The One and Only Chapter: 1630 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1630

“What did Chen Ning send you to do?”

Gray sat on the handsome seat and looked at Hong Qi indifferently.

He didn’t even ask Hong Qi’s name. Human beings are serious about vampires, they are two-legged sheep.

Who would ask the name of a lamb to be slaughtered?

Hong Qi looked directly at Gray: “Send a word!”

A sneer appeared on the corner of Gray’s mouth: “What did Chen Ning want you to say?”

Hong Qidao: “My master said that if you don’t want your hundreds of thousands of elite subordinates to die tragically, he can give you a chance.”

Gray frowned: “What do you mean?”

Hong Qidao: “Use the oldest method and the smallest price to resolve this battle.”

Gray said: “In what way?”

Hong Qidao: “My master said that he is waiting for you at the peak of the hand of ***, accepting the challenge of any of your blood race powerhouses.”

“Tomorrow morning until tomorrow night!”

“He is willing to continue to accept the challenges of your blood powerhouses, as long as any of you can defeat him.”

“Our allies concede unconditionally.”

Gray was stunned.

Joshua and Verhand were also shocked.

Only Max’s face was calm.


Gray suddenly laughed.

“I’ve heard that Chen Ning is crazy, but I didn’t expect him to be so crazy.”

“Does he know that in my big tent, the king of the blood race alone occupies four places.”

“He really thought that he was invincible and ignored our blood prince.”

Hong Qi said with a blank expression: “My master said that the opportunity is given to you. If you have the courage, you will come to fight tomorrow.”

“If you don’t have the courage, just pretend that my master said nothing, and our two armies will come out in full force and have a large-scale decisive battle.”

Gray sneered: “Are you using the aggressive method on me?”

Hong Qidao: “I have already conveyed my master’s words. How to choose is up to you.”

Gray groaned.

quite a while.

He seemed to have finally made up his mind.

He looked at Hong Qi coldly: “Chen Ning is so arrogant, if our blood family dare not fight, then he really thinks we are afraid of him!”

“You go back and tell him to wash his neck and prepare to die tomorrow.”

Hong Qidao: “My master is waiting for you all to challenge tomorrow.”


He turned to leave.

Gray shouted coldly, “Wait!”

Hong Qi frowned and turned back: “Do you have anything else to do?”

Gray smiled sinisterly: “Hoho, Chen Ning chose to send you to send a message, he must value you very much, you should be his confidant, right?”

Hong Qi said indifferently: “The dragon among my masters, his subordinates are shining stars, masters are like clouds, and I am a mere servant, what is it?”

Gray grinned and said, “Don’t be humble, I can see that you must be Chen Ning’s right arm.”

“Since you are the messenger sent by Chen Ning, I would like to give you something.”

Hong Qi looked at Gray with a cruel smile on his face, and a bad premonition arose in his heart, but he still asked calmly, “What?”


Gray said, picked up a delicate dagger on the table, and then lightly stroked the index finger of his left hand.


The sharp blade cut through the skin of the finger.

Immediately after, a drop of bright blood, like a small ruby, appeared on his fingertips.

This drop of blood, as if alive, kept beating on his fingertips, but it didn’t drip onto the ground.

The surrounding blood clan guards, seeing this drop of blood on Gray’s fingertips, all showed their coveted colors.


But the original blood of Lord Gray!

When the blood race gets such a drop of the king’s original blood, it can greatly increase its strength.

If human beings are injected with such a drop of pure blood, they will become vampires with pure blood.

The blood clan guards at the scene looked at Gray’s original blood with admiration.

But Hong Qi’s expression changed quietly.

This drop of original blood is nectar to the blood race warrior, but to a human like him, it is poison arsenic.


At this moment he had already guessed Gray’s malicious intentions.

Gray wanted to forcibly turn him into a vampire.

Rao is Hong Qi, who was not shocked when Mount Tai collapsed in front of his eyes. At this time, he couldn’t help but be shocked and angry: “You are…”

Gray sneered: “That’s right, I want to reward you with a drop of precious original blood and turn you into a member of the blood clan.”

Hong Qi said angrily, “I refuse!”

Gray lowered his face: “In front of me, you have no choice.”


His right hand suddenly grabbed the void.

Hong Qi was choked by an invisible force, his body was lifted directly, his feet left the ground, and his face was full of pain.

Gray sneered: “Thank you for my gift!”

After he finished speaking, he flicked the index finger of his left hand.

That drop of bright and dripping raw blood flew out like a bullet, and with a puff, it shot into Hong Qi’s body.


The original blood entered Hong Qi’s body and immediately began to flow in Hong Qi’s body. Hong Qi’s body was quickly infected, and his genes began to mutate. At a speed visible to the naked eye, he began to become a blood race.

The process of becoming a blood clan is extremely painful.

Hong Qi fell to the ground in pain, his body trembling constantly.

a long time.

He just quieted down.

His eyes have become scarlet, his skin has become much fairer, his mouth has exposed two blood-sucking fangs, and even the whole person has become much more handsome.

However, his eyes were very painful and desperate.

Gray smiled with satisfaction: “Haha, you’re done, you are now officially a vampire.”

“Go away, go back and meet your master Chen Ning.”

“I really want to know, after he sees you become a blood clan, will he kill his relatives righteously, raise his so-called righteous butcher knife, and kill you too, hahaha…”

Hong Qi’s heart was full of despair.

Hate to commit suicide on the spot.

But remembering that I still have a task to do, I have to go back and report to Chen Ning.

He could only endure it, struggled, and said to Gray bitterly, “My master, I won’t let you go.”

Gray said nonchalantly: “Hoho, tomorrow I will lead the blood kings to the peak of the hand of *** and send your master to ****, you should worry more about him!”

Hong Qi stopped talking, turned and stumbled away.

Immediately after he went out, two tiger guards greeted him.

Seeing that Hong Qi was different, the two tiger guards quickly came up, supported Hong Qi, and asked worriedly, “Mr. Hong Qi, are you alright?”

Hong Qi shook his head: “I’m fine, let’s go!”

The two tiger guards said, “Yes!”

Soon, two tiger guards escorted Hong Qi, left the blood clan camp, and returned the same way.

The vampires in the camp knew that these humans were let go by Gray, so no one dared to stop them.

Come out from the blood clan camp.

The third Huwei couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Hong Qi, what’s the matter with you?”

Hong Qi smiled miserably: “I was turned into a blood clan by them.”

The fourth Huwei lost his voice and exclaimed: “What?”

Hong Qi will talk to the two tiger guards one by one, and finally said: “I could have died, but before I die, I have to go back and report my work to the master.”

The two tiger guards had no idea that Hong Qi would be poisoned by this, and they both had tears in their eyes.

At this time, Hong Qi looked down on life and death.

He forced a smile: “I don’t care whether my body is human or a vampire, but my heart will always be human, and I will always be Mr. Chen’s servant.”

“It’s just that I’m not suitable to stay by Mr. Chen’s side now.”

“After I go back to answer my orders, let Mr. Chen arrange everything for me.”

“If he wants me to go, I will go. If he wants to kill me, I will die.”

The third and fourth said: “The Governor is not that kind of person. He won’t kill you, but it’s hard to say whether you can stay under his command or not.”

Hong Qi nodded, and then asked again: “By the way, how did you two accomplish your mission?”

“Master asked you two to take the opportunity to determine the exact coordinates of the blood clan camp, have you all done it?”

The third child said, “It’s done.”

The fourth also said: “We have confirmed the exact coordinates of the blood clan camp.”

Hong Qi said with relief: “Okay, in this way, we have successfully completed the task and can go back to answer our orders.”

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