The One and Only Chapter: 1629 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1629

The Mountains of ***’s Hand, the summit.

Lundgren, Hepburn, and Wei Yan each led 5,000 elite soldiers and arrived in a hurry.

After arriving at the scene, they found that although there were traces of fighting, Chen Ning and his party were safe and sound.

And there are not too many corpses lying on the ground.

When Hepburn went back to report, he said that Chen Ning had encountered information about tens of thousands of enemies, which was far from the same.

Seeing that Chen Ning was not dead, Lundgren and Wei Yan looked at Hepburn with doubts while they were relieved.

Hepburn agreed to doubt.

She said blankly: “Mr. Chen, it’s great that you have nothing to do, but what about the enemy, I remember that there were thousands or even tens of thousands of enemies who were coming here?”

Chen Ning said with a smile: “We defeated the enemy leader, and the rest of the thieves have all dispersed.”

Hepburn’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Mr. Chen actually defeated the enemy leader and repelled tens of thousands of enemies. This is too powerful.

At this time, Dian Chu triumphantly told everyone what happened.

Although Hepburn and others were not at the scene, when they heard the blood, they looked at Chen Ning, full of enthusiasm.

Chen Ning smiled and said, “It’s just an ordinary encounter. The enemy pulls his hips a bit, defeats their leader, and the rest of the people are scattered.”

“By the way, should you rush over first?”

When Lundgren heard Chen Ning’s question, he immediately lowered his face and reported to Chen Ning in a low voice, “We knew something was wrong when we saw the signal flare that appeared at the peak of the mountain.”

“Later Hepburn came back and confirmed it.”

“Miss Hepburn and I, and General Wei Yan, hurriedly led a troop to support.”

“Woods is a good guy. He knows that Mr. Chen has encountered an enemy situation and that the situation is critical, but this guy has no idea whether it was intentional or not, and he slowly called the gods of war from various countries. It is estimated that he will not set off at this time.”

Wei Yan also said bitterly: “I think that guy Woods has a bad heart. The Western Allied forces he led were defeated by Gray and came to the Eastern Front in despair.”

“He must be unable to hold his face. This time, he deliberately delayed the rescue time and wanted to put you in danger, Mr. Chen.”

“He wished you had an accident, Mr. Chen…”

Chen Ning shouted in a low voice, “Shut up, don’t talk nonsense like this in the future.”

Wei Yan lowered his head and whispered, “Yes!”

Lundgren said: “Mr. Chen, in fact, General Wei Yan’s guess is unreasonable. While we are fighting against the blood clan, we have to beware of Woods, otherwise we will suffer.”

Chen Ning said: “General Lundgren, be careful, now that the enemy is facing, we must work together and not fight within.”

Lundgren sighed in his heart, thinking that Chen Ning, you want to focus on the overall situation, but Woods doesn’t necessarily think so.

Similar to what Lundgren and Wei Yan guessed.

Chen Ning and Lundgren were not there. Among the allies, Woods had the most power.

After this guy summoned the gods of war from various countries, he did not send troops for reinforcements.

He only sent Dongying Gun, the *** of War, to come over.

After Dong Yingjian came, he said to Chen Ning, “Commander-in-chief, General Woods said, you and General Lundgren are not here, and the allies cannot be leaderless.”

“He has to stay in the army to command the army to avoid mistakes.”

“He also said that if the blood clan army begins to capture the Mountains of ***’s Hand, he will also lead the main force of the Allied forces to come to support, so that you can rest assured.”

Chen Ning smiled but not smiled: “Hoho, go back and tell Woods that I know.”

“In addition, tell him that if he sees seven flares fired in a row, the blood clan army has begun to capture the mountain, and let him immediately pour out his army to come to support.”

Dong Yingjian lowered his head, but his eyes were rolling around, and his mouth responded: “Yes!”


He took his personal soldiers and left in a hurry, a gust of wind came and went.

After Dong Young Gun left.

Lundgren sighed: “Mr. Chen, you see, that guy Woods is cunning.”

“You were not with me, and he immediately took the opportunity to take control of the Allied troops on the Eastern Front.”

“You are in danger and he has no one to support you.”

“Looking at what he means now, I still want us to be stationed on the mountain. Let us go first when the enemy comes.”

“I see, the enemy he said attacked, and he immediately led the army to come to support. It was like a fart. It would be good if he didn’t sell us.”

Dian Chu said angrily, “Mr. Chen, Woods is unreliable.”

