The One and Only Chapter: 1618 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1618

Chen Ning did not dodge or dodge, and confronted him head-on.

The speed of the two was extremely fast, and they collided fiercely without any tricks, and immediately launched a crazy counterattack.

boom boom boom…

As the two continued to fight with their fists and feet, a series of thunderous explosions sounded at the scene.

The vampires and humans at the scene were all shocked, watching this fight with awe.

Even Croft beside Lundgren couldn’t help sighing: “This is too strong, this is a battle of gods!”

But Lundgren shook his head slowly: “Mr. Chen’s strength is beyond doubt.”

“After this guy Max became a blood clan, his combat power became so terrifying.”

“But if you say that this battle is a battle of gods, I don’t think it’s quite the case.”

Croft said in astonishment, “Why?”

Longer said slowly: “The ancestor of the blood clan, the old immortal Cain, is more powerful and terrifying.”

Croft couldn’t help his body froze instantly after hearing the words, and it took a long time to slowly say: “Yeah, this guy Max is so terrifying, the ancestor of the blood family, Cain, I don’t know how strong it is!”

Longer said in a heavy tone: “It is really difficult for us to fight the blood race this time. I hope the goddess of luck can take care of us humans and keep us from defeating the enemy!”

Dian Chu, not far away, just heard Lundgren’s words.

He didn’t say anything, but in his heart he was thinking: It’s better to ask us Mr. Chen, the gods are fake, the strongest *** of war in human beings, Mr. Chen, is the real existence, and Mr. Chen will definitely lead mankind out of the haze .

this time.

The battle between Chen Ning and Max has reached a white-hot stage.

Max caught a burst of anger burning in his chest, took on a fighting form, and launched a stormy attack on Chen Ning.

It’s a pity that all his offensives were resolved by Chen Ning one by one.

His crazy attack did not get any advantage.

On the contrary, it is a thing like fighting, which pays attention to one go.

Max’s all-out effort didn’t work, and gradually became a little weaker, and the offensive gradually began to slow down.

His offensive slowed down, and Chen Ning felt less pressure immediately.

Chen Ning immediately and sensitively noticed that Max was unable to continue, and was gradually dying.

Now is the best time to start fighting back.

Thinking of this, Chen Ning immediately changed his strategy, changing the steady defense just now, and his fighting style suddenly became sharp-edged.

Kicks and punches, elbows and shoulders.

Any part of Chen Ning’s body became a killer, and every move carried terrifying lethality, launching a fierce attack on Max.


Max was beaten by Chen Ning, and he retreated again and again.

The humans at the scene couldn’t help cheering for Chen Ning excitedly when they saw this scene.

The vampires looked weird, staring at the battle closely, and they were also afraid of their king falling.

Brie and Parker, who were in charge of scouting for Max, couldn’t sit still when they saw this.

Parker said first: “Chen Ning’s strength is so tyrannical, Mr. Max seems to be unable to withstand it. We can’t stand by and watch, and Max will be in danger if this continues.”

Brie also said decisively: “You and I shot together to help Mr. Max.”

Parker said: “Okay!”

The moment the two of them finished speaking, their bodies had already moved, and they both rushed towards Chen Ning at an incredible speed.

Chen Ning had just punched through Max’s defense with three punches, and was about to make a fatal punch on Max, who had the door wide open in front of his chest.

But he never thought that someone would intervene in his duel with Max.

He felt two forces on the left and right, attacking him.

He didn’t care to watch, relying only on years of combat experience, from the two breaking sounds, he judged the speed, strength and attack angle of the two sneak attackers, and then he immediately shot.

Chen Ning raised his hand and punched it towards the left, meeting Brie’s huge fist, and with a loud bang, Brie was knocked back.

Almost at the same time, he kicked his right foot high, just in time to fight Parker’s whip leg in the air, and there was another thunderous boom, and Parker was swept away a few meters away.

Chen Ning punched his left fist and kicked his right leg, perfectly defusing Brie and Parker’s sneak attack.

Brie and Parker retreated to Max’s side and stood on either side of Max.

Brie said in a deep voice, “Mr. Max, I’m afraid the three of us will join forces to deal with this person.”

Parker also said: “That’s right, he’s too strong, and the three of us have a chance to join forces. In this situation, we don’t care about winning.”

Max was almost hit hard by Chen Ning just now, but was saved by two companions in time.

How could he dare to single out Chen Ning at this time?

Naturally, he was happy to besiege Chen Ning with his two companions.


Lundgren, Krove, Dian Chu, Hong Qi, Wei Yan and others were angry when they saw that the three kings of the blood clan were going to join forces to besiege Chen Ning.

“****, is there no help in bullying us Mr. Chen?”

“Commander-in-chief, let’s help you.”

Everyone wanted to rush up and assist Chen Ning.

However, Max ordered the countless blood races at the scene in a deep voice: “Stop them, and before the three of us kill Chen Ning, no human beings are allowed to approach.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The powerful blood clan, elite warriors, and countless low-level blood servants on the scene all followed Max’s king’s will, rushed up like a tide, and blocked the way of Lundgren and others.

Countless blood clans surrounded Chen Ning, Max, Brie, and Parker, forming a big circle.

Inside the circle is the arena of the three blood princes, Chen Ning and Max.

Lundgren and other human warriors were all blocked from the circle.

Lundgren was annoyed: “All the Rakshasa warriors, rush in for me desperately.”

Dian Chu also roared, “Brothers of Zhanlong, Tiger and Rose, follow me too.”

On the battlefield, an incredible scene appeared.

I saw countless blood clans surrounding Chen Ning in the middle.

Tens of thousands of human warriors were desperately attacking the blood clan encirclement. The two sides fought to the death, and the battle was extremely fierce.


Compared with the fierce fighting between the peripheral humans and the blood clan.

The circle seemed very calm.

Chen Ning confronted Max, Brie, and Parker.

Several of them only have opponents in their eyes, and they turn a blind eye to the surrounding fighting and the battle sounds in their ears.

Max glared at Chen Ning: “Chen Ning, you can die under the joint attack of the three of us. If you die, you will be famous enough for future generations. Your life is worth it.”

Chen Ning said lightly: “Comparatively speaking, I prefer another result, that is, I kill the three of you, presumably this way future generations will be more willing to preach.”

Chen Ning fights the three kings, the news is estimated to spread, and it is enough to shock the world.

Never thought that Chen Ning wanted to directly kill the three kings of the blood clan in front of him.

Max, Brie and Parker were shocked and angry.


How insane!

It is simply incomprehensible.

Max sneered: “Hoho, I want to see if your mouth is as hard as it is now after you die.”

After speaking, he greeted his two companions: “Kill!”

Kill the exit.

Max’s figure shot out first, and Chen Ning only felt a flash in front of him, Max was already in front of him.

The two battled together in an instant.

Brie and Parker followed, joining the fight.

The three kings of the blood race besieged Chen Ning.

The moves are as fast as lightning, and as violent as thunder, if Chen Ning is slightly careless, he may be killed by the opponent’s thunder.


Even in the face of the three strong blood clan, Chen Ning behaved very calmly.

He stood on the spot with both feet, only relying on a pair of iron fists to deal with the siege of the three of Max.

boom boom-

The explosion sounded incessantly, in a series.

Chen Ning is one to three, because the speed of the shot is too fast, from a distance, he seems to have six arms, extraordinarily powerful and domineering.

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