The One and Only Chapter: 1617 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1617

When Chen Ning saw that Max was already coming towards him, he was not to be outdone and met him head-on.

Neither of them used weapons.

Max grinned and said, “Hoho, Chen Ning, long time no see, let me see if you’ve become weaker?”


He flashed in front of Chen Ning with the speed of almost instantaneous movement, and he raised his hand in a very simple and rude manner, and slammed it towards Chen Ning.

This punch, without the slightest fancy skills, is completely based on strength to win.

Chen Ning did not dodge or dodge, raising his hand was also a punch.

This punch seems to be unremarkable, and there is not even a whistling style of punching. It is easy to make people suspect that the strength of this punch is not very good.


Chen Ning’s fist carried a surging dark energy, silently, and even the air around his fist became distorted quietly.

The fists of the two collided.

Immediately following the collision of the two fists, a circle of air waves rippled and spread in the air.

Then I heard a loud boom like thunder.


As the explosion that shocked the audience came out, the fist wind generated by the collision of the two fists spread to the surrounding, like a gust of wind passing through the border.

The weaker blood races and humans were swept away.

The blood clan and human beings, whose strength is not lost, have also been swept up and down…

The surrounding vampires and humans were all terrified and avoided.

Chen Ning and Max, within 100 meters around, there are no blood clans and humans.

Everyone hides far away.

The two blood princes, Parker and Brie, swept Max from afar.

The two of them were shocked when they saw Max and Chen Ning fighting for the first time, and looked at each other involuntarily.

Chen Ning and Max also separated immediately after their fight.

The two stood eight meters apart, facing each other.

Max was a little surprised: “Your strength doesn’t seem to have regressed, and it even seems to be stronger. Logically speaking, when the average human powerhouse reaches your age, it is the peak period, and gradually it will go downhill.”

“It’s unbelievable that you can keep reordering your peak level.”

“But unfortunately, no matter how strong you are, you are still a human being, and you will surely die tonight.”

Chen Ning chuckled: “You boasted in front of me many times before, and every time you failed miserably, now you still dare to make trouble in front of me?”

Max sneered: “Don’t you Chinese people have a saying that Shibie should be treated with admiration for three days?”

“You still look at me with the eyes of the past, you deserve to die.”

“Come and try my trick, Wan Gui wailing!”

“This trick is my original creation for you, specially used to send you on the road, try it!”


Max opened his arms, raised his palms upwards, and slowly raised them, chanting words in his mouth, as if he was chanting some ancient and jerky incantation.

Brie and Parker’s expressions changed slightly.

Brie said in surprise: “This is?”

Parker said with envy on his face: “That’s right, it’s an ancient blood race incantation. It must have been taught to Max by the ancestors. The ancestors really love him!”

Parker guessed right.

Cain, the ancestor of the blood family, really appreciates Max.

If it weren’t for Max, the blood race would not be able to create blood poison, nor would it be possible for the lesser half of Europe and Africa to fall, with the opportunity for the current blood race to rise.

So it’s time to reward Max and teach him a few ancient spell secrets.

What I have to say is that this guy Max is indeed a genius.

After he learned the ancient spells and secrets of the blood race, he actually innovated and improved them into his own unique moves, and the power was even stronger.

This trick, Wan Gui wailing, was created by him for Chen Ning.

He, who has a deep hatred for Chen Ning, will use this trick to send Chen Ning to ****.

As his incantation voice continued to be high and sharp, the momentum on his body continued to rise, and a black pillar-like aura burst out from him, straight into the sky.

The hair and clothes on his body did not move without the wind, and even the small stones on the ground where he stood, all floated up…

The blood warriors and human warriors next to them all stopped fighting and looked at Max in horror.

Max’s face was hideous, and he read the incantation to the end, and suddenly opened his mouth and screamed: “Ah—”

The surrounding vampires and humans were attacked by the sound, and their hearts instantly trembled, their qi and blood rolled, and the weaker ones vomited blood and fell to the ground.

Standing in front of Max, Chen Ning was the first to bear the brunt.

With Max’s stern scream coming towards him, Chen Ning felt his head buzzing, and there was an illusion in front of him.

I saw Max’s voice turning into reality.

Countless evil ghosts with ferocious appearance and sharp teeth and claws flew out of Max’s mouth one after another, from urinating, and finally countless evil ghosts rushed towards Chen Ning, as if to tear Chen Ning to pieces… .

Chen Ning understood.

Max’s move is actually similar to the ancient Chinese lore of the lion’s roar, which relies on sound to attack.

He looked at the phantoms of evil ghosts in front of him, and snorted coldly: “The little trick of carving insects, let you experience our unique Chinese art, try my trick and see how it compares to your wailing of ten thousand ghosts?”


Chen Ning put on a stance of ancient martial arts, his hands were like Tai Chi, and he slowly danced, his movements seemed slow and fast.

When Chen Ning moved his hands, his palms vibrated and made a buzzing sound, as if there were many mosquitoes chirping.

follow closely.

Chen Ning’s hands danced faster and faster, his palms vibrated faster and faster, and the buzzing mosquitoes were getting louder and louder.

Seeing this scene in the distance, Parker said in shock: “Is this the so-called Huaxia Taiji Hand?”

Brie is well-informed and shook his head: “It looks like, but no, he is stacking force!”

Parker was stunned: “Die Li?”

“What’s the meaning?”

Brie said solemnly: “Don’t you notice that his palms are waving faster and faster, and the vibration frequency is getting higher and higher?”

“He’s stacking up, and as he stacks up, the mosquito sound will get louder and more terrifying.”

“Look, now the sound is still not like a mosquito, but like a raging tide.”

Parker lost his voice: “He’s still stacking up, and his voice continues to get stronger.”

Chen Ning’s move was also brewing to the extreme at this time.

He said solemnly: “Max, try my unique trick of Huaxia, gather mosquitoes into thunder, how about compared to your wailing of ten thousand ghosts?”


Chen Ning double palms, launched at the same time.


The palm wind was like a stormy sea, and it carried thunder and lightning, like a lightning storm, swept away towards Max.

Along the way, those ghosts who seemed to be real, met Chen Ning’s trick of gathering mosquitoes into thunder, and were all crushed into pieces by a lightning storm and disappeared.

The power of the lightning storm disappeared, and it continued to roll towards Max in the distance.


His own unique trick was actually broken by Chen Ning’s trick.

Watching the rolling lightning storm roll in.

Max hurriedly resisted without being shocked.

boom boom boom…

Countless thunderbolts hit Max.

Rao was the king of the blood clan, and he couldn’t help being beaten until his body kept shaking and he retreated again and again.

In the last blow, he was directly knocked out, and with a bang, his back slammed into the rock wall of the canyon, knocking the rock wall into a big pit, and countless rubble, and buried him.

Brie and Parker, who were in charge of the raid, did not respond in time.

At this time, their faces changed dramatically, and they both exclaimed: “Mr. Max?”

They were worried that Max was directly killed by Chen Ning in one move.

Going forward to check.

Just then.

There was a loud bang, and the gravel flew.

The buried Max emerged from the rock.

He has already shown a fighting form at this time. Although there are many scars on his body and traces of burns, he does not lose his prestige.

A pair of huge bone wings behind him slowly fluttered, indicating his manic and angry mood.

He glared at Chen Ning and growled in his throat, “Chen Ning, I want you to die.”

After speaking, he suddenly attacked Chen Ning again…

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