The One and Only Chapter: 1639 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1639

Chen Ning was in the chaos, and he didn’t know how long he had been asleep. Suddenly, he heard a crisp bird call in his ear, and he opened his eyes at once.

When I opened my eyes, I felt that the light was particularly dazzling.

Chen Ning finally got used to it.

Only then did he realize that he was lying in a ward.

What surprised him was that the sun was shining outside the window, and there were two sparrows on the branches outside the window, chirping non-stop.

Eternal night has passed, has the light come again?

Chen Ning sat down from the hospital bed, put on a hospital gown, walked to the window, looked at the long-lost sunlight, filled with joy, and muttered to himself, “Sure enough, the dark sky is over.”

“It’s great to see the light of the earth again.”


Only then did he remember the reason for his injury, his face changed instantly, and he hurriedly walked to the mirror and began to examine his body.

In the mirror, it is still the familiar self.

But it’s a little strange, it seems that something is different?

He hurriedly checked his teeth and found that there were no blood-sucking fangs of the vampire. When he looked at his eyes, they were not as scarlet as vampires.

He clearly remembered that before he fell into a coma, a drop of original blood was injected into his body by Grena *******, causing him to be poisoned with blood.

Why hasn’t he become a blood clan like Hong Qi?

Could it be that during the period of time when he was in a coma, the doctors successfully removed the blood poison from his body?

Chen Ning carefully looked at himself in the mirror, trying to find some clues.


He discovered why he felt both familiar and unfamiliar with himself in the mirror.

It turned out to be his own skin, which was a little fairer than before.

My skin has always been a healthy wheat color for many years in the military, but now my skin has become much fairer and looks more handsome.

Although Chen Ning doesn’t like the word “handsome” very much, but looking at himself in the mirror at this time, he is indeed a little more handsome.

What’s going on here?

Just when Chen Ning was extremely puzzled, footsteps came from the corridor outside the ward.

I also heard someone talking, it was Dian Chu’s voice.

Dian Chu seemed to be scolding the doctor: “You said several times that the Governor’s physical condition has returned to normal, and several times that the Governor may wake up at any time.”

“But it’s been a full week now, a full week.”

“The Governor is still sleeping!”

“In the country, the lady of the country, the chief assistant of the cabinet, and several generals of the military department call every day to ask about the situation of the governor.”

“I’ve been covering up the lady of the country’s lord, saying that the lord of the country is okay, and I will contact them when I have time.”

“I’m almost unable to deceive anymore. I really don’t know how to explain to the lady of the country. If you don’t wake up the governor again, you can face the question of the lady of the country and the generals… ”

Dian Chu said at the end, it seems that because he was too worried about Chen Ning’s situation, his emotions were rarely out of control, and his voice was still choked.

The doctor said submissively: “General Dian, Mr. Chen’s physical condition has indeed been treated by me, and it has been properly handled. It still tends to be the physical condition of ordinary people, and I have hidden the characteristics of the blood race.”

“It stands to reason that he should wake up, but I’m still wondering if he hasn’t woken up yet.”

“Otherwise, let’s give him another blood transfusion, the blood of the blood kings that we secretly collected!”

Dian Chu seemed distraught: “I don’t know if you are a quack doctor. If you can’t cure the Great Governor, I will shoot you first, and then I will commit suicide.”


He pushed the door in.

As soon as he walked into the ward, his eyes widened, looking at Chen Ning who was looking into the mirror to take care of himself, he said in a lost voice, “Captain, you finally woke up.”

Chen Ning turned around, looked at Dian Chu, the old doctor Yiming, and a few tiger guards with a smile, and said with a smile, “Dian Chu, what are you doing!”

Dian Chu was so excited that tears came out of his eyes: “Captain, you are really awake, it’s great, great!”

Although the Eight Tiger Guards didn’t say anything, everyone was excited.

The old doctor was also beaming, and said proudly, “Look at it, I’ll just say my method works.”

Chen Ning’s eyes fell on the old doctor and asked curiously, “Dian Chu, who is this old gentleman?”

Dian Chu said, “This is Chen Laojiu, a famous witch doctor overseas.”

“After you fell into a coma, Governor General, I found a lot of trusted doctors to see you, but those guys were helpless.”

“Exactly, Chen Laojiu came to recommend himself…”

Chen Ning frowned slightly and thought to himself: If others recommend themselves, you should let others treat me. Are you treating my dead horse as a living horse doctor?

