The One and Only Chapter: 1622 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1622

Dong Yingjian saw that Dian Chu was about to make a move, he sneered and punched at Dian Chu.


The two fists collided, and they both took a few steps back.

Dian Chu’s eyes suddenly became sharp, and he was about to move for real.

Dong Yingjian recently lost a battle, and the people around here pointed at him, and he was also full of anger. Now he wants to spread his life on Dian Chu, and he is ready to be serious.

Just then.

Woods roared out of his ear: “What are you doing?”

Dian Chu, Dong Yingjian and the others turned their heads together, and then saw Woods coming over with a group of subordinates, angrily.

Dong Yingjian said subconsciously, “Mr. Deputy Commander, they…”

Woods said with a straight face: “I didn’t ask you.”

After finishing speaking, Woods turned his head and stared at Dian Chu and the others: “What’s the matter, I don’t know me anymore, how did Chen Ning teach you, don’t you understand the basic military etiquette when you see the commander’s greeting?”

Dian Chu’s face flushed when he heard this.

Woods said that he can do anything, he can humiliate him, but he can’t bring Chen Ning.

He bit his head and said loudly: “Deputy commander, if there is something wrong, you come at me, don’t bring our chief.”

Woods sneered: “Hey, there’s still a temper!”

“Chen Ning is arrogant and domineering on weekdays, and he taught all of your subordinates to be savage and rude. It really doesn’t matter.”

When Dian Chu and others heard the words, everyone was angry, but since Woods was the deputy commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces, they could not refute the other party.

Just then.

Chen Ning’s voice rang in his ears.

“What happened here, it’s a mess, who is this majestic lecturer?”

Woods froze.

Dong Young Gun and the others were also nervous.

Dian Chu and the others showed joy, and they all went up to greet Chen Ning who had just approached: “Hello, Commander-in-Chief.”

Chen Ning glanced at the cluttered scene, then set his eyes on Woods, and said in surprise, “Hey, Deputy Commander!”

Woods, who was still invincible just now, showed a smile that was uglier than crying, and cried out in embarrassment, “Hello, Commander-in-Chief.”

Chen Ning said, “I just found out about the news that your allied forces on the Western Front suffered a defeat, but I didn’t expect you to come.”

Woods smiled bitterly and said, “Our Western Allies have underestimated the enemy, caught the enemy’s trap, and suffered heavy losses.”

“I have reported the battle situation to our heads of state, and I have also sent someone to the commander-in-chief to send you the battle report.”

“After I returned from the defeat on the Western Front, I discussed it with everyone and decided to come to the Eastern Front, join with you, Commander-in-Chief, and continue to play our role.”

Chen Ning sighed: “The western front has suffered a setback, and the next test of our allied forces will be more rigorous…”

Woods and the others did not dare to make a sound.

The Allied forces on the Eastern Front led by Chen Ning beat the blood clan to pieces, while their Western Allied forces were beaten by the blood clan, causing countless casualties, and in the end, only a thousand people escaped.

After they lost their faces, they couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed at this time.

After Chen Ning finished speaking, his eyes fell on the messy ground, pointing to the overturned long dining table and the food all over the floor, his face sank, and he asked coldly, “What’s going on?”

Woods looked at his nose and mouth, as if he didn’t know anything.

Dong Young Gun didn’t dare to make a sound.

Dian Chu couldn’t help it, and told everything about it one by one.

Chen Ning’s eyes turned cold after hearing this.

“Dian Chu!”

Dian Chu hurriedly stood at attention: “My subordinates are here!”

Chen Ning: “A salute to our Deputy Commander Woods, lest others say that our soldiers are ignorant of etiquette.”

Dian Chu said: “Yes!”


Dian Chu gave Woods a salute and said loudly, “Hello, Deputy Commander.”

Woods was a little embarrassed, nodded, and said hello.

Chen Ning asked: “Deputy commander, you criticize my soldiers for not understanding etiquette. I have educated them.”

“Are you satisfied?”

Woods said embarrassedly: “Satisfied, satisfied, it is actually a very small thing, the commander-in-chief does not have to…”

Chen Ning did not wait for Woods to finish his words, and then interrupted coldly: “As long as the deputy commander is satisfied.”

