The One and Only Chapter: 1631 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1631

Hong Qi and a few, when they returned to the peak of the hand of ***.

Chen Ning was playing chess with Hepburn, while Dian Chu was making tea with a small red clay stove.

“Hong Qi, you are back.”

When Chen Ning saw Hong Qi, he couldn’t help showing a look of joy.

He just wanted to smile and say that everyone worked hard.

But his eyes fell on Hong Qi’s too pale face, and there was a faint hint of scarlet eyes, his pupils suddenly dilated, and he said: “Hong Qi, what’s the matter with you?”

Hong Qi forced a smile: “Master, I have nothing to do.”

There were tears in Huwei’s eyes, and he choked: “Mr. Hong Qi was murdered by Gray, and Gray deliberately injected a drop of original blood into Mr. Hong Qi’s body, making Mr. Hong Qi become a blood clan, so as to achieve his disgusting Great Governor you. Purpose.”

The fourth Huwei also said angrily: “The Governor, we must uphold justice for Mr. Hong Qi, and we must kill the beast Gray.”

Chen Ning’s face became particularly ugly, and at last there was deep guilt in his eyes, and he slowly said: “I am the one who has implicated you, if I didn’t send you to be the messenger, you would not have this disaster… .”

Hong Qi interrupted: “How can you blame the master.”

“Back then I lost my mind and was imprisoned in the ghost ship by the gangsters.”

“If it wasn’t for the master who rescued me and helped me slowly recover my mental memory, I’m afraid I would still be a walking corpse without a soul.”

“This kind of grace will never be repaid.”

“I thought I would follow my master for this life and repay me, but I didn’t expect such a thing to happen.”

“Fortunately, the mission of my trip with the third and fourth has been completed, and it can be considered that I have not lived up to the master’s expectations.”

“When the report is finished, if I can, I will leave on my own. I have become a blood family, and it is not suitable for me to stay with the master. It will cause the master to be criticized.”

In Hong Qi’s view.

Chen Ning was the commander-in-chief of the Allied forces who fought against the blood clan. He was Chen Ning’s subordinate, and now he has become a blood clan.

If he continues to stay by Chen Ning’s side, Chen Ning will definitely be criticized.

In order not to make it difficult for Chen Ning, he planned to leave.

Chen Ning said angrily: “You want to leave, who told you to leave?”

Hong Qi lowered his head and said sadly, “That’s right, as the commander-in-chief of the allied army in the crusade against the blood clan, the master is incompatible with the blood clan. How can you let a blood clan leave before your eyes.”

“If the master wants to kill me, I would rather die.”

Chen Ning was even more angry and said angrily: “Who wants to kill you, who dares to kill you, have you asked me if I agree?”

Hong Qi was dumbfounded and looked up at Chen Ning in confusion: “But the master just said that I was not allowed to leave, and if you didn’t kill me…”

Chen Ning said coldly: “If you become a blood clan, you will die and will you leave?”

“You are my subordinate, my brother.”

“I didn’t even kill those blood servants who surrendered, so why can’t I tolerate you and want to kill them?”

Hong Qi hurriedly said, “I don’t see Master that way.”

“It’s just that I don’t use the captured blood servants. They are infected with ordinary blood poison and become low-level vampires.”

“My body was injected with a drop of real vampire blood by the blood prince Gray. The original blood is completely different from those ordinary blood poisons.”

“I am also different from those ordinary blood servants. I now have a real vampire blood in my body, and I am a real vampire.”

“The serum produced by the Ningda Group is useful for blood servants, but it is estimated that it will not have any effect on a real vampire like me.”

What Hong Qi said was the truth.

Ning Da’s serum only has an effect on the blood poison that has been strengthened by dark scientists, and can turn blood servants infected with blood poison back into ordinary people.

But the original blood of the blood prince in Hong Qi’s body may not be useful.

The toxin of the original blood of the king of the blood race is many times stronger than that of ordinary blood!