Dian Chu seemed to see what Chen Ning was thinking, and whispered to Chen Ning, “Although this person offered himself up, he privately told me the main reason for your injury and coma, and said that you are the blood poison of the blood clan in China. .”

“Besides, I really have no choice, so let him try.”

Chen Ning was stunned.

He turned his head to look at Chen Laojiu and said with a smile: “Old gentleman, national player, if it wasn’t for the old gentleman’s treatment, I’m afraid my life would have been lost, and the grace of saving my life will be unforgettable.”

Chen Laojiu was praised by Chen Ning and smiled.

He proudly shouted to Dian Chu: “I heard nothing, the Lord of the country said that I am a national player, and you guys keep calling me a quack doctor all day long. I have endured you for many days.”

Dian Chu really didn’t scold Chen Laojiu as a quack doctor these days. He also said that Chen Laojiu couldn’t cure Chen Ning, so he killed him.

At this time, he was scolded by Chen Laojiu, but he didn’t care at all, and even laughed.

In Dian Chu’s view, as long as the Grand Governor can be cured, let alone scolding him, even killing him is fine.

When Chen Ning heard the words, he immediately said to Dian Chu: “Dian Chu, why are you being rude to Mr. Chen, hurry up and apologize.”

Dian Chu happily apologized to Chen Laojiu: “Chen Guoshou, I’m a rough man. I didn’t know you were skilled in medicine before, so I offended you. Now I officially apologize to you.”

Chen Laojiu couldn’t help smiling: “I accept your apology.”

Chen Ning thanked Chen Laojiu again and asked what kind of reward Chen Laojiu wanted?

Chen Laojiu shook his head.

“My lord, don’t think that I, Chen Laojiu, are someone who admires glory and wealth.”

“Actually, I heard about your life story long ago and knew that you are a great hero in the world, so I came to rescue you.”

“If someone else is infected with the original blood of the king of the blood race and becomes a blood race, I will definitely not help.”

Chen Ning said: “I am flattered!”

“But even so, I still want to thank you.”

“Dian Chu, give Mr. Chen 100 million later, whether it is Mr. Chen opening a hospital to practice medicine or taking it to a happy life, these are all my thoughts.”

Chen Laojiu wanted to refuse.

But I heard that 100 million is used to open a hospital.

He was moved.

He has excellent medical skills, but he has never opened a hospital, and he was praised as a national player by Chen Ning.

In the end, he blushed and said: “I really dream of having a hospital of my own, so I will shamelessly accept Mr. Chen’s gift, but after I established the hospital, I donated all the money I made, leaving nothing for myself. ”

Chen Ning praised with a smile: “Mr. Great Virtue.”


Chen Ning asked the Eight Tiger Guards to go out to guard, and he asked Chen Laojiu about his physical condition.

Now, has the blood poison on your body been resolved?

Are you a human now, or a vampire?

bring this up.

Chen Laojiu’s momentum weakened, and he whispered: “Mr. Chen, so far, the serum developed by Ningda can only remove ordinary blood poison.”

“You are infected with the original blood poison of the blood king, and there is no solution at present.”

“You are now…a blood clan!”

Chen Laojiu saw Chen Ning’s face changed.

He said quickly: “But I accidentally discovered that your body is very special.”

“Although you have become a vampire, after I collected the blood of several vampire kings of Gray, Joshua, and Verhand on the battlefield, and transfused them into your body, your body changed.”

“You don’t have vampire fangs, and your eyes aren’t as scarlet as a vampire.”

“Even if you are not bloodthirsty, it is not easy to kill.”

“In addition to being fairer and more handsome, and…”

Chen Ning frowned: “What else?”

Chen Laojiu said: “And your physique is actually as strong as the blood clan. Other than that, you are no different from ordinary people. Of course, your lifespan will probably be as long as the blood clan…”

Chen Ning sat back on the hospital bed helplessly.

Chen Laojiu couldn’t help comforting: “Mr. Chen, you don’t need to despair, after all, everything has two sides.”

“Think about it, you are no different from ordinary people now, and others can’t see any difference between you and ordinary people, and you have a stronger physique, even more terrifying fighting power, and a longer life.”

“That’s not necessarily a good thing.”

Chen Ning said depressedly: “I don’t want such a good thing.”

Chen Laojiu murmured in his heart: I’m afraid this is up to you.

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