The One and Only Chapter: 1625 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1625

Hepburn’s pretty face changed dramatically: “The enemy is overwhelming, let’s leave quickly.”

Chen Ning said solemnly, “I can’t go!”


There are so many enemies here and they don’t leave?

Hepburn looked at Chen Ning in astonishment.

Chen Ning said: “The enemy must have realized the importance of the mountain range called the Hand of ***, and they want to seize the commanding heights.”

“If they are allowed to seize the commanding heights, their army will be able to command the commanding heights, and our allies will suffer.”

“So we can’t go!”

Hepburn was dumbfounded: “But we are here to inspect the terrain. There are only so many people. Dian Chu just said that even if there are ten thousand enemies, there are several thousand!”

Chen Ning said: “To be precise, it was me, Dian Chu Hongqi, and the Eight Tiger Guards who stayed behind.”

“You take your guards, hurry back and report, and let Lundgren and Woods send reinforcements.”

Hepburn listened to Chen Ning telling her to go first.

She subconsciously refused: “No, you are the commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces, you haven’t left, how can I go first?”

Chen Ning shouted: “The situation is urgent, stop talking nonsense, and hurry up, I need you to go back and report.”

It was the first time Hepburn saw Chen Ning speak to him so sternly.

She gritted her teeth and finally nodded: “Okay, I’ll go back to report, but you don’t have to force it. If you can’t, just give up here. It’s okay to be here, but the allies can’t have you.”

Chen Ning said, “I know what to do.”

Hepburn nodded: “Okay, take care.”


She took a few guards and hurriedly left.

on site.

Only Chen Ning, Dian Chu, Hong Qi, and eight tiger guards were left.

Chen Ning swept over these subordinates: “Brothers, I didn’t think that this time we were fighting shoulder to shoulder.”

Dian Chu and the others said in unison: “I would like to go through fire and water with the great governor, and die from birth to death.”

Chen Ning looked at the group of old comrades, and suddenly he was full of arrogance in his heart, and said with a hearty smile: “Okay, today we will fight with blood again.”

“I have only one request from you.”

“That is, let me survive, and no one will fall for me.”

Dian Chu and the others deeply felt Chen Ning’s concern and worry, and they were also very moved, and said loudly, “Don’t worry, the Governor, we will do our best to fight until the last moment.”

Chen Ning nodded and instructed Dian Chu: “There is something wrong here, send a signal flare to remind the allies in the distant camp.”

When Dian Chu heard the words, he immediately took out the signal gun, loaded the signal bomb, and then faced the sky and fired three shots in a row.

The three red flares flew into the air, and they were particularly conspicuous in the sky of the eternal night, illuminating the sky and the earth all red.

Red warning sign.

The human allies on the eastern plains of the Hand of *** Mountains, as well as the blood clan army in the western plains, all discovered the three signal flares that appeared on the top of the mountain.

Woods and Lundgren, with their subordinates, hurried out of their tents, and looked suspiciously at the signal flares that appeared on the top of the mountain in the distance.

Woods said: “This is…”

Lundgren said: “It’s the signal flares of our allies. One flare indicates that there is an enemy situation, two flares indicate that the enemy situation is more serious, and three flares are the highest level of red alert, indicating that the enemy situation is serious.”

“Now that someone has fired three flares, it must be that the vampires have already begun to seize the Mountains of ***’s Hand.”

“It’s just that I don’t know who sent the flares. It may be that some of our scouts discovered the enemy’s situation. In a hurry, we should pay attention to this at the same time.”

With a solemn expression on his face, Woods immediately issued an order to the surrounding gods of war: “The whole army is on alert and enters a state of preparation.”

All the gods of war said in unison: “Yes!”

The Allies entered a state of emergency.

On the plain on the other side of the mountain, in the temporary camp of the blood clan army.

Gray, Max, Joshua, Verhand and other blood race powerhouses also looked at the human flares that appeared on the distant mountain in surprise.

Max said in surprise: “It’s a human signal flare. Could it be that humans have already seized the top of the mountain first, and the human defenders also discovered Yin Kuangfeng and the others, so they fired the flare?”

Gray shook his head and said, “Impossible!”

“According to the information sent back by our scouts, when Yin Kuangfeng set off, humans did not send troops to seize the Mountains of ***’s Hand.”

“So it is impossible for the human troops to arrive before Yin Kuangfeng.”

“I guess it must be a spy from the human allies who ran into Yin Kuangfeng and sent a signal in a hurry.”

Max nodded: “Maybe so. If so, then Yin Kuangfeng will soon be able to control the Mountains of ***’s Hand. We will wait for his good news to come back.”

