The One and Only Chapter: 1624 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1624

After leaving the camp, the surroundings were pitch black.

Hepburn also had to wear individual night vision goggles to be able to see clearly.

But Chen Ning and Hong Qi, the top human masters, have far more senses than ordinary people. They can move freely in the dark without night vision goggles.

It’s just that if things go on for a long time, their bodies will definitely change.

Dian Chu was already complaining at this time: “I haven’t seen the sun for many days. I don’t know when the **** dark sky will pass, and when will the eternal night end?”

Chen Ning said calmly: “This is not something we can control, just do what we should do, win the blood clan first, and then talk about the rest.”

Hepburn said: “Actually, you don’t have to worry too much.”

“Since the blood clan created the dark sky and the eternal night came, our pope and the elders of the elders have read the ancient books and consulted the information.”

“What they came up with was that the dark sky wouldn’t last long.”

“It’s about 20 days to a month.”

“The Pope even boldly guessed that the end of the Mercury retrograde, the dark sky will also end.”

Chen Ning smiled and said, “This may be the best news I have received recently.”

Dian Chu said with a smile: “There is still half a month before the end of the retrograde. It seems that we will have to suffer in the dark for a while.”

Hong Qi said: “I am afraid that the Pope’s speculation is not accurate, and even more afraid that after the end of the dark sky, the blood clan will tinker with a new dark sky, and the earth will really fall into eternal night.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was silent.

What Hong Qi is worried about is not impossible.

Dian Chu was just about to speak when Chen Ning, who was walking at the front, frowned and kicked a pebble on the ground.

The stones roared out like bullets and shot into the grass in the distance.

There was a snap, and a shrill scream came out at the same time.

Immediately after, two black shadows shot out from the grass, rushing to escape in different directions, seeing that the costumes were the scouts of the blood clan.

Dian Chu and Hong Qi were killed almost at the same time, each with a blood clan scout.

Chen Ning relied on Hepburn: “Don’t worry, let’s go on.”

The crowd performs a climb towards the Hand of *** Mountains.

Not long after, Dian Chu and Hong Qi came back one after another.

Dian Chu chased three miles away and killed the blood race scout.

Hong Qi chased five miles away before finally killing the scout he was chasing.

Chen Ning frowned slightly after listening to the report of the two: “It seems that the scouts sent by the blood clan are all elites.”

Dian Chu said: “The blood clan also knows that our army has arrived. They must have sent a lot of scouts to spy on the information, and they are all elites. We have to be careful when we go to the top of the Hand of *** to inspect the terrain this time.”

“Don’t let anything happen.”

Dian Chu’s words were addressed to Chen Ning, the Eight Tiger Guards around him, and Hepburn and several of Hepburn’s guards.

The subtext is to tell everyone, be careful, if there is a situation, you must protect the commander-in-chief with all your might, and never let the commander-in-chief cause any problems.

Chen Ning chuckled: “It’s just to inspect the terrain. Even if you encounter a few enemy scouts, it’s nothing. Don’t make everyone nervous.”

Dian Chu heard the words, and thought to himself, with Mr. Chen’s strength, thousands of troops can still come and go freely. What is there to worry about on this small hill?

But what Chen Ning and Dian Chu didn’t know was that.

At this moment.

Max realizes the importance of the Hand of *** Mountains.

If which side can take the lead in controlling the Hand of *** Mountains and take the commanding heights, the next battle will be condescending and winning.


Max suggested to Gray to immediately send an elite force to the top of the Hand of *** and occupy the commanding heights.


Max also personally asked for orders, expressing his willingness to lead the team there.

Gray knew that Max’s military ability was okay. Last time he used Max’s tactics to defeat Woods.

So he agreed with Max’s suggestion.

But he was uneasy about Max, and declined Max’s request to be a pioneer general.

He smiled and said: “Max, you are new here, the hard work of the Pioneer General should be handed over to the people below.”

After he finished speaking, he instructed: “Someone, go and call Yin Kuangfeng, the commander of the Starfire Legion.”

“Yes, handsome!”


