The One and Only Chapter: 1637 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1637

Chen Ning said: “Very good, let’s decide the outcome.”

Gray and Max looked at each other.

Max lost to Chen Ning several times, and Chen Ning still slaughtered the Quartet today, beheaded Verhand, and defeated Joshua, so at this time, Max didn’t dare to be too big, and directly pulled out a handful of sperm with incomparable gold. dagger.


A powerful breath burst out from his body.

He actually showed a fighting form directly.

With sharp fangs and claws, with long bones and wings on its back, it is majestic.

At this moment, he was holding an adamantine dagger like a demon.

Seeing that Max was so cautious, Gray hesitated a little, banged, and showed a fighting form.

He was more burly than Max, and his face was even older and more sinister. He held a cross sword and was murderous.

Gray’s voice was thunderous: “Chen Ning, brighten your weapons, so as not to say that we have an advantage in numbers, we will also take advantage of you in weapons.”

When Chen Ning saw Gray and Max, he had already taken a desperate stance.

He was injured, so naturally he didn’t dare to be careless.

At this moment, the sleeve white snow dagger slipped out of the cuff of his left hand and fell into his left hand.

At the same time, his right hand slowly pulled out the vertical and horizontal swords around his waist.

The left sleeve is snowy, and the right hand is vertical and horizontal.

Chen Ning also looked ready to fire.

Chen Ning’s eyes were cold: “It’s time to make a break.”

Gray greeted Max: “Come on.”

The two of them moved suddenly and swept towards Chen Ning at the same time.

Max teleported, directly approaching Chen Ning’s left side, the fine gold dagger in his hand, carrying the evil wind, from a tricky angle, like a poisonous snake spitting out a letter, insidiously plunged into Chen Ning’s left armpit.

Max rushed to Chen Ning’s right side, raised the cross sword high, and slashed down with the incomparably sharp sword.

Chen Ning put Bai Xue on his left sleeve, and with a clang, he sealed Max’s dagger.

The right hand is horizontal and vertical, and lightning meets Gray’s cross sword.


Another shrill sound.

Gray felt that the power from Chen Ning’s weapon was extraordinarily powerful, and the shock made his arm feel a little numb.

What is even more terrifying is that Chen Ning reacted very quickly with one enemy and two, with one mind and two uses.

Chen Ning’s vertical and horizontal war sword just collided with Gray’s cross sword, and immediately used a jumping sword technique. The war sword jumped up and slashed towards Gray’s throat like the wind and electricity.

Gray’s pupils suddenly dilated.

At the critical moment, he leaned back in time to avoid Chen Ning’s blade.

However, Chen Ning’s knife gas still cut his skin, leaving a shallow wound on his throat, and blood seeped out.

Gray hurried back, raised his left hand, touched his throat, but touched blood.

He was both angry and scared.

Almost, just a little bit, was instantly killed by Chen Ning.

“****, I’m going to kill you.”

With a low growl, he jumped into the battle circle with his sword again, and joined Max to besiege Chen Ning.

Chen Ning used one to fight two, with white snow in his left hand and a vertical and horizontal knife in his right.

clang clang ……

The sound of the three weapons clashing formed a line.

The powerful blood clansmen at the scene, as well as human warriors such as Dian Chu and Hepburn, could hardly capture Chen Ning’s movements with the naked eye.

Only three afterimages can be seen vaguely.


Every time Chen Ning collided with Gray and Max’s weapons, it would cause air flow in all directions.

Surrounded by blood powerhouses or human warriors one after another, they were shot by the scurrying airflow and were injured or died tragically.

Frightened, both the blood clan and the human beings all retreated to avoid them, and no one dared to step into Chen Ning’s range of a few hundred meters.

“Thunder strike!”

“Poison Dragon Thorn!”

Gray and Max used the ultimate move almost at the same time.

Chen Ning resisted the two’s ultimate move at the same time, and forcibly took it.


Two loud bangs.

Gray and Max both took a few steps back.

Chen Ning slid back more than a dozen meters, plowed two deep marks on the ground with his feet, and finally managed to stabilize his body.

His chest wound was affected, and blood was already dripping from his chest.