Chen Ning said firmly: “I said that there are always more solutions than difficulties, and there will always be solutions.”

“I’ll arrange for you to go to the logistics hospital first to try Ning Da’s serum. If one injection fails, you can take two injections or multiple injections.”

“If it still doesn’t work, I will send someone to ****** you back to Huaxia to the research base of Ningda Group.”

“Let the scientific research team of Ning University study your physical condition and use all means to turn you back into a normal human being, at least let you live a normal life.”

Hearing this, Hong Qi was moved to tears and choked: “I obey the master’s arrangement.”


Hong Qi and the third and fourth answered the task separately.

Hong Qidao: “Master, I have conveyed your words to Gray and issued a gauntlet to him.”

“He also took on the challenge, saying that tomorrow he will personally lead the strong blood race, come to the peak of the hand of ***, and duel with you.”

Chen Ning nodded slightly.

The third child also said: “Master Commander, the fourth child and I, when we were in the enemy camp recently, calculated the approximate coordinates of the enemy camp and recorded it accurately.”

The fourth handed over the paper recording the coordinates of the blood clan camp: “This is the coordinates of the enemy camp.”

Chen Ning took it and said, “Everyone has worked hard.”

After he finished speaking, he glanced at the coordinates, and then handed it to the code beside him: “I will send it to General Lundgren immediately. Don’t delay for a moment. The success or failure of tomorrow’s war will be determined in one fell swoop.”

Dian Chu said: “Yes!”

He took the coordinates and went out immediately.

Chen Ning called another team of soldiers and asked them to ****** Hong Qi to the Allied Logistics and Medical Department, and asked the military doctors to give Hong Qi a serum first. .

After everyone went to work.

In the big tent, only Chen Ning and Hepburn were left, as well as a few guards.

Hepburn sighed softly: “I didn’t think that Gray was so vicious that he deliberately turned Mr. Hong Qi into a blood clan. He did this to embarrass you, Mr. Chen, and embarrass you.”


She looked at Chen Ning and said, “Mr. Chen, if you get angry or even lose your mind because of this, then you’ve really followed his path.”

“His purpose is to make you angry and disturb your mind, so that tomorrow’s duel will increase the odds of winning.”

Chen Ning sighed: “The soldiers are not tired of deceit, but this Gray is too despicable and shameless.”


Chen Ning’s eyes suddenly became extremely sharp, and he said loudly: “Tomorrow, I will kill him.”

Hepburn looked at the sharp-edged Chen Ning at this time, and his eyes were filled with brilliance.

Westerners are different from Easterners.

Dongfang pays attention to subtlety and beauty, and does not like to be ostentatious in life and doing things.

But the West is different. The West worships heroes and respects the strong.

The strong like to show their strength and style, and people also worship the strong.

At this time, Chen Ning inadvertently showed the strong side of killing and decisiveness, which made Hepburn see the beautiful eyes again and again, and the heart lake was filled with ripples.


Falling flowers have a heart, flowing water has no intentions.

Although Hepburn was full of affection, it was a pity that Chen Ning didn’t notice it at all. His whole mind at this time was on Hong Qi’s illness and the decisive battle with tomorrow.

that night.

Chen Ning was reading various reports in the tent when Dian Chu came in and said that the coordinates had been sent to General Lundgren.

Chen Ning nodded: “Very good, how is Hong Qi?”

Dian Chu sighed: “The military doctors have given him three injections of serum, but the effect is not obvious.”

“Those captured blood servants will see results after only one injection. If they get the third injection, they will be normal people.”

“It seems that the original blood of the blood king on Hong Qi’s body is too poisonous, and the serum is difficult to work.”

Chen Ning was silent for two seconds, then said solemnly: “Since the serum has no effect, immediately send someone to send Hong Qi back to China, and let the scientific research team of Ning University fully develop the antidote.”

“No matter how much it costs, Hong Qi must be cured.”

Dian Chu said: “Yes!”

“My subordinates will arrange personnel to ****** Hong Qi back to China.”

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