The One and Only Chapter: 1623 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1623

When Woods and the others came to Chen Ning’s tent in despair, Max also came to Gray’s tent in embarrassment.

Gray knew that Max had lost the battle with Chen Ning, and he was optimistic, and learned that the ancestors sent Max to him to help him as his deputy.

He was overjoyed.

Ten years of Hedong, ten years of Hexi!

Since Max joined the blood family, he has always been appreciated by the ancestors, and he was domineering and even killed Prince Louis.

Gray has long been disliked by Max, but because the ancestor is partial to Max, he can’t trouble Max.

Never thought that this time it was Max’s turn to be unlucky. Not only was he defeated, he was also sent as his deputy.

With a sneer on his face, Gray ordered Joshua and Verhand’s two deputies beside him: “Max is here, gather all the elite soldiers, and see the style of our Western Front army.”

“It can be regarded as a disgrace to him, and let him know who is the real king among the blood clan.”

Joshua and Verhand said in unison, “Yes!”

Max arrives at Gray’s makeshift camp.

Hundreds of thousands of blood clan troops are already waiting for his arrival.

These hundreds of thousands of blood clan armies are Gray’s Thunder Legion, Joshua’s Scarlet Legion, and Furhand’s Night Legion. Each legion is composed of 100,000 elite blood clan warriors.

Plus, to Max’s surprise.

In addition to the three major legions, under Gray’s command, there is also the Starfire Legion composed of 200,000 human mercenaries.

The 200,000 humans of the Starfire Legion are all equipped with conventional modern weapons and equipment, and everyone wears night vision goggles, and it seems that they are not inferior to those soldiers of the human allies.

Max was quite shocked. He never thought that Gray recruited humans to fight for him.

And it is incredible that these humans are willing to fight for Gray.

After a second thought, he could betray humanity and join the blood clan. It seems reasonable for these humans to serve the blood clan.


The blood race has a long life, and the blood race of pure blood is even more terrifying.

Among human beings, there are many people who yearn for immortality, and some are willing to degenerate to fight for the blood clan in exchange for a ticket to join the blood clan. This is also normal.

at this time!

The 500,000-strong army at the scene suddenly burst into violent cheers.

Then I saw that Gray came out with Joshua and Verhand’s two deputies, as well as a large group of powerful blood clansmen.

Before the Greys approached, laughter came first.

“Hahaha, Max, I heard that you lost the battle in the east, and the ancestors sent you to me, did you listen to me?”

Max didn’t seem to hear the sarcasm in Gray’s words, and didn’t seem to care about Gray’s chatter. At this time, he lowered his stance and bowed slightly: “Yes!”

“I was defeated on the eastern front. Thanks to the great love of the ancestors, they didn’t punish me. They only ordered me to report here, Prince Gray. I want you to learn more, Prince Gray.”

“In the future, I will ask Prince Grey to give you more advice.”

Gray sneered: “Hoho, I will.”

“Since you came to me to be my deputy, then it’s best to learn the rules here.”

“Forget it in private in the future. In public, especially in the camp, you must respectfully call me the commander-in-chief.”

Max said: “Yes, Commander.”

Gray saw Max in front of him, without the usual arrogance, completely like a subordinate.

Since he was happy and proud, he showed off the hundreds of thousands of troops around him, and asked with a smile: “Max, do you think my army of hundreds of thousands is mighty?”

on site!

Thunder Legion, Scarlet Legion, Night Legion, 300,000 blood warriors, cooperated with Gray very much, and roared together: “Kill, kill, kill—”

The 200,000 human warriors of the Starfire Mercenary Corps also shouted to kill, but their momentum was much weaker than the 300,000 blood warriors.

There is no way.

The blood race is supreme here. Although these humans are now working for the blood race, their status is still several levels lower than the blood race. In the eyes of the blood race warriors, these mercenaries are almost like slaves.

There is no status, no warrior with honor, and the natural momentum is not good.

However, the 300,000 blood race warriors had just won a big victory, but at this time, the killing sound was shocking and the momentum was extraordinary.

Max still said calmly: “The commander’s command, the elite soldiers, will conquer mankind sooner or later, and shake the world.”

Although Gray knew that what Max said was a compliment, but Max, his usual enemy, now complimented him, he still felt very happy.

He laughed and said: “Max, when you come to me, you have to give it to me and work hard. If you satisfy me, I will not treat you badly.”

A strange color flashed in Max’s eyes, and he said calmly, “Yes, Commander.”

With satisfaction on his face, Gray commanded loudly: “Order the army to pull out the camp and move towards the east. I heard that the alliance army led by Chen Ning is coming towards us.”

“It is estimated that he also wants to knock us down.”

“We will have a head-to-head with him as he wishes.”

Joshua, Verhand, Max, etc., said in unison, “Yes!”

Allies here.

Chen Ning led the main force of the Allied forces and intentionally went straight in the direction of Gray’s army.

After half a month of marching.

Along the way, many blood clan strongholds were also annihilated, and many occupied areas were recovered.

Eventually, the Allies reached a place called the Hand of ***.

This place is surrounded by vast and boundless plains, but in the middle of the plain, there is a mountain range that stands up abruptly, dividing the vast plain in two.

This mountain range, like a giant hand, divides the plains.

Therefore, it was named the Hand of *** by the locals.

As it happens.

When the Allies arrived on the eastern plains of the Hand of ***, the army of hundreds of thousands of blood races led by Gray appeared on the plains to the west of the Hand of ***.

The armies of the two camps were only separated by a high mountain range.

The armies on both sides, knowing that the enemy was approaching, hurriedly stopped and camped.

Immediately following, they each sent numerous scouts to spy on the enemy.

Chen Ning had a habit of fighting. Before the war, he had to inspect the terrain in person, because the real terrain was often different from the map data.

Often, the negligence of any detail may lead to the destruction of the long embankment in the ant nest.

Therefore, Chen Ning will definitely go to observe the terrain in person before the war.

This time is no exception.

He ordered the army to stop and rest, be on guard for enemy sneak attacks, and then dispatched scouts.

He also planned to take Dian Chu, Hong Qi, and Eight Tiger Guards out to inspect the terrain in a low-key manner.

Coincidentally, when I went out, I met Saint Hepburn.

Hepburn said in surprise: “Master Commander, where are you going?”

Chen Ning said with a smile: “Go out and have a look and learn more about the terrain.”

Hepburn was stunned for a moment, then lowered his voice and said in shock: “Master Commander, don’t you want to personally go to the Hand of *** Mountains to see the terrain and see the enemy’s camp?”

Chen Ning chuckled: “Why not?”

Hepburn couldn’t help but said, “It’s too dangerous.”

Chen Ning smiled: “Marching and fighting is a dangerous thing.”

Hepburn was stunned.

She looked at Chen Ning’s gentle and unhurried look, and she couldn’t help but blurt out, “Then I’ll go with you.”

As soon as the words came out, Chen Ning showed a stunned expression.

Her pretty face flushed slightly, and she quickly explained: “There are instructions in the military book. Before a battle, you must first examine the terrain, know yourself and the enemy, and then you can win every battle.”

“I also want to observe the terrain and the enemy’s situation.”

Chen Ning smiled and didn’t look into whether what Hepburn said was true or false, and said lightly: “If you want to go, let’s go together!”

Hepburn’s eyes lit up: “Okay!”

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