The One and Only Chapter: 1620 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1620

Chen Ning’s pace was getting faster and faster, and finally his body still turned into a swift shadow, rushing towards Max.


Chen Ningren was not close, the sword in his hand still turned into a streamer, and he slashed towards Max with a clear air.

Max was already weak, and he witnessed Brie and Parker being beheaded by Chen Ning.

Facing Chen Ning at this time, he was already desperate and desperate.


He gave up the struggle, watched Chen Ning’s sword light fall, and slaughtered.

Seeing that Chen Ning was about to kill Max with a knife.

But something unexpected happened to him.

Behind Max, a huge black vortex appeared out of thin air.

In the black vortex, a very majestic voice came: “You dare!”

Immediately following, in the black vortex, a pair of giant hands suddenly stretched out.

A hand suddenly grabbed the sword that Chen Ning slashed.

The other hand directly grabbed Max, who was stunned in place, like a chicken, and dragged Max into the black vortex abruptly.

Chen Ning was shocked and angry that someone rescued Max under his nose.

In his frightened anger, his body suddenly burst out with a powerful breath, and the battle knife also uttered a cry, slashing on the giant hand.


The giant hand that grabbed Chen Ning’s sword was shattered like glass.

But Max’s figure has disappeared into the black vortex and disappeared.

The black vortex is shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye, disappearing…

A majestic sigh slowly came from the gradually disappearing vortex: “A rare human powerhouse that has been rarely seen in hundreds of years, as expected of the human *** of war who defeated my clone.”

“Chen Ning, I didn’t bother to shoot myself, but now I have changed my mind. You are a human powerhouse worthy of my shot.”

“I decided to kill you with my own hands, the countdown to your death has begun, wait for me to kill you…”

After the person finished speaking, the black vortex completely disappeared.

Hepburn came to Chen Ning surrounded by a group of Holy See Gods of War and red-clothed archbishops.

She said with a solemn face: “The one who spoke just now should be Cain, the ancestor of the blood clan. He took action and forcibly rescued Max, and he issued a gauntlet to you, Mr. Chen.”

Chen Ning said, “He actually has such magical powers that he was able to intervene in the battle between me and Max from thousands of miles away, and forcibly rescued Max.”

Hepburn said: “He is immortal. I don’t know how many years he has survived. He has mastered all kinds of magical and evil combat skills and spells.”

“Only, according to the experience of our Holy See.”

“The more magical the combat skills or spells are, the more the spellcaster has to pay a huge price.”

“In order to save Max, Cain estimated that he would also pay a certain price.”

“It’s just that I never thought that with so many princes and strong men of the blood race, he would actually prefer Max so much.”

Chen Ning said: “Max, a human traitor, helped the blood race improve blood poison, and also acted as a vanguard for the blood race to attack humans. Cain probably also liked his lackey and didn’t want him to die so quickly.”

Hepburn said: “If you can run, the monk can’t run away from the temple.”

“Max ran away, these ****** vampires don’t have such good luck.”

Chen Ning heard the words and looked at the battlefield.

I saw that the blood clan had already begun to flee.

The eastern army of the Human Alliance is chasing the blood race.

Chen Ning said in a deep voice, “Let’s not be idle anymore, let’s all go into battle, and kill the blood clan as much as possible.”

Hepburn and others said in unison, “Yes!”

This battle, which lasted for more than ten hours, finally ended.

Chen Ning and the others slaughtered hundreds of thousands of elite blood warriors, captured hundreds of thousands of blood servants, and more blood servants, all of them fled for their lives.

The Allies’ war on the Eastern Front was victorious.

Everyone fell into a frenzy of joy, and the soldiers scrambled to celebrate.


Dian Chu and Hepburn, as well as the gods of war from various countries, came to look for Chen Ning with embarrassed faces.

Because they have a problem.

This battle was won, many elites of the blood race were beheaded, and the record was brilliant.

Hundreds of thousands of blood servants were also captured.

How to deal with these blood servants now has become a problem.

Dian Chu, Hepburn and others came to Chen Ning just to ask Chen Ning how to deal with these ****** servants?

Dian Chu said: “Master Commander, how should these guys be dealt with?”

He herself is a saint of the Holy See, and the Holy See has always sweared against the dark race. She suggested without hesitation: “Mr. Chen, these dark bastards, don’t hesitate to kill them all.”

This word is exported.

The expressions of many gods of war on the scene changed slightly.

Dian Chu couldn’t help but said, “There are hundreds of thousands of blood servants!”

“And many of these guys are infected with blood poison and become blood servants. They are also victims of this disaster, and many of them don’t want to do this.”

Hepburn said coldly: “Whether they want it or not, it can’t change the fact that they have become blood races.”

“Besides, they actually obeyed the will of the blood kings like Max and ran here to fight us humans.”

“They should have the consciousness of being beheaded after being defeated.”