“Or we don’t have to guard here, and go directly to the Allied camp to take back the command of the Allied troops.”

“There is no reason for him to command the Allied forces on the Eastern Front, and when we encounter danger, we have to expect him to come to the rescue!”

Everyone looked at Chen Ning, waiting for Chen Ning to make up his mind.

Chen Ning shook his head slowly: “No, this commanding height of ***’s hand is very important to the entire battlefield.”

“We managed to control this place in our hands, how can we hand it over to the blood clan.”

“If the blood clan occupied this place and they fought against us from a height, then our casualties would definitely be much heavier, and how many innocent brothers would be sacrificed!”

Lundgren, Dian Chu and the others fell silent.

Lundgren said bitterly: “Is it possible that there is a way to break the game? Is it possible that we have to focus on the overall situation, and we are at the mercy of Woods, and even our lives have to be handed over to him?”

Chen Ning still had a calm expression on his face, and said with a light smile: “Hoho, don’t be too pessimistic.”

“There are always more solutions than difficulties, because a difficulty often has countless solutions.”

Lundgren and Hepburn, Dian Chu, Wei Yan and others were full of surprises when they heard the words. Hepburn asked expectantly, “Mr. Chen, have you thought of a countermeasure?”

Chen Ning said with a smile: “I have an idea, let’s hear if it works.”

“If it works, it can not only break the situation, but also avoid the countless deaths and injuries of our allied soldiers.”

Hepburn said quickly: “Speak quickly.”

Chen Ning whispered his plan to Hepburn.

After Hepburn and others heard it, their eyes lit up.

Lundgren was even more excited: “Mr. Chen’s plan is brilliant. Not only can it break the game set by Woods, but if it goes well, the army of hundreds of thousands of blood races led by Gray will be wiped out while Mr. chatting and laughing.”

Chen Ning chuckled and said, “Since everyone thinks it works, let’s split up.”


Chen Ning began to arrange tasks for everyone.

Everyone took the task arranged by Chen Ning and immediately went to execute it non-stop.

In the blood clan camp.

Inside the head coach’s tent.

Gray’s face was gloomy.

The surrounding powerhouses such as Joshua and Furhand didn’t look any better.

Only Max’s expression was calm.

Gray said coldly: “I have already checked, Yin Kuangfeng did encounter Chen Ning, he was beaten into a fool by Chen Ning, and he couldn’t be saved.”

“His Starfire Corps, I have let his younger brother Yin Canglong lead it.”

“Let’s discuss it together.”

“When the human allies occupy the commanding heights, how should we fight this war?”

The blood kings and senior officers at the scene expressed their opinions one after another.

Some said that they would directly rise up the army and fight with the human allies.

Some people say that it is slowly grinding. Under the eternal night, the emotions of human beings are getting worse day by day. If the human allies make no further progress, morale will soon be low, and the blood race will win another battle.

while they were arguing.

A blood clan knight hurried in from the outside: “Report, Chen Ning, the commander of the human allies, sent an envoy to talk to the commander.”


Chen Ning filmed the messenger to talk?

Gray was surprised at first, and then sneered: “Chen Ning sent an envoy at this time, he must have some bad idea.”

“I miss his messenger.”

“Here, he will be beheaded in the future, his blood will be shed, and the mummified corpse will be sent back to Chen Ning, disgusting and disgusting for him.”

The blood clan warriors on the scene immediately prepared to go out and follow suit.

But at this time, Max stood up and persuaded: “No, the two armies will not be killed when the two armies are fighting, and the killing will be ominous.”

Gray doesn’t care about this, even if he raised his eyebrows, he wanted to say that I wanted to kill, what can I do?

But Max seemed to see Gray’s thoughts, and added: “If we don’t even have the courage to see a small messenger sent by humans, people will think that we are afraid of Chen Ning to what extent!”

Gray lowered his face: “I don’t have the guts?”

“I’m afraid of Chen Ning, even his messenger dare not meet?”

“Hey, I’ll let his messenger come in, but I want to hear what Chen Ning asked him to say!”


The messenger sent by Chen Ning came in unhurriedly from outside.

It turned out to be Hong Qi!

Since Hong Qi recognized Chen Ning as the master and followed Chen Ning in the saddle, he gradually learned a little of Chen Ning’s style.

He walked in calmly at this time, facing Gray and the other vampire kings, he was not afraid at all, and he behaved neither humble nor arrogant.

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