The One and Only Chapter: 1615 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1615

Before the Parker was close, the dagger in his hand had turned into a cold glow, stabbing Chen Ning’s heart.

Chen Ning raised his hand.

Parker thought that Chen Ning was going to hit his dagger head-on with his bare hands. He was about to sneer, but suddenly he realized something was wrong.

In Chen Ning’s sleeve, the sword light flashed.

Snow White!

Parker’s pupils suddenly dilated.


A sound of thunder shocked the audience.

Chen Ning’s sleeve Baixue collided fiercely with Parker’s fine gold dagger.

At the moment when the two weapons clashed, a powerful air wave rippled in the air in an instant.

follow closely.

Parker was jolted backwards…

Chen Ning’s movement was agile, and he landed on the ground easily.

The moment Parker retreated, his fighting form was forced out, his whole body became stronger, and his face became old and hideous.

There are also a pair of huge red bone wings growing out of the back.

The bone wings fluttered twice in the air, followed by him and slowly landed on the ground.

He stared at Chen Ning stubbornly: “As expected of the strongest *** of war in human beings, no wonder the ancestors personally told us to be careful and vigilant against you. The strength is really amazing.”

“Lundgren has been fighting with me for so long, and he has not been able to force me out of my fighting form.”

“You can force me out of my fighting form with just one move. What an exciting opponent!”

Parker had already felt Chen Ning’s strength at this time, but he had always been very competitive, and he had no fear, instead he had a strong fighting spirit.

If Chen Ning can be killed, then among the 12 blood princes, he will be firmly seated as the chief prince.

at this time.

The fighting on the battlefield has gradually stopped.

Whether it is a human or a blood race, they all focus on Chen Ning and Parker.

Chen Ning looked at Parker indifferently: “If I were you, I would flee quickly, find an inaccessible place to hide, and live my life honestly and not come out to disrupt the world.”

Parker sneered: “It’s a pity that you are not me. Not only will I not run away, but I will kill you to achieve my prestige.”

The voice fell.

He attacked Chen Ning again, and the speed was extremely fast. He appeared in front of Chen Ning almost like a teleportation, and slashed towards Chen Ning’s throat.

Chen Ning leaned back slightly, avoided Parker’s blade, and stabbed Parker’s armpit with his backhand.

Parker reacted quickly, and with a dagger, he held onto Chen Ning’s sleeve Baixue.

The figures of the two kept flickering and shifting, and their weapons kept fighting each other, making a series of crisp sounds.

Most of the vampires and humans at the scene couldn’t keep up with the movement of the two of them. They could only see two afterimages, which kept flickering, appearing and disappearing, and the sound of weapons colliding was so fast that it sounded like a line.

Whether it was the blood race powerhouse or the Rakshasa officers such as Krove, they were all dumbfounded, shocked by the strength of Chen Ning and Parker.

Even Longer, who was covered in injuries, had mixed feelings in his heart at this time.

Looking at Chen Ning and Parker who were fighting fiercely, he knew that Parker was deliberately playing tricks on a mouse just now, and wanted to slash him with a thousand cuts. After teasing him enough, he would kill him, otherwise he would be dead early.

And he got it too.

At the Rakshasa Kingdom Fighting Arena, when Chen Ning was discussing with him, he was also merciful.

If Chen Ning went all out, he probably wouldn’t be able to take a few moves in front of Chen Ning.

At this time, his expression was extraordinarily responsible, and he muttered to himself: “For us humans, it is fortunate that a strong man like Mr. Chen exists!”

Parker saw that Chen Ning was strong, and no matter how fierce he attacked, he would not be able to get the slightest advantage, and he was a little anxious.

“Mirror clone!”

He let out a low growl, his body slashed into two, two turned into four, four mirror image clones, and at the same time, he held a sharp blade and killed Chen Ning in unison.

Seeing this, Longger’s face was instantly solemn, and he whispered: “It’s this trick again, I was defeated by this guy with this trick.”

