The One and Only Chapter: 1619 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1619

Max didn’t even think that when he joined forces with Brie and Parker, he still wouldn’t be able to win Chen Ning.

This guy Chen Ning, with one against three, turned out to have six arms, and immediately attacked all the three of him.

Max was frightened and angry, and the unconvinced feeling in his heart came up.

He roared: “Brie, Parker, don’t stay behind, take out all your ability to press the box, either he died today, or we died.”

Parker had already been brought out of combat form.

But Brie still has none.

Brie let out a low roar, his body shape changed immediately, and he also showed a fighting form. Like Max and Parker, they were all old-fashioned, with sharp fangs and claws, and a pair of large bone wings on their backs.

With Brie showing a fighting form.

Chen Ning’s pressure instantly increased.

At this time, Max’s eyes were round, and blue veins appeared on his face and neck, and his expression was extremely ferocious.

A long roar came from his throat: “Ahhhh-”

While roaring, he desperately attacked, the speed of his fists and feet was faster, and the power was even more explosive. It was obvious that he was full of firepower.

Brie and Parker saw that Max had gone out of his way.

The two of them didn’t dare to be negligent, and their eyes widened, their mouths roared again and again, and their fists greeted Chen Ning like a storm.

The three blood princes, full of firepower.

As strong as Chen Ning, under such a turbulent offensive, it is also a bit overwhelming.


Chen Ning’s defense was forcibly broken by the three Max. There were no flaws, but the three of them were forced to break through.

Chen Ning ignored one move and was punched in the face by Max.


Chen Ning’s head tilted back slightly.

bang bang bang…

Max’s second punch, as well as the punches from Brie and Parker, rained down on Chen Ning.

After a small flaw in Chen Ning was caught by Max, it was like a thousand-mile river bank was destroyed in an ant’s nest, and he was beaten by the three guys from Max.

Chen Ning’s body was hit by Max’s fists one after another, and he was beaten back again and again.


Max fit and slammed into Chen Ning fiercely. Chen Ning was directly knocked away.

When Chen Ning flew out, many blood warriors were knocked over.

In the end, Chen Ning slammed into the stone wall of the canyon, and with a bang, knocked the stone wall into a big pit, and the dust was flying, blocking everyone’s sight.

For a time, I don’t know if Chen Ning is dead or alive?

Seeing this scene in the distance, Dian Chu couldn’t help crying out, “Great Governor!”

Max stood on the spot, knees on his hands, bent over, gasping for breath.

He had already fired at full force just now, and at this time, he was already a little weak.

Fortunately, Chen Ning has been knocked down.

In order to make sure nothing goes wrong, Chen Ning was not given any chance.

He whispered: “Brie, Parker, go and see if that guy is dead. If he is dead, give him a shot.”


Brie and Parker brought out the afterimage and swept towards the place where Chen Ning fell.


The gravel was all over the place, and the dust was flying.

The two of them had just entered the range of flying dust, and suddenly the alarm bell rang in their hearts.

not good!

Almost at the same time, an ominous feeling arose in their hearts.

Immediately following, a figure flashed in front of him, and Chen Ning’s low and powerful voice came: “Thunderstorm flashes.”

In the field of vision of Brie and Parker, Chen Ning appeared at the same time.

Chen Ning swept towards the two of them like lightning, his right hand still tightly holding the hilt of the vertical and horizontal war sword around his waist.

The two of them still didn’t react, Chen Ning’s sword was already unsheathed.

The knife light brought out a cold glow in the darkness, and there were many arc-shaped electric lights flickering around the knife body.

Chen Ning is not dead!

And seemed to be irritated and became mad.

It turned out to be a thunderstorm flash.

Bree’s face changed drastically.

As for Parker, who had seen the power of thunderstorm flashes, he screamed out of fear.

All the humans and all the blood races on the scene were stunned.

