The One and Only Chapter: 1621 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1621

The former capital of Austria, the city of Vida.

Blood Clan Headquarters.

Max was still in chaos, staring blankly at everything in front of him.

In front of him, it turned out to be the study of the ancestor.

at this time.

Cain was sitting upright in the chair, but his expression looked tired, as if he had just experienced a big battle.

The maid Linna came over at this time with a glass of red liquid, and respectfully presented the glass to Cain.

Cain took the wine glass and drank the blood in the glass unhurriedly. His face also became flushed, and he slowly regained his former splendor.

Max finally recovered from his daze, and asked tentatively, “Master Ancestor?”

Cain put the wine glass back on Lianna’s tray and waved her hand for Lianna to step down.


Only then did he look at Max and said calmly, “Does it seem like I’m in a dream?”

Max said with a wry smile: “My subordinate was still fighting Chen Ning on the battlefield just now, but I don’t know why I suddenly came to you, the ancestor…”

Cain said coldly: “I rescued you back.”

“If I didn’t do it, I guess you’d have the same ending as Brie and Parker by now.”

Speaking of Brie and Parker, Max’s face changed completely.

He knelt down with a plop: “Master Ancestor, his subordinates are incompetent, and he lost to Chen Ning again. Even Brie and Parker’s two deputies were all poisoned by Chen Ning…”

Cain said in a desolate voice: “Not only!”

“The elite warriors of your three clans, as well as the eastern front army composed of countless blood servants, were also defeated by the human eastern front allied forces led by Chen Ning.”

Hearing this, Max was so frightened that he fell on the ground and trembled: “My subordinates should be damned, please forgive me, the ancestors, and my subordinates are willing to atone for their sins with death.”

Cain said coldly, “Punishment? Death?”

“Can death save the situation?”

Max lay on the ground, not daring to make a sound.

Cain answered his own words: “No!”

“If you can’t, what’s the point of killing you?”

Max was still lying on the ground motionless, but there was a rare touch of emotion in his eyes.

He is also a ruthless, unscrupulous person who will do anything to achieve his goals.

But it was the first time he met someone like the first ancestor, Cain, who protected him.

With a heart of stone, he couldn’t help but feel moved at this time.

Cain has slowed down his tone at this time, and said earnestly: “Max, you remember.”

“Fight and lose, lose and fight.”

“One day, you will defeat your opponent and set foot on the peak.”

Max said solemnly: “Remember the teachings of the ancestors.”

Cain changed his words and said, “Although your Eastern Front was defeated, the Western Front army led by Gray defeated the Alliance Western Front army led by Woods.”

“This victory will bring back a city for our blood clan!”

Max was stunned, and asked subconsciously, “Gray won a big victory?”

Cain smiled and said, “Yes!”

“This guy Gray actually knows how to use tactics. He deliberately pretended to be invincible, seduced the enemy to go deep, and finally led the enemy into an ambush, and then neatly beat the human army led by Woods to the ground, hahaha.”

Max was stunned after hearing this, isn’t this the tactic he taught Gray that day!

That guy Gray, he kept saying that he didn’t need tactics at the time, but now he doesn’t need to talk about it, and his actions are not ambiguous at all.

Cain said again at this time: “Max, the Eastern Front army you led has been defeated. You should report to Gray’s place. You will also serve as his deputy to help him defeat Chen Ning.”

Max was dumbfounded, but he didn’t dare to refuse, so he could only honestly say: “Yes!”

Cain said again: “When you arrive at Gray’s place, you must lower your posture and learn from Gray.”

Hearing this, Max had a weird expression and felt aggrieved. He thought that Gray’s tactics were all applied to me, and I had to learn from him. What kind of truth is this?

But whoever told him to lose the battle, Gray won.

Lord Ancestor did not punish him, it was already a blessing.

He lowered his head and said, “Yes, this subordinate will report to Prince Grey’s account immediately.”

The human allies, the east and west fronts, fought against the blood clan at the same time, and the results of the war were quickly spread all over the world.

The Allied forces on the Eastern Front led by Chen Ning won a great victory.

The Western Allies, led by Woods, failed miserably.

The Allies originally planned to join forces at the Sanguin headquarters under the former Oga Kingdom of Vida after the eastern and western armies had won victory, and fought against Cain, the ancestor of the blood clan.

It is a pity that the Western Allies led by Woods suffered a crushing defeat.

Forcing the Allies to change their plans.

Woods, Katherine, Dong Ying Gun, Luo Tian and other gods of war from all over the world, with more than a thousand remnants of defeated generals, ran to join Chen Ning in embarrassment.