At this moment, since he is worried about Chen Ning, and is looking forward to it, can Chen Ning be able to break Parker’s killer trick?

When Chen Ning saw Parker’s mirror clone, he said coldly, “Gorgeous!”

After he finished speaking, he put away the dagger, bent his knees slightly, pressed his right hand on the hilt of the vertical and horizontal war saber around his waist, ready to go, and roared in a low voice, “Thunderstorm!”

at this time.

Parker’s four mirror image clones have been killed in front of him.

The sword on Chen Ning’s waist was like thunder and lightning, and it was instantly unsheathed, stunning the audience.

As Chen Ning’s sword was unsheathed, under the eternal night, in the darkness, a meandering lightning flashed.

The meandering lightning slashed towards Parker’s four mirror clones at the same time.


Chen Ning’s electro-optical saber light hit Parker’s four mirror clones almost simultaneously, and four thunders sounded.

The four thunders overlapped to form a slightly longer roar.

Parker’s four mirror clones, like a tree struck by lightning, flew out instantly, and Parker’s screams sounded in the dark.

I saw that the four mirror clones quickly overlapped after retreating, revealing Parker’s real body.

The dagger in Parker’s hand has been broken.

On his chest, there was another wound with deep visible bone, and around the wound, there were still burn marks, and the air was filled with the smell of burning.

Parker was already injured. He looked at Chen Ning with horror on his face, his mouth opened, his eyes widened, and he couldn’t speak for a long time.

The surrounding blood clans were also very shocked. All of them looked at Chen Ning who was holding a sword in horror.

As for the Rakshasa warriors such as Lundgren and Krove, they were ecstatic and ecstatic.

Some of them couldn’t help shouting: “Huaxia *** of War is invincible, the commander-in-chief is domineering, Ula!”


Countless soldiers looked at Chen Ning frantically at this time, shouted excitedly, and expressed their respect to Chen Ning in their own way.

Chen Ning looked at Parker, who was inexplicably terrified, and said coldly, “You are not the first blood king to die in my fall, nor will you be the last. Die.”


Chen Ning was ready to take another shot, ready to send Parker on the road.

But at this time, the earth suddenly began to tremble.

The vampires and humans at the scene all showed expressions of horror.

Chen Ning could not help frowning slightly.

Chen Ning thought that it was Dian Chu who had just arrived with an army of 30,000 warriors, tigers, and roses.

But soon he realized something was wrong.

He felt two incomparably powerful auras approaching from afar.

It made his body cells respond. If it wasn’t for his rational control, his body could hardly help bursting out a more powerful breath, and he wanted to give a powerful response to the strong man who appeared in the distance.

Chen Ning frowned and looked into the distance.

He murmured to himself: “One of these two strong breaths is very familiar.”

“This is… Here comes Max.”

As if to prove Chen Ning’s guess wrong.

Not far away, Parker has also felt the will from the two blood companions Max and Brie, knowing that Max and Brie came to support.

He couldn’t help saying excitedly: “Ha, it’s Lord Max who came with Brie.”

In a section of the canyon, blood races like tides appeared.

Among the blood clan army, two tall flags were erected.

These two flags represent the two blood kings.

It was Max who came with Brie.

almost simultaneously.

Dian Chu, Hong Qi, and Black Widow, along with 30,000 mercenaries from Zhanlong, Tiger, and Rose, arrived from the other end of the canyon.

The reinforcements from the humans and the blood clan arrived almost at the same time.

Compared with before, Max has made great progress.

At this time, majestic and high-spirited, he and Brie appeared on the battlefield together.

Max said to Brie next to him with a half-smiling smile: “We originally came here to ask Parker to surround Lundgren without killing him, and to lure Chen Ning and the others to come to the rescue.

“I never thought that Chen Ning had come to die.”

“It also saves us a lot of effort!”

Brie complimented: “Beheading Chen Ning, our army on the east front has made the first contribution. The ancestor will definitely reward you, Mr. Max.”

Max laughed proudly.

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