The One and Only Chapter: 1626 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1626

Yin Kuangfeng stared at Chen Ning and asked slowly, “What’s the relationship between Huangzhou and you?”

It turned out that he vaguely saw Huangzhou’s style from Chen Ning’s moves.

Chen Ning was also slightly stunned when he heard the words, looked at Yin Kuangfeng in surprise, and then said, “He once gave me the grace of teaching me.”

Yin Kuangfeng’s eyes suddenly turned cold: “You are Huangzhou’s apprentice!”

“It turns out that you are Chen Ning.”


Chen Ning!

The two dragons, five tigers and one hundred wolves behind him, as well as tens of thousands of elite soldiers, couldn’t help showing shocked expressions when they heard Chen Ning’s name.

There is no way.

The name of Chen Ning, the Chinese *** of war, has long been known all over the world.

After the blood poison broke out, Chen Ning repeatedly killed the king of the blood clan, and his prestige had spread throughout the blood clan.

Everyone was shocked when they suddenly learned that the tall and straight male officer in front of him was the most powerful *** of War in the legend.


They recovered quickly.

Many people were also surprised.

Chen Ning dared to come to observe the terrain of the battlefield with only so many personal soldiers, and was caught by them.

No matter how strong Chen Ning was, he couldn’t possibly be stronger than the tens of thousands of them.

I am afraid that the Xinghuo mercenary group will not only complete the task of seizing the mountain range of ***’s Hand, but also take credit for Chen Ning’s head.

The ancestor of the blood clan has long since issued a lore order to Chen Ning.

If Chen Ning can be killed today, I am afraid that the army commander Yin Kuangfeng will become the new prince of the blood clan, and it is not impossible to start a new blood clan.

And these people will also become the upstarts in the blood clan.

Thinking of this, everyone was excited, and the eyes looking at Chen Ning also became fierce, like a group of wolves surrounded a tiger, and they were eager to try.

Chen Ning calmly said to Yin Kuangfeng, “That’s right, I am Chen Ning.”

“Seeing that you are also from China, if you bring your people to abandon the darkness and turn to the light, I can give you a chance to atone for your sins.”

“Otherwise, it’s too late to regret it.”

Yin Kuangfeng heard that Chen Ning actually persuaded him to surrender.

He couldn’t help laughing: “Hahaha, what are you, do you really think that you have made a so-called strongest human *** of war, will I be afraid of you?”

“If your teacher Huang Zhou is still alive, I might be afraid of his three-pointer.”

“You are just one of his students, and you are worthy of taking it in front of me. Let’s see how I end your legend today.”

Chen Ning frowned slightly, listening to Yin Kuangfeng’s words, this guy didn’t seem to know that he and Huangzhou had already broken up with each other, and he didn’t even know that Huangzhou died at his own hands.

Dian Chu and Hong Qi behind Chen Ning also had strange expressions on their faces.

Dian Chu wanted to say something to Yin Kuangfeng: Huangzhou, the one you are afraid of, has already been killed by our Mr. Chen.

But think about it, although Huangzhou has done bad things, although Chen Ning and Huangzhou’s kindness have been broken, Chen Ning still admits that Huangzhou has the grace of teaching, and Huangzhou is dead, so he will not say any slander.

Chen Ning was curious about the relationship between this person and Huangzhou.

He frowned and asked, “You know Huang Zhou, my teaching teacher, what is your relationship with him?”

Bring up the relationship with Huangzhou.

Yin Kuangfeng’s face was full of hatred, and his voice was cold: “The relationship between the enemies, South Huangzhou North Kuangfeng knows?”

“I was as famous as him back then, so I provoked him, and finally lost to him in a duel with him, and was driven out of North China Gale by him.”

Chen Ning once heard Jiannu mention the name Beikuangfeng.

He was also surprised at this time: “You are the peerless powerhouse Yin Kuangfeng who was once known as moving China.”

Yin Kuangfeng sneered: “Hoho, you really know my name, it must be your teacher who told you.”

“When I lost to your teacher and was kicked out of China, it was extremely miserable.”

“Now that you meet me, you deserve to be unlucky. If you hate yourself, you hate yourself. You shouldn’t be Huangzhou’s apprentice, which led to today’s disaster.”

Chen Ning stood with his hands behind his back, and said indifferently: “The ancients said that it is rude to scold a father for a son.”

