The One and Only Chapter: 1632 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1632

The next day, it was early morning.

It’s just that the world is now shrouded in darkness, and the earth does not distinguish between day and night. Even if it is early morning, the earth is still as dark as night.


The Hand of *** Mountains, the allied forces above the peak, have all assembled.

In the most conspicuous place, the banner of the commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces was raised high.

The mountain wind blew the banner loudly.

Chen Ning stood proudly under the banner.

He was surrounded by Dian Chu and Hepburn, the Eight Tiger Guards lined up behind him, and behind him were five thousand tiger mercenaries led by Wei Yan, five thousand Holy See holy warriors, and five thousand Rakshasa warriors.

Only Lundgren was not seen.

Chen Ning stood at a high place and looked into the distance.

I saw that on the plain west of the mountain range, countless black spots faintly appeared, like the tide, slowly moving towards the mountain range, it was the blood clan army.

On the east side of the mountain range, Woods also heard the news and led the war gods of various countries, as well as the main force of the Allied forces, and headed towards the mountain range unhurriedly.

The blood clan army and the human allied army came to a place only 50 kilometers away from the hand of ***, and the two sides stopped.

There is no movement on the side of the human allies.

In the blood clan army, a small army appeared, waiting directly for the mountain and heading for the peak.

Standing next to Chen Ning, Hepburn, with the help of a military night vision device, saw the fluttering temperament of the blood clan troop, and exclaimed, “It’s all the king’s flag of the blood clan.”

“It seems that it wasn’t just Gray who came in person.”

“Even Joshua and Verhand are here. In addition, there is a king’s flag. Hey, it seems to be Max’s flag.”

Max? !

Chen Ning heard the words, his eyes flashed with surprise, this guy escaped from his face several times by luck, but he didn’t even think that he would dare to appear in front of him, he was really brave!

There are not many blood clans in this group, but each of them is a strong man, and the speed of movement is also very fast.

Not long after, it had come to Chen Ning’s eyes.

There are only more than a thousand blood races.

But every one of them is the leader of the blood clan, and the worst is the blood clan baron, among which there are many earls and marquis, and even more than ten blood clan dukes.

In addition, there are four more blood kings.

Grey, Joshua, Verhand, and Max.

Max and Chen Ning met again. It could be said that the enemy met, and he was extremely jealous. He looked at Chen Ning’s eyes, which were particularly gloomy, like the eyes of a poisonous snake.

Chen Ning said indifferently: “Max, you dare to appear in front of me, I have to admire your courage.”

Max lost so much in front of Chen Ning that he became more and more calm.

When he heard Chen Ning’s words at this time, he didn’t want to be as angry as usual, but just said coldly: “Victory or defeat is a common thing in the military, and repeated defeats will not prevent me from repeated defeats and repeated battles.”

“And, I firmly believe that I will defeat you in the end.”

Chen Ning chuckled: “Courage is commendable.”

Gray saw that Chen Ning ignored him and only talked to Max. He couldn’t help but angrily said, “Chen Ning, you can beat Max, but that doesn’t mean you can beat me.”

“You dare to say that from day to night, you will always accept the challenge of our blood powerhouse.”

“You also said that if any of our blood clan defeated you, your allies would surrender unconditionally. Is this true?”

Chen Ning stood with his hands behind his back, and said calmly, “Naturally take it seriously.”

“It’s just that before the sunset, you are defeated by my hands, and the hundreds of thousands of troops of your blood clan under the mountain will also surrender without a fight.”

Gray ho ho smiled: “Very good, I promise your bet.”

“I want to see how a mere human can defeat many of our blood race masters.”

Chen Ning raised his face slightly: “Come to fight!”

Although Gray wanted to defeat Chen Ning personally, he also knew of Chen Ning’s brilliant record. Not only did he defeat Max several times, but he also had a record of beheading many blood kings.

Therefore, he naturally would not be the first to stand up to fight with Chen Ning.

