The One and Only Chapter: 1634 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1634

“Pull your weapon!”

Furhand said in a deep voice.

When Yelikin was fighting against Chen Ning just now, Yelikin also asked Chen Ning to draw his sword, but Chen Ning said a word disdainfully at the time.

But at this time, Chen Ning didn’t care much, and it was regarded as giving enough respect to his opponent. He slowly pulled out the vertical and horizontal battle knife around his waist, pointed the tip of the knife diagonally to the ground, and said lightly, “Come on!”

Furhand was not polite to Chen Ning, his body moved suddenly, and his body brought out an overlapping phantom, swept towards Chen Ning.

The person was still not approaching, and the blood-drinking sword in his hand had already brought a sword cloud and slashed towards Chen Ning.

Chen Ning took a step forward, a sword in his hand.


The thunder sounded at the scene, shocking the audience.

And when the swords clashed, a wave of air was born and spread out towards the surroundings.

Scared the surrounding vampires and humans, they all ducked.

Those who didn’t have time to dodge were directly cut off their heads by this air wave, turned into headless corpses, and died tragically on the spot.

Even the surrounding trees were all cut off by the energy of the sword.

Only Gray, Joshua, and Max, the kings of the blood race, can stand at the front, motionless, and bear the oncoming air waves.

The fierce air wave that was in front of them seemed to encounter a powerful obstacle invisibly. Like ice and snow, it melted and disappeared in an instant.

With his hands behind his back, Gray looked indifferently at Chen Ning and Furhand who were fighting, feeling a little nervous.

Joshua and Max also took it seriously.

Furhand is one of the blood princes, and is known as the blood sword ***.

He has been in a very long period of time, and he has not personally shot. Gray and others are looking forward to Ferhand to end the legend of Chen Ning and kill the most powerful enemy of the blood clan.

Furhand is worthy of being the sword *** of the blood clan. At this time, he fought Chen Ning for 30 rounds in a row, and there was no difference.

The figures of the two were like ghosts and ghosts, and their swords were like wind and electricity. Every time the swords clashed, there would be a thunderous explosion at the scene.

The vampires and human beings on the scene are amazed.

Even under the mountains, the blood clan army and the human alliance on the east and west plains looked at the bursts of thunder from the top of the mountain in shock.

The warriors of both camps held their breaths and looked at the top of the mountain, like mortals looking up at the battle between gods.


Chen Ning and Furhand have already fought nearly a hundred moves.

At the 100th move, Chen Ning finally forced Furhand to reveal his flaws and shouted, “Thunderstorm!”


The sword in Chen Ning’s hand turned into a meandering electric light, slashing towards Furhand’s chest.

Seeing that Verhand was about to be chopped into two by Chen Ning.

This guy is really strong. At the moment of life and death, he reacted very quickly, and he resisted it with his sword abruptly.

As a result, Chen Ning’s sword only made a not deep and not shallow hole on his chest.

When Chen Ning’s sword scratched Furhand, a powerful aura burst out from Furhand’s body, suddenly knocking Chen Ning back.

Chen Ning slipped back a few meters before forcibly stabilized his body.

Look up at Verhand again.

Furhand actually showed a fighting form.

Furhand was taller at this time, and his skin was like old bark, covered with brown age spots, and extra wrinkled.

His face is also very thin and old, and the two drooping eye bags are three centimeters long.

The cheekbones are very high, and the eye sockets are deep, but the eyes are scarlet with a coquettish red light.

Behind him, a pair of huge red bone wings grew, slowly flapping.

At this time, he looked both ferocious and mighty, like a demon *** who came out of the ancient times.

Furhand looked down at the shallow wound on his chest and sighed softly: “I wanted to try to beat you without fighting, but now it seems that I am too big.”

Chen Ning said calmly: “You were able to stand in front of me and persist in a hundred moves before showing a fighting form, which also surprised me very much.”

After Furhand showed his fighting form, some of his sharp edges were revealed.

His eyes flashing with a strange red light, locked on Chen Ning, and said coldly: “It’s not enough to surprise you, come again.”


He moved suddenly, almost at a flash-like speed, appeared in front of Chen Ning, and slashed towards Chen Ning with a sword.

Not to be outdone, Chen Ning first raised a knife to seal the opponent’s long sword, and then used a jumping knife technique to slash his opponent’s throat like lightning.

Furhand easily avoided, his wrist shook, and the long sword in his hand attacked Chen Ning again, and the two sides immediately started a fierce battle again.

Unconsciously, the two fought more than 200 moves.

Furhand felt that Chen Ning’s strength was as unfathomable as the dark seabed below three thousand meters.

The more he fought, the more frightened he became, and the less confident he became.

Quietly, he has become a little impetuous.

“This move, no one can stop it, can you stop it?”

Furhand, who was eager to see the merits, used his strongest combat skills as he spoke.

“Blood Judgment!”

With a low growl.

A more powerful red aura burst out from him and swept the audience.

Under the eternal night, the originally pitch-dark surroundings were enveloped by his powerful aura, and suddenly turned blood red.

The scene seemed to have turned into a blood-red endless ****.

Chen Ning is the first to bear the brunt.

In Chen Ning’s field of vision, the air became distorted, and Furhand’s body suddenly became incomparably tall, more than ten meters tall, like a red devil.

Furhand suddenly raised the blood-drinking sword high.


The long sword raised a red column of air, only piercing the clouds.

This scene, even the blood tribe army under the mountain, as well as the human alliance army, can see clearly.

Don’t wait for Chen Ning to have any reaction.

Furhand has already swung down with a sword.

The sword qi as huge as a pillar slashed towards Chen Ning like a mountain splitting the ground.

Gray and other blood races looked excited and heartbroken.

The humans at the scene were all terrified, worried, and worried for Chen Ning’s life.

Dian Chu couldn’t help but remind him, “Be careful.”

Hepburn also blurted out: “Mr. Chen—”

In a hurry, the two even forgot to call Chen Ning the commander-in-chief, and subconsciously called out the title that was called the most on weekdays.

Chen Ning faced the strongest move of the Blood Sword ***.

Take it easy, take it easy.

He raised the vertical and horizontal sword, his eyes flashed, and terrifying power erupted from his body, and he raised the sword to block.


An earth-shattering bang.

Earthquake shakes.

Where Chen Ning was standing, a 100-meter-long sword mark was carved out.

The dust was flying, covering Chen Ning’s figure.


After the loud noise, the dust is still in the air.

Everyone was silent, staring at Chen Ning, who was shrouded in dust, only the gasping sound of Furhand after using the ultimate move.

Regardless of the blood family or the human beings, they all looked at the 100-meter-long gully sword mark on the ground in horror.

Not only shocked the strength of Verhand, but also concerned about Chen Ning’s life and death.

The dust slowly returned, gradually revealing Chen Ning’s figure.

Chen Ning was still standing, and there was an extra wound in front of his chest, with blood oozing out continuously.

Chen Ning is not dead!

Dian Chu, Hepburn and the others were surprised at first, and then they were worried.

After using the trick, his physical strength was already poor, and the panting Furhand widened his eyes when he saw that Chen Ning was still alive: “You actually accepted my ****** trial.”

Chen Ning: “I’ll take over your ****** trial, and you can also try my trick, Tenth Palace Yama.”

After speaking, Chen Ning’s aura suddenly rose, and a powerful breath enveloped the audience.

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