The One and Only Chapter: 1635 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1635

Fuhand was enveloped by Chen Ning’s powerful breath, his head buzzed, all the voices became distant, and an illusion appeared in front of him.

The sound of solemn chanting sounded in the ears.

At first the sound was like mosquitoes, but there seemed to be more and more mosquitoes. At the end, the color of chanting sutras had already exploded in my ears like bursts of thunder.

Furhand was horrified to find that Chen Ning in front of him was gone, the humans in front of him were gone, and his blood companions were gone.

Even the mountains are gone.

He was now in an extremely majestic oriental palace.

The color of chanting sutras in my ears is like rolling thunder.

There were ten incomparably tall demon gods in the immediate surroundings. These eastern demon gods all wore official uniforms, robes, crowns, and various weapons in their hands.

He is like an ant, surrounded by ten oriental demon gods, everyone is small.


Is it the Ten Temple Yama in Chen Ning’s mouth?

When this thought just arose in Furhand’s heart, the Tenth Palace Yama had already slashed the weapon in his hand towards him at the same time.


He was pierced by a weapon.

Then, all the illusions in front of him disappeared.

Or the peak of the Hand of *** Mountain.

Surrounded by humans and blood races.

Chen Ning’s figure also appeared in front of him. At this time, the sword in Chen Ning’s hand had penetrated his body.

Fuhand looked at Chen Ning in front of him, then looked down at the sword that pierced his body, and smiled sadly: “Your Excellency is stronger than me, and I am convinced that I lose.”

“I only hope that you will keep your promise and bury my sword and my body together.”

Chen Ning said solemnly: “Yes, but we have to wait until this battle is over. You sit here now and witness me defeating all the kings of your blood clan!”

After Chen Ning finished speaking, he drew back his sword.

Furhand was dying, and was about to fall powerless.

But before he fell, Chen Ning reached out and grabbed his arm, stabilized his figure, slowly sat him down, let him sit on the ground with his back against a large rock behind him, sitting on the ground and die.

A stream of red blood wafted out of Furhand’s body and flew into the air, forming a cloud of blood in the shape of a gladiolus, which persisted for a long time.

Ferhand is dead!

Gray’s eyes widened, his face full of disbelief. At this time, he seemed to be in a dream.

Joshua and Max both looked very ugly.

The three kings of the blood clan, and the men behind them were all silent, looking at Chen Ning in horror.


It was Dian Chu, Hepburn and others who were the first to react.

Hepburn said excitedly: “Win, Mr. Chen won again.”

There were already tears in Dian Chu’s eyes, and he shouted loudly: “The commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces, the *** of War Chen Ning, behead the second challenger, Verhand.”

The 15,000 Allied soldiers behind him reacted immediately and shouted in unison with Dian Chu: “Commander-in-chief of the Allied forces, *** of War Chen Ning, kill the second challenger Verhand.”

The sound was thunderous, and it came out Xu Yuan.

Beneath the mountain, the blood clan army and the human alliance army clearly heard the voice from the mountain.

The blood clan army, a riot.

The human alliance army burst into earth-shattering cheers again.

“The commander-in-chief is mighty and beheaded a blood king.”

“The commander-in-chief is domineering, and mankind will win.”


Woods and Dong Yingjian, Luo Tian and other gods of war looked at each other in dismay. They thought that they had temporarily controlled the main force of the Allied forces and could stumble upon Chen Ning.

thousands of miles away.

The headquarters of the blood clan, in the palace.

The princes are all in a mess.

When they looked at the gladioli blood cloud that appeared in the sky, they knew that Verhand had encountered an accident.

At this time, they said anxiously to Lianna: “Miss Lianna, Prince Furhand has encountered an accident, does the ancestor know, should we take action and go to support?”

Linna said with a blank face: “The ancestor said that he already knew, he has made a decision, everyone please be patient and wait patiently.”

in the study.