“You dare not face my teacher, but you show off your strength to my teacher, a student, not only rude, but also shameless.”

Yin Kuangfeng was furious: “Shuzi, you dare to be presumptuous in front of me.”

Chen Ning said indifferently: “In the past, you were not the opponent of my teaching teacher Huang Zhou; today, you will not be my opponent either.”

“I advise you to surrender, so as not to humiliate yourself.”

Yin Kuangfeng laughed angrily: “Okay, it’s really been a long time since I left China. No one dares to ignore me. I have to kill you today.”


He’s about to start.

But among the two dragons and five tigers behind him, the majestic Tang Jinhu took the lead and said, “Legion Commander, why do you need to do it yourself to kill this person, I will take off this person’s head for you and avenge Zuo Jianfeng.”

Tang Jinhu has a good relationship with Zuo Jianfeng on weekdays.

Seeing Zuo Jianfeng beheaded by Chen Ning just now, he was already extremely angry.

At this time, seeing that Yin Kuangfeng was going to kill Chen Ning, he rushed to take action.

Although Yin Kuangfeng knew that Chen Ning was not weak, he felt that he was the same generation as Huangzhou, and he personally killed Chen Ning, which was indeed a bit of a bully to the younger generation.

So he readily agreed to Tang Jinhu’s request: “Okay, that’s right, don’t let me down.”

“Yes, Legion Commander.”

After Tang Jinhu finished speaking, he strode towards Chen Ning.

His pace is neither fast nor slow, but every step is very steady and powerful. When his footsteps are on the ground, everyone around him feels that the heavy steps are stepping on their hearts, and their hearts are beating strongly.

There was even a trance in the vision in front of him. It seemed that every time Tang Jinhu took a step, the earth would tremble slightly.

Is a master!

Dian Chu, Hong Qi, and Eight Tiger Guards all showed a dignified look, and they were about to go forward to intercept Tang Jinhu.

But Chen Ning’s voice sounded faintly in their ears: “There is no need to stop him, let me see the strength of the former strong Bei Kuangfeng.”

“Yes, Mr. Chen.”

Dian Chu, Hong Qi and others consciously retreated behind Chen Ning.

Chen Ning stood with his hands behind his back and looked at Tang Jinhu with a smile: “Aren’t you going to kill me? Now that you have the chance, it’s up to you to see if you can use it or not?”

Tang Jinhu said angrily, “It’s easy for you to seek death.”


He slowly raised his hands and put on a stance.

As Tang Jinhu took a stance, a powerful breath burst out from him and swept the audience.

Chen Ning beckoned: “Come to fight.”

“court death!”

Tang Jinhu let out a low roar, his body rioted, carrying the evil wind, and rushed towards Chen Ning.


He approached Chen Ning with lightning, raised his hand and punched Chen Ning fiercely.

Fist smashed.

The voice was loud, like a tiger roaring.

And at the moment when he punched out, behind him, an illusion of a ferocious tiger faintly appeared.


Yin Kuangfeng’s elite subordinates, several strong men among the two dragons and five tigers, could not help applauding when they saw Tang Jinhu’s imposing move.

The elite mercenaries of the Starfire Legion were even more excited.

Even Yin Kuangfeng couldn’t help showing some praise, and said secretly in his heart: Tang Jinhu has been by my side for twenty years, and he has fought in the north and south, and he has achieved small achievements. style.

Chen Ning looked at Tang Jinhu’s majestic punch and commented lightly, “It’s flashy.”

After speaking, he raised his hand and punched.

This punch is a unique boxing technique he created by combining martial arts in the army, and it is the most basic move in the martial arts tyrannical boxing.

This punch, unremarkable, carried a surging dark energy.

The fist was not even close, and the fist wind was already blowing.

Tang Jinhu felt that the fist wind was like a knife, and his cheeks hurt from scratching, and the phantom of the tiger behind him was shattered by the fist wind.

at the same time.

The alarm bell in his heart rang wildly, and he realized that something was wrong.

It’s a pity that there is no turning back when he opens the bow. It is too late for him to change his moves temporarily.

Can only bite the bullet and follow Chen Ning to the end.


He screamed strangely, mobilized all the energy in his body, and waved his iron fist desperately to meet Chen Ning’s fist.

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