teapot on the table to pour tea, and an unexpected scene happened.


The teapot that was in good condition shattered when Chen Ning picked it up.

Teapot fragments and tea were scattered all over the floor.

Chen Ning was stunned.

Dian Chu hurriedly took out a handkerchief and wiped Chen Ning’s hands: “Is there something wrong with you, Governor?”

Chen Ning came back to his senses, took the handkerchief, wiped his hands and said, “I have nothing to do, you clean up.”

Dian Chu said: “Yes!”

With that said, Dian Chu cleaned up the teapot fragments on the ground.

Chen Ning’s eyes flashed with thick doubts, and he pulled a chair next to him and sat down.


The wooden chair was directly smashed by Chen Ning, but it was Chen Ning’s timely response that prevented him from falling to the ground.

This time, Chen Ning was dumbfounded.

Dian Chu next to him was also dumbfounded.

What’s going on here?

Dian Chu looked at Chen Ning with a bewildered face, his expression full of wonder?

Chen Ning also showed a rare expression of embarrassment, and after a while, he said: “It seems that my strength has increased, the teapot is broken when I touch it lightly, the chair is broken when I sit lightly… ..”


Dian Chu was dumbfounded.


He quickly came back to his senses and asked in surprise: “Is it because your physique has become a blood clan physique?”

“I remember that Chen Laojiu said that your physique has become stronger, and your vitality has become more tenacious, just like ordinary pure-blooded high-level blood races.”

“Could it be that your body has become stronger, which caused you to get used to it for a while, and you can’t control your strength, so you accidentally smashed these teapots and chairs?”

Chen Ning’s face was weird: “It seems like this is the case. It seems that I have to get used to it. I can adapt to the changes in my body as soon as possible, so that I can freely retract my strength.”

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