I saw Chen Ning’s knife light turned into a meandering lightning bolt, hitting Brie and Parker one after another.

The knife flashed and disappeared!

Heaven and earth returned to peace.

Brie stood there, motionless as if he had been tapped.

As for Parker, after being hit by Chen Ning’s meandering lightning, he ran wildly and fled into the distance.

It’s a pity that just after running a few dozen meters, his head on his neck, like a ripe melon, fell directly from his shoulders and rolled to the side.

His headless corpse ran a few meters away before falling to the ground powerlessly…


Max’s pupils suddenly dilated and his mouth opened, like a ghost in the daytime.

The scene was silent, to the point where the needle drop could be heard.

Max was terrified, and quickly turned his attention to Brie, who was standing still in the distance.

Countless vampires, as well as tens of thousands of humans, also looked at Brie in amazement.

Max kept saying in his heart: Brie, what are you doing? You are moving. You are standing there still, are you scared and stupid?

It seemed that he heard Max’s voice and wanted to give Max a response.

Brie moved.

He first glanced at Parker, who was in a different place in the distance, and then slowly lowered his head to look at his chest.

The clothes on his chest were scorched.

There was a clear blood line on his chest.

Looking at the blood line on his chest, he couldn’t help looking up at Chen Ning, and smiled sadly: “Your Excellency is rare in this world. It is estimated that except our ancestors, no one is your opponent.”

The voice just fell.

The blood line on his chest burst in an instant, forming a shocking wound.

This wound was so terrifying, the belly was split open, and the blood of the internal organs came out instantly.

Brie’s life seemed to come to an end, and he fell to the ground with a thud.


Max was completely stupid.

The three kings fought against Chen Ning, and the final result was that he was exhausted and the two companions all died under Chen Ning’s sword.

He couldn’t help but see despair in his eyes, looking at Chen Ning’s lifelong enemy, thinking to himself, is it true that I can’t beat him once in my life?

at this time!

From Parker’s corpse, a burst of blood permeated, and slowly flew into the air, forming a blood cloud in the shape of a bird of paradise flower.

At the same time, a stream of red blood wafted from Brie’s corpse and flew into the air, forming a cloud of blood in the shape of a gladiolus.

It’s a pity that it is eternal night, and the whole world is dark.

Ordinary human warriors can only see things with the help of night vision goggles. If ordinary people walk out of the light, they will not be able to see anything at all.

If in the past, people all over the world could see two blood clouds floating in the sky, and they would all know that there were two blood race kings who were beheaded.

Ordinary humans cannot see blood clouds in the sky.

But the dark race can see it.

Max could see that the blood clan powerhouses, elite blood clan warriors, and even the most ordinary blood servants at the scene could see the two bright blood clouds in the sky.

They also know clearly, what do these two blood clouds represent?

The two blood kings were killed by Chen Ning.

With such a powerful human *** of war, is there any hope for the blood race?

at this time.

Not only did Max get discouraged, but even the blood of the entire audience was shaken, and morale became extremely low.

Immediately after, a bad news came that was worse for the blood clan.

The Holy See troops led by Hepburn, as well as dozens of troops from various countries led by the *** of War, formed the main human army on the Eastern Front, and arrived.

Hepburn rushed to the battlefield and saw such a tragic scene. He couldn’t help but get angry and shouted loudly: “The whole army goes out and destroys these dark bastards.”


The Allied soldiers responded like thunder, and rushed out like the tide, killing the blood clan in front of them.

The morale of the blood clan was already low, and at this time they rushed to fight, and they were immediately killed and collapsed.

Max was even more desperate when he saw this scene.

After Chen Ning beheaded Brie and Parker, his eyes were locked on Max.

Chen Ning saw that the situation had changed, and it became very good.

He let go of his dangling heart and focused all his attention on Max.

Holding the sword in his hand, he strode towards Max, and said coldly, “Max, this time you won’t be able to fly.”

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