Even the corners of his mouth were bleeding.

Obviously, it was the killer move that forced Gray and Max, causing him to be injured again.

Dian Chu, Hepburn and others, Chen Ning’s mouth bleeds, and his heart tightens instantly. They dare not speak out, for fear that a little bit of their own voice will cause Chen Ning to be distracted, and eventually lead to irreversible consequences.

Gray and Max naturally noticed that the corners of Chen Ning’s mouth were bleeding.

There was ecstasy on their faces.

Max said with a sneer: “Hoho, Chen Ning, I thought you were the indestructible body of King Kong, and I never thought you would have a moment when you couldn’t bear it.”

Gray smiled proudly: “No matter how strong he is, he is still a human being. After several battles, now that he is facing the two of us, he can still support it up to now, which is already very good.”

“But unfortunately, his legend is about to come to an end.”

Max looked at Chen Ning mockingly: “Chen Ning, you are laughing at my repeated defeats and battles, and now you are going to lose to my defeated general. I wonder what you feel in your heart?”

Gray shouted: “Why do you have so much waste with him? In one go, kill him like slaughtering pigs and dogs.”

The two guys were about to continue their attack.

Chen Ning had wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth at this time, and his eyes became even colder. He said slowly, “You forced me, so don’t blame me for being rude.”


Chen Ning suddenly activated the energy in his body and directly used his secret blood-burning technique.

Burn blood!

Chen Ning only used it once in the decisive battle with his teacher Huangzhou.

Moreover, after his victory over Huangzhou that time, his physical strength was severely exhausted, causing his hair to turn white for a month.

After a full month of recuperation, he finally recovered slowly.

this time.

In the face of the aggressive Gray and Max, Chen Ning no longer kept it, and directly used the blood-burning secret technique.

With his use of blood burning secret skills.

His clothes immediately stood up without the wind.

A few meters around him, the air became distorted, the ground seemed to be weightless, and the small stones on the ground floated up.

His skin became even more red and steaming.

Even, there seemed to be two flames burning in his eyes.

Everyone at the scene felt a scorching wave of air that rushed towards them, and they all retreated again when they couldn’t bear it.

Gray and Max looked at Chen Ning in shock.

The two of them clearly felt that Chen Ning’s aura had skyrocketed several times at this time.

Gray lost his voice: “What’s the situation? Why does he seem to become stronger in an instant? Could it be that he also has a fighting form and can quickly increase his combat effectiveness?”

Max’s face was solemn, and there was even a faint fear in his eyes, and his voice was a little trembling: “It’s not a fighting form.”

“It seems to be an oriental secret technique that can burst out terrifying combat power in a short period of time.”

“I saw him use it before when he was fighting Huangzhou.”

“I didn’t expect him to use it again now.”

Gray was dumbfounded: “What should we do now?”

How to do?

Max also wanted to know, and he said with a pale face at this time: “Seek yourself for more blessings!”

this time.

Chen Ning’s momentum has been pulled to the highest.

He took a deep breath.


A flame like a dragon’s breath spewed out of his nostrils.

Gray and Max both took a step back in fright.

Facing such a terrifying Chen Ning at this time, the two of them were already hesitating. Should they turn around and run away to avoid the edge?


Chen Ning has given them no chance to escape.

“Grey, Max, take the call.”


Chen Ning’s body brought out overlapping phantoms, like a flaming dragon, rushing towards Gray and Max.

He was doing two things with one mind, with white snow on his left sleeve, and a thunderstorm flashing at Max.

The right hand is a vertical and horizontal sword, and it is a move towards Gray.



Max and Gray were knocked into the air at the same time.



The two flew upside down for dozens of meters and fell heavily to the ground.

There was a fist-sized blood hole in Max’s abdomen, and the wound around the wound was severely burned, but the guy was still alive, struggling to stand up, but finally thumped and fell back to the ground, his eyes looking at Chen in despair rather.

He lost again, and more badly.

Gray wasn’t much better either.

He took Chen Ning’s first move, Yan Luo, and was stabbed in the chest, and his stomach was split open, and his internal organs fell out.

He was also dying at this time, fell to the ground and looked at Chen Ning with complicated eyes.

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