A burly eastern middle-aged man with a beard and a black military uniform walked in slowly.

He is the commander of the Starfire Legion, Yin Kuangfeng.

If Chen Ning’s teacher Huang Zhou was still alive, he would be shocked to see Yin Kuangfeng.

Because Yin Kuangfeng was once a peerless powerhouse in China, as famous as Huangzhou.

At the beginning, there was a saying that Huangzhou in the south, gusty wind in the north.

Southern Huangzhou naturally refers to Huangzhou, which means that in the south of the Yangtze River, Huangzhou is the strongest; in the northern region, the wind is king.


These two equally famous powerhouses finally met.

Although the two were equally famous, Huangzhou was twenty years older than Yin Kuangfeng.

Both of them looked at each other for a moment, and finally resolved the conflict in a duel. The losing party must get out of China and never show up.

As a result, the two fought fiercely for hundreds of rounds, and Huangzhou narrowly won.

After Yin Kuangfeng lost, he fled from China, never thinking of him appearing here today.

“See the commander, I have seen all the princes.”

Yin Kuangfeng moved towards Gray and the others, bowing slightly and saluting.

Although he is now working for the blood clan, as the eagle dog of the blood clan, but he does not have any humble aura, but has a domineering aura that cannot be concealed.

Gray said with a smile: “Yin Kuangfeng, I called you here this time to prepare you to lead a group of elite troops and preemptively occupy the top of the Hand of ***. Is there any problem?”

Yin Kuangfeng said: “No problem, I’ll send someone to do it.”

Gray shook his head: “You didn’t understand what I said, I didn’t ask you to send your men to occupy it, I wanted you to go out in person.”

Go out in person?

Yin Kuangfeng was a little stunned, he was the commander of the 200,000 dignified Xinghuo mercenaries.

Let him personally lead an army to seize the mountain?

Gray explained: “This task is very important. I must send a strong person who can resist one side. You are the person I trust, so I can rest assured when you go.”

When Yin Kuangfeng heard the words, he immediately said: “Okay, the commander told me to go, I will go.”

Gray nodded: “Remember, bring the most powerful men and the most elite troops under your command without any problems.”

Yin Kuangfeng said: “Yes!”


He turned around and left, and rushed to summon his right-hand man.

not long.

Yin Kuangfeng led a hundred capable subordinates and ten thousand carefully selected veterans of a hundred battles, and set off towards the Hand of *** Mountains with murderous aura.

Yin Kuangfeng thought that although this mission was critical, the process should be very easy.

Even, he felt that he would not encounter any powerful enemies along the way, at most some scouts of the human allies.

With his strength, dealing with these human allied scouts is as easy as squeezing a few ants.

How could he have imagined that at this time, the highest commander of the Allied forces, the strongest *** of War, Chen Ning was inspecting the terrain on the top of the Hand of *** Mountain.

At this moment.

Chen Ning and his party have just reached the peak of the hand of ***.

The wind was strong on the mountain, causing Chen Ning and others to rattle their clothes.

Hepburn wrapped his cloak tightly, endured the chill on the mountain top, and looked around with the help of night vision goggles, and said softly, “It’s a pity that it’s eternal night, and many flowers, plants and trees on the mountain are withered because there is no sunlight.”

“On weekdays, it must be beautiful here, especially when the sun rises and sets.”

Chen Ning smiled, noncommittal.

Women only pay attention to the beauty of the scenery, but Chen Ning pays attention to the situation of the enemy.

At this time, he tried his best to look into the distance, but he couldn’t see the enemy army camp under the distant plain.

On the contrary, he suddenly noticed that there were countless small dots in the distance halfway up the mountain, moving towards this side, like countless small ants.

Chen Ning frowned: “What is that?”

Hepburn, Dian Chu and others quickly looked in the direction Chen Ning said.

It doesn’t matter if it’s unbearable, it’s startling when you see it.

Dian Chu exclaimed in a low voice: “The banner of the blood clan is the team of the blood clan. There are many, it is estimated that there are thousands or even tens of thousands. The enemy has already begun to seize the commanding heights.”

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