“Dian Chu doesn’t understand etiquette, I have already taught it a lesson.”

“Who overturned the table, who wasted food in the army, stand up for me yourself.”

All eyes are on Dongying Fitness.

Dong Young Gun gritted his teeth and stood up: “I overturned the table, why?”

As he said that, he raised his finger and pointed at Dian Chu and the others: “We arrived here from the Western Front battlefield, hungry all the way, and asked them to give us food first, and they dared to disagree.”

“Master Commander, do you think I should get angry?”

Chen Ning nodded: “The strength is not good, but the temper is not small.”

“Those who know know that you came back from a lost battle, but those who don’t know think that you have won a battle and come back to show off your might!”

On the surface, Chen Ning said Dong Ying Gun, but Woods and others all blushed instantly after hearing this.

Chen Ning’s words were like a slap in the face of these defeated generals, and everyone felt their faces burning hot.

Dong Ying Gun was even more embarrassed, and quickly said: “Commander-in-chief, you have misunderstood, we are not showing off our strength…”

Chen Ning said indifferently, “What is that?”

Dong Young Gun: “…”

Chen Ning: “This is the army. Now is wartime. We are fighting in the occupied area.”

“As a *** of war in a country, haven’t you even learned how difficult it is to provide logistical supplies outside the country, and how precious the troops’ food is during combat?”

Dong Young Gun’s face was ugly, he hesitated: “I…”

Chen Ning said indifferently: “As far as I know, the elite troops of any country have training courses for combat in harsh environments.”

“Special operations, eating bark, drinking snake blood, and even starving, even the meat of rotting animals.”

Speaking of which.

Chen Ning looked at Woods: “I also heard that in your military academy, if any of the students wastes food, whoever dumps the food or vomits it, all the soldiers in a class will kneel down and lick it clean and eat it up?”

Woods said embarrassedly: “Special forces have such a training method…”

Chen Ning nodded: “Very good.”

“You guys, Dong Young Gun, should be punished a little for wasting food.”

“Just pick up the food on the ground and eat it up.”


Woods’ eyes widened.

Dong Young Gun and others were even more shocked and angry.

Dong Yingjian cried out in exasperation, “Chen Ning, what do you mean, we are all gods of war in one country, and you actually ordered us to eat things from the ground, are you going too far?”

Chen Ning said coldly, “Aren’t you very good when you overturned the table?”

“Why now let you pick up the food on the ground and eat it, it won’t work.”

“Ordinary special soldiers can eat it, why can’t you gods of war eat it?”

“It’s okay if you don’t eat, get out of here!”

Dong Ying Gun hurriedly looked at Woods: “Mr. Deputy Commander?”

In the face of Dong Ying Gun’s call for help, Woods only said one sentence: “There is no way to make a circle without rules. You really shouldn’t waste food.”

“Actually, the commander-in-chief punished you for picking up the food on the ground and eating it. I think it is reasonable and it is also in line with military regulations.”


Dong Young Gun and the others were completely dumbfounded.

Woods didn’t speak for them, and even used a “you” to quietly withdraw himself from the incident.

Dong Young Gun wanted to turn around and leave immediately.

But he can’t.

Because Woods had no intention of leaving, and Woods wanted to stay on the Eastern Front, he naturally couldn’t go alone, and he had to stay with him.

Moreover, if these gods of war who suffered defeats on the Western Front, if they go back like this, they will definitely become a shame for the country and a joke for the whole world.

Only by staying on the Eastern Front and fighting a victory can we restore our reputation.

After all, after dawn, everyone will only pay attention to the brilliance of the sun, who will remember the darkness last night?

Woods wants to restore his reputation, like Dong Young Gun and others.


Dong Yingjian was helpless, so he had to bow his head to admit his cowardice, and said aggrievedly: “Okay, I accept the punishment from the commander-in-chief, I will eat it.”


He squatted down in embarrassment, picked up the dinner plate on the ground, and began to load the food on the ground.

Luo Tian and others had nothing to do, so they had to pick it up with Dong Yingjian.

Dian Chu, Black Widow and others looked very relieved.

How arrogant he was when he flipped the table, and how embarrassed he looked when picking up food now.

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