The gods of war from all over the world all spoke up.

Some people have the same idea as Dian Chu, thinking that these blood servants are the lowest blood race. They were originally ordinary people in these areas, but they became blood race because they were infected by blood poison.

They also retain human memories, as well as human mannerisms.

Moreover, they have all surrendered now, killing them all, which is a bit too much.

There are also some gods of war who agree with Hepburn’s decision and feel that the blood clan should be killed, and the blood clan who dare to come here to fight the human allies should be killed.

Everyone was arguing.

Chen Ning also seemed a little impatient, and said slowly, “Enough is enough, stop arguing.”


Everyone at the scene was quiet, and everyone’s eyes fell on Chen Ning.

They all know that how to deal with these hundreds of thousands of blood servants and prisoners ultimately depends on Chen Ning’s meaning. After all, Chen Ning is the supreme commander of the Allied Eastern Front and the commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces.

Chen Ning has been on the battlefield for a long time, and he has a decisive character for killing.

However, he was also a little embarrassed to execute hundreds of thousands of prisoners at a time.


He decided to visit the prisoners of war before making a decision.

in the dark.

The Allies have cleared the battlefield.

Allied troops camped at both ends of the **** corridor canyon for temporary rest.

And hundreds of thousands of blood servants were temporarily placed in the **** corridor canyon.

In order to prevent the situation, the gods of war from various countries have also drawn a lot of troops to guard these prisoners. Whoever wants to escape or play tricks will kill them on the spot.

Chen Ning brought Dian Chu, Hepburn and others to the prison camp in a low-key manner.

Chen Ning and the others, all dressed in black raincoats of ordinary Allied soldiers, and the prisoners of blood servants in the concentration camp, did not realize that this team of soldiers had a different identity.

Inside the concentration camp!

The blood servants and captives were lying or squatting, their heads drooping, their faces tired, and their eyes full of despair.

There are also guys who are kneeling on the ground like humans, praying to the sky, and saying in their mouths: “Lord, bless us out of the darkness, and give us hope and courage to live…”

Even some blood servant mothers are hugging her dead blood servant children tightly and refuse to let go.

A trace of sadness flashed in Chen Ning’s eyes.

Where is this evil dark race!

This is simply ordinary civilians persecuted by natural disasters.

Chen Ning looked at the blood servants in front of him, and calmly asked Dian Chu around him: “I heard that the serum developed by Huaxia can detoxify blood and even turn blood servants back into healthy humans?”

Dian Chu was stunned for a while, and answered truthfully: “Experimental and theoretical, human beings have already used serum on a large scale, and the effect is remarkable.”

“But there is no real large-scale use of serum on blood servants, so it is difficult to say whether these blood servants can be turned back into healthy humans.”

Chen Ning said, “But at least you can try, right?”

Dian Chu hesitated: “Yes!”

Seeing this, Hepburn realized that Chen Ning wanted to save these blood servants, and wanted to try to give these blood servants serum to turn these guys back into healthy humans.

She couldn’t help but said anxiously, “Mr. Chen, why are you doing this?”

“Just put them to death.”

“You’re thankless for doing so.”

“If something goes wrong in the process, or there are so many vampire prisoners left behind the allied forces, the blood servants will rebel in the future, cutting off the allied army’s back path, or affecting the allied army’s plan to eliminate vampires.”

“Then many people will rule the problem with you, why should you?”

Chen Ning said calmly: “It’s really thankless, but killing them, I can’t do it, at least I don’t think it’s necessary at the moment.”


Chen Ning looked at the gods of war in other countries and said seriously: “We are here to solve the disaster caused by the blood clan and to restore world peace.”

“These are not real blood races in front of them. They are at most cannon fodder. In fact, they are all victims.”

“Conditions permitting, I want to try to save them, are you willing to cooperate with me?”

Chen Ning is still very prestige among the Allies.

After a little hesitation, everyone said in unison, “I am willing to cooperate with Mr. Chen.”

Chen Ning nodded with satisfaction: “Very good, let out some soldiers, guard the prisoners of blood servants in the concentration camp, and at the same time, together with China and other countries, mobilize supplies and serum, and inject serum into these blood servants.”

Everyone said in unison, “Yes!”

Seeing that Chen Ning made such a decision, Hepburn could no longer object.

However, she stared at Chen Ning and asked, “What if there are blood servants who resist or escape during the process, or the serum cannot turn them back into healthy humans?”

Chen Ning said lightly: “I’m only responsible for giving them opportunities, as if they didn’t take the opportunity themselves, or *** didn’t give them the opportunity, that’s not my fault.”

Hepburn and others heard the words and understood what Chen Ning meant. If the blood serum can’t turn these blood servants back into healthy humans, then there is only one final outcome for these blood servants, death.

As Chen Ning said, he has already given the opportunity, and the rest is left to ***’s will.

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