The One and Only Chapter: 1636 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1636

“as you wish!”

Chen Ning approached Joshua with strides, raising his hand and punching.

Joshua didn’t expect Chen Ning to explode so fast in an instant, so he was shocked and raised his hand with a punch.


Chen Ning didn’t move, but Joshua was shocked and took a few steps back.

Joshua was shocked and angry, but he suddenly noticed that the wound on Chen Ning’s chest that had just been bandaged burst apart due to the force, and a lot of blood was seeping out.

He couldn’t help grinning: “At the end of the shot, the light returns, I want to see how long you can last.”


He threw himself up again and fought close to Chen Ning again.

boom boom-

The two fists collided constantly, and the explosion sounded endlessly.

Gray, who was not far away, had a gloomy expression on his face. In his opinion, Chen Ning was not at the end of the fight, nor was he returning to the light. Chen Ning’s fighting power is still strong now.

It can’t go on like this!

Taking advantage of the fact that everyone around him was focusing on the battle between Chen Ning and Joshua, he turned his head and said to Max in a low voice, “Chen Ning is too strong, we can’t bet our treasures on singles.”

Max agreed: “That’s right, if we can’t beat Chen Ning, wouldn’t it be ridiculous to lose.”

When Gray heard the words, his eyes narrowed, and he turned to instruct a duke: “You leave quietly.”

“No matter what the battle here is, you go down the mountain and order our blood clan army to launch a general attack directly after an hour.”

“First attack up the mountain, kill Chen Ning, and then rush to kill, annihilating all the human allies on the plain on the other side of the mountain.”

The Duke responded, “Yes!”


Taking advantage of the fact that no one at the scene was paying attention, he quietly backed away, and then left in a hurry.

Gray looked at Chen Ning who was fighting Joshua with a sneer, and thought to himself: Chen Ning, Chen Ning, no matter what the outcome of our victory or defeat here, you will definitely not survive when my army of hundreds of thousands of blood races rush forward.

After you are dead, the human allies will be leaderless, and they will surely be annihilated by us.

Do you really think we’ll surrender after a few duels?

You are so naive!


Even when Chen Ning was fighting, he could see all directions and listen to all directions.

He had already noticed Gray’s little movement, and he had also seen the Duke of Blood who quietly left, knowing that Gray must be playing tricks.

However, he didn’t care, because in fact, he was already prepared.

at this time.

He put all his energy into dealing with Joshua.

Boom boom boom!

He flashed three punches, forcibly smashed through Joshua’s defense, and flew another kick, kicking Joshua’s chest fiercely.


Joshua was kicked upside down and flew out, hitting a large rock, smashing it into pieces.


With a low growl, he took on a fighting form.

The body is stronger, and there are also a pair of bone wings symbolizing the king of the blood race behind him.

“It was you who forced me to show a fighting form, it was you who forced me to show my full strength, ready to bear my wrath…”

Before Joshua’s words were finished, a figure flashed in front of him, and Chen Ning had already rushed over.


Chen Ning turned around and hit Joshua with a punch.

Joshua received a punch from Chen Ning in the face, blood suddenly appeared, and the clamor stopped abruptly, turning into a muffled groan.

Chen Ning hit his opponent with a punch without any pause.

He grabbed Joshua’s throat with his left hand and forcibly pressed Joshua’s extremely strong body to the ground.

Immediately following, Chen Ning pressed Joshua with his left hand, like Wu Song fighting a tiger, and his right fist fell towards Joshua like raindrops.

bang bang bang…

Chen Ning’s iron fist kept hitting Joshua’s face, causing Joshua’s blood to splatter and his flesh to be blurred.

Joshua’s head was sunk into the mud by Chen Ning.

The surroundings, regardless of the blood clan or the human beings, were completely dumbfounded.

They never dreamed that a dignified blood king would be beaten to the ground by Chen Ning.

Chen Ning’s anger iron fist, how powerful.

Seeing that Joshua was about to be beaten to death by Chen Ning.

