The One and Only Chapter: 1616 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1616

The vampires and humans who were fighting on the scene consciously separated, and each joined with their respective reinforcements.

Parker and other blood race powerhouses gathered around Max and Brie.

Lundgren, Croft, Dian Chu, Hong Qi, Black Widow, as well as the Eight Tiger Guards and Qixiong in the North led the soldiers and assembled behind Chen Ning.

Humans and vampires face off against each other.

However, the number of blood races far exceeds that of humans.

Max was in high spirits at this time.

Not only because of the blood king assistants like Parker and Brie by his side, but also because there are hundreds of thousands of blood warriors behind him.

In addition, he participated in the feast of millions of human blood hosted by the ancestor Cain not long ago. After soaking in the blood pool for a long time, he absorbed the essence of countless people’s blood, which greatly improved his strength.

Facing Chen Ning at this time, he was more confident than ever before confronting Chen Ning.

Chen Ning was also very surprised when he saw Max.

Originally, I was thinking of rushing to come to support Lundgren and save Lundgren.

But I didn’t expect to meet Max.

Now it seems that the decisive battle between humans and the blood clan on the Eastern Front is about to arrive ahead of schedule!

Chen Ning’s face also became more dignified than before, but his voice was still calm and calm, and said slowly: “Max, it’s you again.”

Max said with a smile: “Hoho, Chen Ning, we meet again.”

“Only this time, I will never lose again.”

Chen Ning said lightly, “Do you know?”

“You escaped from me a few times before, and we in the human world have given you a nickname called Mai Papan.”

“Only this time, I won’t allow you to run away from my eyes again.”

Max heard Chen Ning taunting him as a perpetually defeated general and an escape expert.

His face sank, and he said coldly: “I won’t run this time, I will cut off your head myself, and I will kill everyone here.”

Chen Ning said calmly: “With each other, let’s each rely on our abilities!”

Max snorted coldly and waved his hand expressionlessly.

Brie next to him saw the meeting and gave an order: “The warriors of the blood race, prepare to fight, tear up these **** humans in front of them, drink up their blood, and fight for the rise of the blood race.”

A stone stirred up a thousand waves.

Brie’s voice wasn’t loud, but it could be heard in the audience.

The blood warriors and blood servants, inspired by the will of Max and Brie, instantly became restless and shouted: “Fight for the rise of the blood race.”

In the face of the blood clan that is about to launch an attack, murderous.

Chen Ning calmly ordered: “This battle is a decisive battle on the Eastern Front. When life or death, everyone is ready to fight.”

“Withstand the enemy’s attack and hold on until our main army arrives, victory is ours.”

Lunger, who was covered in blood, suddenly raised his sword and roared, “Ulla!”

The Rakshasa warriors behind him roared, “Ulla!”

Dian Chu said sharply, “Prepare to fight.”

The 30,000 mercenaries of Zhanlong, Tiger, and Rose all pulled out their weapons at this time and shouted in unison, “Fight, fight, fight…”

at the same time.

Wei Yan had been instructed by Chen Ning to directly order his subordinates to fire three military flares towards the sky.

The blood clan created a dark sky. After the earth entered the eternal night, the satellite signals were completely blocked, and the earth entered the era of no satellite signals.

A lot of high technology, even communication, is a problem.

On the contrary, it is some primitive and ancient equipment, which has a magical effect in this special period.

The military signal bomb is one of them, and it is also one of the important means of communication between human forces.

As the three flares rose into the sky and exploded in the sky, the light lingered for a long time.

dozens of kilometers away.

The main force of the Allied forces on the Eastern Front who were marching saw the signal flares in the sky in the distance. Under this eternal night, the flares were too conspicuous.

Hepburn saw the gods of war from various countries, and his face changed slightly.

Hepburn said in surprise: “This is the signal flare of the commander-in-chief!”

“He and General Lundgren are likely to have encountered the main force of the blood clan, and they have even started a war.”


She ordered the Holy See troops behind her: “Full speed ahead.”

“There are also orders for the gods of war from other countries to bring their troops and advance at full speed to support the battlefield.”

A red-clothed archbishop behind her said solemnly, “Yes!”

at this time!

on the battlefield.

Max also saw three flares fired by the human forces.

His face sank: “These guys are asking for help.”

“Don’t give them a chance, kill them all and go to war before their reinforcements arrive.”

With Max’s voice falling.

The blood clan at the scene rushed out in an instant, like a red torrent, fiercely rushing towards the humans in front of them.

Lundgren and Croft took their Rakshasa warriors with them for the first time, and roared to meet them.

Dian Chu, Hong Qi, Black Widow, and Qixiong of the North Border, also leading 30,000 mercenaries, followed closely behind.

In the canyon of the **** Corridor.

The two torrents of the blood clan and the human beings collided fiercely, followed by fierce fighting.

Chen Ning stood there and did not move, with the Eight Tiger Guards beside him.

Most of the vampires who rushed over were very knowledgeable and avoided Chen Ning, but none of them dared to charge towards Chen Ning.

Because they all know that the strength of the strongest human *** of war is definitely not something they can provoke.

Besides, they could hear clearly just now that Chen Ning was the target of His Excellency Prince Max, who was named to be beheaded by himself.

They didn’t dare to grab a target with Prince Max.

Of course, there were also individual blood races who didn’t open their eyes and didn’t know whether to live or die, and rushed to Chen Ning.

But as soon as they got close, they were already chopped into pieces by the Eight Tiger Guards beside Chen Ning.

on site!

The gunshots kept ringing.

The soldiers of both sides also hanged together to fight, and the battle was extremely tragic.

Max’s face was calm, he didn’t care about fighting at all, and his attention was all on Chen Ning.

Killing Chen Ning is the most important thing, the key of the key.

At this time, he asked Parker in a deep voice: “Your injury, doesn’t it matter?”

Parker had a very high self-esteem, and he ignored no one except the ancestor Cain.

However, this time, in front of Chen Ning, he learned a big lesson that he had never experienced before.

Facing Max now, he didn’t dare to think that he was as frivolous and rude as before, but became more stable.

He shook his head and said: “A little injury, not fatal, can continue to fight.”

Max nodded: “Very good.”

“Chen Ning is the strongest *** of war in human beings, and even I suspect that he is the strongest existence in human beings. All these Rakshasa gods of war may not be as powerful as him.”

“I’m going to kill him this time, and it’s very challenging. You two have to stand by me to make sure that nothing goes wrong.”

Parker and Brigitte said, “Listen to your orders.”

Max nodded in satisfaction.

Then, he raised his head and looked at Chen Ning in the distance. There were many blood races and humans fighting in the middle, and their eyes still met.

The eyes of the two were like lightning strikes.

Max’s voice was like Shen Lei, and came rolling in: “Chen Ning, dare to fight with me or not, it is a decision of life and death.”

Chen Ning said indifferently: “Come to fight!”

Max sees Chen Ning challenged, so he has to fight with Chen Ning.


Between him and Chen Ning, many blood races and humans were fighting, blocking his way.

His face sank: “Are you ants, do I allow you to block my way?”


He waved his hand suddenly.


The human beings and the blood clan standing in front of him were all swept into the air by an invisible powerful force, and exploded in the air, turning into a cloud of blood.

Max strode towards Chen Ning.

His steps were firm and powerful, and the ground seemed to tremble with every step he took.

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