On the contrary, he, who seemed rude and mindless, suddenly turned his head to look at Max, and said with a smile: “Max, you said it well just now, victory or defeat is a common thing in the military, the most important thing is to fight after repeated defeats, and finally defeat. opponent.”

“In front of you is a great opportunity for your revenge, don’t you know you dare to take the lead?”

This word is exported.

Max was stunned.

He quickly reacted and cursed secretly in his heart: Insidious ****, don’t take the lead, let me go first.


Max has repeatedly lost to Chen Ning recently. Although he also wanted to defeat Chen Ning, he was ashamed.

But recently, because he has lost too much, he has learned to be smart, and even his temper has been sharpened. He is not as sharp as before, but has become smoother.

He smiled and said, “Commander, if today is a private duel, I will definitely be the first to rush to fight Chen Ning. Even if I lose, I will die without regret.”

“But today’s battle is also related to the fate of the hundreds of thousands of blood warriors down the mountain.”

“I don’t dare to care about it, because it’s not something I can afford with my life.”

“And I lost to him once. If I lose in the first battle, wouldn’t it kill our own breeze.”

“So I suggest that it is better to let Joshua and Verhand, brothers who are stronger than me, take the lead. It is best to fight the battle.”

Gray has always been unwilling to see Max, and this time he used the aggressive method to provoke Max to come forward and fight with Chen Ning first.

But I didn’t think that Max was a cheeky guy and refused to play first.

He scolded a sly person in his heart, then turned to look at Joshua and Verhand: “Who do you think is leading the charge? Will you be a ***** for a while?”

Joshua and Verhand haven’t spoken yet.

Immediately after the strong blood clan behind them, a thunderous voice sounded.

“Commander, I’ll take the lead and kill this beast.”

In the surprised eyes of Max and others, a tall middle-aged male blood race with a huge body and a majestic imposing manner strode out.

He is two meters tall.

Shoulder width is two meters.

His body is as majestic as a mountain, his limbs are powerful, his head is huge, and he looks more domineering with almost no neck.

He is the chief duke under Grey’s command, the Duke of Lionheart, and Yelikin.

Gray saw Yelikin volunteering to play.

He was stunned at first, and then his eyes lit up.

Yelikin is strong, and he is more than 300 years old. He has experienced countless fierce battles, but Yelikin can defeat his opponent every time.


When Yelikin was fighting against the Holy See, he encountered several powerful men who were famous in the Holy See at that time.

When everyone thought that Yelikin was going to lose, Yelikin was always at the juncture of life and death, and he could always burst out with terrifying potential and kill his opponents.

Even the late king of the blood family, Louis, once praised Yelikin, saying ‘in ordinary competitions, I will definitely win you, but in life and death fights, I may not be your opponent’.

It can be seen that Yelikin is a *** of war in the blood family.

Seeing that Yelikin took the initiative to invite Ying, Gray wanted to take the lead and fight with Chen Ning.

He immediately smiled: “Duke Lionheart is indeed our blood *** of war, and he will not be afraid of any enemy.”

“Okay, I’ll let you take the lead.”

“Let the two-legged sheep in front of you see whether their strongest *** of war, Chen Ning, is more powerful, or whether our blood *** of war, Yelikin, is even better.”

Seeing that Gray agreed to let him fight, Yelikin couldn’t help showing a happy smile, and said in a loud and powerful voice: “Thank you for your permission, my subordinates will definitely live up to expectations, cut off Chen Ning’s head, and let the two-legged sheep see our blood clan. breeze.”

Hearing the words, the powerful blood clansmen at the scene were infected by Yelikin’s arrogance, and they shouted excitedly: “Lion Heart *** of War, Lion Heart *** of War, Lion Heart *** of War…”

Yelikin enjoyed the adoring cheers of his companions.

In the cheers, he strode towards Chen Ning, stopped at a distance of eight meters from Chen Ning, and said loudly: “Chen Ning, my blood clan Duke Yelikin, the Lionheart Duke, officially challenges you. , come and die.”

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