The One and Only Chapter: 1628 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1628

Yin Kuangfeng was shocked and angry. He had escaped overseas for all these years, and he could almost be said to be invincible overseas.

In front of the kings of the blood clan, they had no choice but to bow their heads and become ministers.

But I never thought that today, the apprentice of the old opponent who met the old opponent was beaten so embarrassed by the old opponent’s apprentice.


He lowered his waist and exerted strength, trying to forcibly break free from Chen Ning’s control through an instant explosion, throwing Chen Ning away.


Chen Ning did not make him happy.

At the moment when he exerted his strength, Chen Ning also suddenly exerted his strength.

There was a bang under the feet of the two, the ground cracked, and the powerful forces that erupted from their bodies collided fiercely through their arms.

Chen Ning’s figure stood still.

However, Yin Kuangfeng trembled and let out a painful groan.

In terms of speed, although he was fast, he was caught by Chen Ning.

In terms of instantaneous burst of power, he didn’t even have Chen Ningqiang.

For a time, his eyes were full of horror, and for the first time in his heart, the thought that this child was stronger than me appeared.

However, Chen Ning did not give the opponent a chance to breathe. He clasped the opponent’s wrist with his left hand, and did not give the opponent a chance to escape.

bang bang bang…

Chen Ning punched dozens of times in one breath.

Every punch explodes with power, like a big axe chopping wood, and like a sledgehammer hitting a stone.

Yin Kuangfeng could still hold on at first.

Gradually it doesn’t work anymore.

When Chen Ning stopped his fist, he was already beyond recognition.

Chen Ning let go.

The guy stood unsteady, thumped, and knelt in front of Chen Ning weakly.

Blood dripped down his ****** face, dripping on the ground…

The scene was dead silent, only the sound of Yin Kuangfeng’s blood dripping echoed in everyone’s ears.

The elite soldiers of the Starlight Legion all looked at Chen Ning with fearful eyes, as if they were looking at the devil.

Even the army commander is not Chen Ning’s opponent, who can compete with Chen Ning!

The might of the strongest *** of war is really not covered.

Chen Ning coldly looked at Yin Kuangfeng, who was beyond recognition and seriously injured, and said coldly, “I’ll give you one more chance to surrender and not kill, and let your subordinates save their lives.”

In fact.

Chen Ning didn’t have much affection for Yin Kuangfeng, the human traitors.

The reason why he insisted on persuading Yin Kuangfeng to surrender was just because he saw that there were too few personal soldiers beside him, and he was worried that if a fight would break out, Dian Chu and the Hong Qi and Eight Tiger Guards would make mistakes, and the gains would outweigh the losses.

Therefore, Chen Ning is still willing to persuade Yin Kuangfeng to surrender.


Yin Kuangfeng was punched by Chen Ning. Not only was his face covered in blood, but his facial bones were shattered. It seemed that his brain had been beaten.

Hearing Chen Ning’s words at this time, he raised his head blankly and looked at Chen Ning blankly, as if he had forgotten who he was, where he was, and did not know Chen Ning.


Yin Kuangfeng screamed in horror, was getting up, and backed away tremblingly.

He actually mistook Chen Ning for Huangzhou.

Chen Ning frowned slightly.

Yin Kuangfeng said tremblingly: “I’m leaving Huaxia, I’ll leave now, don’t kill me, don’t kill me…”


He turned around and ran wildly, stumbling away.

Chen Ning could see that Yin Kuangfeng was really crazy.

It was probably the paleness of today, which brought back the most painful memories of the past, coupled with the heavy blow to the head, and finally went crazy.

Chen Ning looked at the back of Yin Kuangfeng who stumbled and ran away, and suddenly there was a mixed feeling in his heart, and he didn’t want to chase and kill the opponent. After all, a lunatic has nothing to kill.

Yin Kuangfeng was beaten into a fool by Chen Ning and ran away.

The rest of the Starfire Corps mercenaries were completely dumbfounded.

Everyone looked at Chen Ning with fearful eyes.

There are even timid ones who are already stepping back quietly.


Yin Kuangfeng treats his disciples and subordinates well on weekdays, and these elite subordinates he leads still have loyal and faithful people.

Immediately, someone came back to his senses and roared: “The legion commander treats us well, let’s go up together and avenge the legion commander.”


There were more than a dozen Hundred Wolf members who took the lead in charging towards Chen Ning.

When the mercenaries saw this, there were also many people who rushed up…

Chen Ning snorted coldly: “Looking for death!”

After he finished speaking, he pulled out the vertical and horizontal war sword around his waist with his backhand, and it was a simple and rude sweep of thousands of troops.