On top of the mountain.

Yin Kuangfeng is taking his capable subordinates and 10,000 elite soldiers to secretly climb the mountain.

The three red flares that suddenly rose from the top of the mountain made him and his men dumbfounded.

His powerful general, Han Long, said in surprise: “What’s the situation, has someone from the Allies occupied the top of the mountain?”

Another powerful general Huang Long said: “Impossible, at most there are some Allied scouts, it is estimated that they fired signal bombs.”

After the initial stunned, Yin Kuangfeng has returned to calm.

He said lightly, “Don’t quarrel, just move on.”

“If it is an Allied scout, kill it at will.”

“If there are allied troops, they will also be killed.”

The subordinates said in unison: “Yes!”

Yin Kuangfeng was a peerless powerhouse. He had two dragons and five tigers under his command. Even the 10,000 soldiers he led this time were all veterans of a hundred battles.

He ordered the troops to advance at full speed.

Less than an hour.

They had already reached the top of the mountain.

What Yin Kuangfeng never imagined was that on the top of the mountain, there were neither allied scouts nor allied troops.

It was a senior Allied officer with his subordinates to inspect the terrain.

He and his subordinates had already made plans to fight, and when he saw just a few enemies, he couldn’t help laughing.

His elite soldiers also laughed.

“Legion Commander, we thought we were going to experience a fierce battle, but we never thought that there would be only three or two puppies and kittens, and a false alarm!”


Yin Kuangfeng also smiled when he heard the words of his subordinates.

He looked at Chen Ning and his party like a butcher who was about to be slaughtered, and then waved to his subordinates behind him: “Go to someone, kill them all, and keep them out of the way.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a burly man said, “I’m coming!”

Yin Kuangfeng has two dragons, five tigers and one hundred wolves under his command.

The two dragons are Han Long and Huang Long;

The five tigers are Feng Hu, Zang Hu, Fan Hu, Di Hu, and Tang Jinhu.

Hundred Wolf selected a hundred of his disciples to serve as leaders, and if any of them died in battle, they would be selected from the follow-up disciples.

The burly man in front of him was the leader of the hundred wolves and one of Yin Kuangfeng’s favorite disciples, Zuo Jianfeng.

Yin Kuangfeng nodded slightly, agreed with Zuo Jianfeng’s invitation to fight, and said indifferently: “Go, let me see your cultivation these days, have you made any progress?”

Hearing this, Zuo Jianfeng drew out his sword from his waist and walked towards Chen Ningyi with great strides.

Chen Ning looked at Yin Kuangfeng and the others, very surprised.

I thought it was the elite blood clan troops, but it turned out to be a group of human warriors.

He looked at Zuo Jianfeng who was approaching murderously, and asked curiously, “Are you humans?”

Zuo Jianfeng sneered: “Otherwise?”

Chen Ning was even more puzzled: “Then what are you doing, you are working for the blood clan?”

Zuo Jianfeng snorted coldly: “There is nothing wrong with serving the blood clan. After making credit, you can also get the original blood of the prince and become a noble in the blood clan, with a life ten times longer than that of humans.”

Chen Ning nodded: “Understood, you are a group of traitors who are willing to degenerate and betray humanity.”

Zuo Jianfeng was less than three meters away from Chen Ning at this time, he grinned and said: “We just have different positions, but unfortunately you are more unlucky. I met me today, and I had to give you a ride. Don’t blame me after you die.”


He suddenly accelerated, his body turned into an afterimage, and shot towards Chen Ning.

The long sword in his hand turned into a cold glow and stabbed Chen Ning’s throat, wanting to fly Chen Ning’s head with a sword.

Yin Kuangfeng, who was not far away, saw his disciple’s stunning sword, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly, showing a satisfied smile.


In the next second, his smile froze.

I saw Chen Ning raised his hand, like picking flowers and twisting leaves, and easily caught Zuo Jianfeng’s long sword.

Zuo Jianfeng was also taken aback and hurriedly wanted to withdraw his sword.

But with all his strength, he couldn’t withdraw the long sword from Chen Ning’s fingers.

Chen Ning smiled slightly and flicked his fingers.


The long sword in Zuo Jianfeng’s hand was directly blasted, and the long sword turned into countless fragments and splattered.

Chen Ning took a fragment and threw it casually.

Fragments flashed away.

Zuo Jianfeng’s throat had been cut open by fragments, a wisp of blood flew out, and he fell backwards.


Zuo Jianfeng fell to the ground, already a corpse.

Yin Kuangfeng’s face suddenly turned ashen.

The elite soldiers around him were also angry when they saw Chen Ning kill Zuo Jianfeng at will.

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