The ancestor of the blood clan, Cain, was looking at the blood cloud outside the window, and muttered to himself: “Chen Ning, Chen Ning, is it true that I can kill you by myself?”


The Mountains of ***’s Hand, above the peak.

Don’t wait for Gray to speak.

Joshua has stepped forward to challenge Chen Ning.

When Chen Ning was fighting with Verhand, although he beheaded Verhand, he was injured by the blow of Verhand.

And when Chen Ning beheaded Furhand, he used a unique trick, which must have consumed a lot of physical strength.

Joshua didn’t want to give Chen Ning time to breathe, so he simply continued to challenge Chen Ning.

“The blood king Joshua, challenge your Excellency.”

The human soldiers at the scene couldn’t help but scold.

Dian Chu said angrily: “What kind of king, I think you are despicable and shameless people, do you have such a challenge, if you can’t beat our commander-in-chief, you can play wheel battle, right?”

Hepburn also reprimanded angrily: “It’s not wrong, you don’t even give a little time to breathe. Are you lacking in self-confidence when facing our commander-in-chief?”

In the face of the scolding and ridicule of Dian Chu, Hepburn and others.

Joshua didn’t take it seriously, he said with a face: “It was your commander-in-chief who said that from this morning until nightfall, our strong blood race can continue to challenge him.”

“These are only two challengers, are we going to suspend the challenge?”


He looked at Chen Ning.

Chen Ning said coldly: “I don’t need to rest, I accept your challenge.”

“You are nothing in my eyes, and you are even worse than Ferhand.”

“Killing you is like killing chickens and dogs.”

Joshua was furious and was about to start right now.

However, Hepburn shouted: “Wait!”

In everyone’s astonished eyes.

I saw Saint Hepburn rushing over. She used a dagger to cut off a skirt of her war skirt, and said with a slightly red face: “Mr. Chen, your wound is not bandaged yet, I will bandage it for you.”

After she finished speaking, she turned her head and said to Joshua coldly, “Don’t you even have time to wait for the wound to be bandaged?”

Joshua said angrily: “Bao, you quickly bandage him, a person who is about to die, is bandaging useful?”

Hepburn ignored Joshua, and she stepped forward to get close to Chen Ning, ignoring the strange gazes of the surrounding vampires and humans, blushing and using her cut skirt to bandage the wound on Chen Ning’s chest.

Then, he said softly, “Mr. Chen, you are the hero in my heart, and you are still the hope of mankind. You must win no matter what.”

Chen Ning chuckled: “Don’t worry, I will definitely win, my wife and children are waiting for me to go back!”

Everyone around could see that this Holy See saint was in love with Chen Ning.

But after hearing Chen Ning’s words, everyone understood that Luo Hua had a heart, and Liu Shui had no intention.

Hepburn nodded and backed away.

Joshua, who had been impatient for a long time and did not want to give Chen Ning any chance to recover his strength, said impatiently, “Can we start?”

“I can’t wait to kill you to avenge Verhand!”

“A person who is about to die, do you still need to take the trouble to bandage the wound?”

Chen Ning held a battle knife, the tip of the knife pointed obliquely to the ground, and said arrogantly: “You are eager to die, I will fulfill you, brighten your weapon!”

Joshua is not good at using weapons on weekdays.

Moreover, he just witnessed with his own eyes that the blood sword *** Fuhand was hacked to death by Chen Ning.

Fighting with Chen Ning, for him, is to use his weaknesses to touch Chen Ning’s strengths.

He rolled his eyes twice and said deliberately, “I don’t need a weapon, you can use a weapon or not, I don’t care.”

“It’s just that if you beat me with a weapon, I’m afraid others will say that you won’t win by force.”

Chen Ning glanced at Joshua and seemed to see through Joshua’s little thought.

With a snort, he put the sword back into its sheath, and said coldly: “I wanted to give you a good knife, but since you want to choose a more tragic way of death, then I can only beat you alive with my fists. ”

Joshua said angrily, “I don’t know who kills who, let’s fight.”

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