A white line-like sword light, generated with Chen Ning’s swing of the sword, swept straight towards the approaching Hundred Wolf members.

Those more than a dozen guys, unable to escape, were touched by the white line, and they were all cut off at the waist in an instant, and they fell to the ground and died violently.

Dian Chu, Hong Qi and the Eight Tiger Guards were also like wolves and tigers, and they rushed out in an instant.

Killed a lot of those charging mercenaries.

The mercenaries, who were originally terrified and had no fighting spirit, saw this scene and couldn’t bear it any longer. They turned around and ran away, fleeing for their lives.

Dian Chu and the others wanted to hunt down.

However, Chen Ning stopped: “Stop chasing, it’s just a bunch of trashy fish who help the Zhou Dynasty.”

When Dian Chu and the others heard the words, they stopped.

*** Mountain, on the West Plain, in the temporary camp of the blood clan army.

Gray, Joshua, Verhand, Max and others were chatting and laughing, and they were also waiting for the good news from Yin Kuangfeng to come back.


They did not wait for good news, but they waited for bad news.

A blood clan knight hurried in from outside.

After he hurriedly saluted Gray and other kings, he said: “Commander, Yin Kuangfeng led the team to seize the commanding heights of the hand of ***, and there is a message back.”

Gray also didn’t notice that the blood clan knight’s face was wrong, he smiled cheerfully: “Haha, has Yin Kuangfeng won the high point of the hand of ***?”

The blood clan knight lowered his head and said hesitantly, “No!”

What? !

Gray was taken aback.

In the big tent, Joshua, Verhand, Max, etc. also held on to the drink, and looked at the blood knight who came to report in front of him in disbelief.

Gray’s face became visibly gloomy, and his voice suddenly became extremely sharp: “Speak, tell me in detail.”

The blood clan knight rolled his eyes twice and said in a low voice, “The message was brought back by Yin Kuangfeng’s escaped subordinates, and the subordinates did not have time to inquire in detail.”

“Otherwise, the subordinates should bring him in and let the commander ask questions in person, so as to avoid mistakes or omissions…”

Gray said coldly: “Then what are you waiting for?”


The vampire knight turned around and waved to the vampire guard at the door.


There were two blood race guards outside, who came in with a bloodstained human.

This person is Guo Da, and he is one of the 10,000 elite veterans brought by Yin Kuangfeng.

This is the first time Guo Da has faced so many blood kings.

As soon as he came in, he was oppressed by the powerful breath of several blood race kings in Gray, and his body trembled slightly subconsciously.


As soon as his feet softened, he knelt down in front of Gray and shouted tremblingly, “Dear Prince Gray, the villain is…”

Gray interrupted indifferently: “Don’t talk nonsense, just say, how is your mission going?”

Guo Da said in a trembling voice, “The mission failed.”

Gray stood up abruptly: “What are you talking about, how is this possible? When you set off, there was still no movement from the human allies. Their troops could not reach the commanding heights of ***’s hand before you.”

Guo Da said quickly: “What the villain said is true.”

“We haven’t encountered any Allied troops, but we encountered Allied officers leading personal soldiers to inspect the terrain, and the legion commanders fought with Allied officers…”

Gray hurriedly asked, “What was the result?”

Guo Da said truthfully: “Many strong people in our Starlight Legion have all been defeated by the hands of that human officer.”

Gray was shocked and angry: “Where’s Yin Kuangfeng?”

Guo Da said in a trembling voice: “Our army commander fought that human officer, not only was defeated, but also beaten into a mental illness, turned into a fool, and ran away crying and laughing.”

“The rest of the brothers did not dare to compete with the human officer, and they all fled for their lives in fright.”


Yin Kuangfeng was beaten into a fool?

The 10,000 elites that Yin Kuangfeng brought, were frightened and fled for their lives?

Gray was furious and roared: “Impossible, absolutely impossible, you are lying, how could a mere human officer defeat Yin Kuangfeng, how could he defeat so many Yin Kuangfeng men.”

“More than 10,000 people!”

“Even if you stand and let him chop, you can exhaust him to death!”

“You must be lying, come, drag him down and cut him.”


Two blood clan guards came up, put up Guo Da and left.

Guo Da screamed in horror: “What I said is true, what I said is true. By the way, that human officer seems to be the commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces, Huaxia *** of War, Chen Ning…”

Chen Ning!

Gray was shocked when he heard the words, and immediately signaled the two guards to stop.

He said slowly: “If it’s Chen Ning, it’s not surprising, it’s not surprising.”


Chen Ning has many records of beheading the king of the blood clan. If the person Yin Kuangfeng encountered was Chen Ning, then the fiasco of Yin Kuangfeng could also be explained.

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