Gray and Max couldn’t sit still.



Gray and Max shot at the same time and rushed towards Chen Ning.

In the face of Gray and Max’s sneak attack, Chen Ning also reacted quickly. He stood up immediately, clenched his left hand to meet Gray’s fist, and hit his right hand to meet Max’s palm.


Two muffled sounds.

Chen Ning had already punched Gray and also slapped Max.

Chen Ning slipped back a few meters.

Gray and Max also stepped back seven or eight steps before they stabilized their bodies.


Dian Chu and Hepburn, as well as 5,000 Templar warriors, 5,000 Rakshasa warriors, and 5,000 tiger mercenaries, showed their weapons at the same time.

A good duel.

Gray and Max dared to intervene, and they even attacked Chen Ning, Dian Chu and others, and they were all angry.

Seeing this, the thousand strong blood clansmen at the scene also showed their fighting forms one after another, baring their teeth, ready to kill at any time.

Chen Ning sullenly looked at Gray and Max coldly: “What do you mean, can’t you afford to lose?”

While helping Joshua, who was seriously injured on the ground, Gray sneered: “It’s not that I can’t afford to lose, but that Joshua has already lost to you. You don’t need to kill him, right?”

Chen Ning said indifferently: “If I lose to you, will you keep me alive?”

Grey stopper.

If Chen Ning lost to any of them, he would definitely become a corpse.

At this time, he really wanted to say against his will that he would save Chen Ning’s life, but if he was so shameless, he couldn’t say it, and no one would believe it.

Max said: “Chen Ning, you have won Joshua, don’t be aggressive.”

Chen Ning said indifferently: “It’s a matter of course for you to kill me if you win. If I win and kill you, you are aggressive.”

“I’m used to your double standard.”

“No nonsense, use your fists to solve the problem, who will continue to challenge me.”

Gray looked at Max.

Max also looked at Gray.


They all saw that Chen Ning was injured, and Chen Ning defeated the two blood kings in a row, and his strength was definitely not good.

But the two of them were already shocked by Chen Ning’s super powerful fighting ability.

Even in the face of “not very good” Chen Ning, they still lack confidence.

For a time, Gray wanted Max to fight first, and then consume Chen Ning’s strength.

Max didn’t want to be cannon fodder either, and hoped that Gray would fight Chen Ning himself.

Chen Ning didn’t dare to fight when he saw two guys, you look at me and I look at you.

He narrowed his long and narrow eyes and said coldly, “You don’t have to look at each other. If you don’t have the guts, you can go up together. I’ll take it.”


Singled out two blood kings.

Chen Ning said these words.

Not only the blood clan powerhouses at the scene were stunned.

Even Hepburn, Dian Chu and others were dumbfounded.

Hepburn looked worried.

Dian Chu was also like a hot pot ant in his heart, thinking: My great governor, I know that you are more and more brave every day, but you are not so brave!

This is the king of the blood clan, you really don’t take them seriously at all!

Gray and Max were ecstatic.

Gray grinned and said, “Chen Ning, you’re crazy. You said it yourself. Let’s go together.”

Chen Ning said coldly: “It’s hard to catch up with a horse once a word is spoken.”

Max immediately applauded, and said yin and yang strangely: “You have the courage, Chen Ning, I appreciate you, but after you lose, the Human Alliance will not refuse to surrender, right?”

Chen Ning said coldly: “I lost the Allies and surrendered immediately, but if the two of you lose, shouldn’t the blood clan also surrender?”

Gray didn’t think he would lose to Chen Ning if he joined forces with Max.

He said loudly: “If I and Max all team up and lose to you, I am afraid that the entire blood family, except our ancestors, will not dare to fight with you.”

“If Max and I lose, the blood clan army at the foot of the mountain will surrender immediately.”

He said this, but he was thinking insidiously: Even if Max and I can’t beat you for a while, when the blood clan army down the mountain starts to attack, you will bear the brunt of the attack and will surely die.

Chen Ning, you are dead today.

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