When Woods and the others came to Chen Ning’s temporary camp, it happened to be dinner time for the troops.

Woods and the others were too hungry to go to see Chen Ning, so they took their personal soldiers and walked to the canteen of the camp.

in the Allied Forces on the Eastern Front.

Ordinary soldiers will find a place to eat when they get their meals, and only officers can enter the cafeteria to sit and eat.

at this time.

In the temporary cafeteria.

Dian Chu and Hong Qi, as well as their close comrades-in-arms such as Black Widow and Wei Yan, sat at a table to eat.


Hearing a burst of noise, followed by a group of people who were busy and dusty, broke in from the outside.

When Dian Chu saw the man in the lead, he couldn’t help being stunned: “Hey, Woods, aren’t they on the western front? Why did they come here?”

Black Widow lowered her voice: “I got the information, I don’t know if it is accurate or not. It is said that Woods and the others lost the battle in the west and lost their soldiers. It is estimated that they fled from the Western Front and came to join us on the Eastern Front.”

Dian Chu also received some information recently, nodded and said, “Looking at their embarrassed appearance, it is estimated that the information is not false.”

Woods and his party walked into the temporary cafeteria.

Luo Tian, ​​the Asura *** of War beside him, shouted impatiently, “The logistics sergeant in charge of the cafeteria, get out of here.”

A logistics squad leader came out in a hurry and saluted respectfully: “Hello everyone, my name is Johnny, the squad leader of the canteen cooking class, what are your orders?”

Woods said: “Prepare us a hundred officers’ meals first, and there must be meat and wine.”

“In addition, prepare a soldier’s meal for 1,000 people and send it to the brothers outside me. Be quick, don’t make us wait for a long time, or we will be responsible for the consequences.”

Johnny was dumbfounded when he heard the words: “Sir, we have regulations for the supply of each meal. Suddenly, there are so many people dining, and the ingredients are definitely not enough. I have to apply to the logistics department…”

Dong Yingjian shouted, “Why don’t you hurry up and stay here?”

Johnny said quickly: “Yes, yes, I’ll go right now.”

The cooking squad leader left in a hurry.

Woods and others found a place where no one else was and sat down one after another.

After sitting down, everyone’s stomach growled loudly.

They were all starving.

It is a pity that the cafeteria will not be able to prepare food for them for a while, and what is even worse is that there are many officers next to them, who are eating.

Even many people are looking at them with weird eyes.

Woods lost the fight and was already annoyed.

Seeing the weird eyes of these guys again made him even more angry.

He narrowed his eyes and landed on the most numerous officers not far away, and then his eyes fell on Dian Chu.

He saw Dian Chu whispering to Black Widow and others, and Dian Chu and others were laughing at him.

At the moment, he silently winked at his companion beside him.

Dongyingjian, the *** of war of Dongying, understood, got up directly, and walked towards Dian Chu and the others at the next table.

Dian Chu and the others frowned slightly when they saw Dong Young Gun approaching.

Dong Yingjian came over, picked up a sausage from the black widow’s plate, and made a request, “You all recognize me, right?”

“You also recognize Mr. Woods, the deputy commander-in-chief at the next table, right?”

“We’re all hungry, I’d like to ask you to let us go and give us all these meals first. There shouldn’t be any problem, right?”

Black Widow saw this Dongying man with such a frivolous attitude, and immediately said coldly: “There is a problem.”

Dian Chu also said indifferently: “It’s not wrong, there is a problem.”

“This is the Eastern Front. Our brothers who won the battle still have nothing to eat. Why should you let those of you who lost the battle eat first?”

Dong Young Gun had put the sausage in his mouth and was about to eat it when he heard what Dian Chu and Black Widow said.

His face sank instantly.


He coldly threw the saliva-stained sausage back onto Black Widow’s dinner plate, smashing the food all over the place.

Black Widow was furious and stood up abruptly.

But Dian Chu stopped her and motioned her not to mess around. After all, this is an allied army, and the rank is there. Even if Woods and others are rude, they will still be of a higher rank than them.

Dong Young Gun saw Dian Chu and others restrained, and the sneer at the corner of his mouth became even stronger.

He grinned and said, “Hoho, if it’s difficult for you, then you don’t need to do it.”


He suddenly exerted force with both hands and directly overturned the entire long dining table.


The table was overturned and food was scattered all over the place.

Dian Chu, Hong Qi, Wei Yan and the others all stood up angrily.

Dian Chu couldn’t bear it anymore: “****, you are courting death.”

After he finished speaking, he was about to teach the madman a lesson.

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