The One and Only Chapter: 1614 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1614

In the canyon of the **** Corridor.

Humans and vampires are fighting fiercely, and the battle between Lundgren and Parker has also reached a white-hot stage.

Parker sneered: “Hoho, today I will let you, the so-called human gods of war, see what is called the strongest creature on earth, and let you know who is the real master.”


He held a dagger as thin as a cicada’s wings, and with a swish, he shot towards Lunger.

Lundgren let out a low roar and fought with a knife.


Parker’s dagger collided with Lundgren’s sword, making a crisp sound.

Parker’s movement was like a ghost, and he instantly turned into several shadows, each of which was like a substance, as if several mirror image clones surrounded Lundgren and launched a crazy siege.

Lundgren was taken aback and danced the sword in his hand into a ball, the sword qi was like a wave.

But it still couldn’t stop Parker’s mirror clone from fighting.

Z sound.

Lundgren has an extra hole in his back.

With two more beeps, there were two more wounds on his chest and left arm, and blood dripped instantly.

Parker’s sneer sounded in his ear: “Hoho, we blood clans always talk about credit. I said just now that I will kill you with a thousand cuts, and I must do what I say.”

talking room.

Parker’s several mirror clones are even more aggressive.

Although Lundgren resisted desperately, he didn’t have three heads and six arms. He couldn’t resist the attacks of several Parker clones at the same time. The wounds on his body continued to increase, and he had become a ****** man in a short time.

Finally, he tried his best to slash.


His blade slashed out a white line-like blade, and swept towards Parker’s several mirror clones.

Several mirror clones seemed to know how powerful they were, and at the same time, they retreated and merged together, revealing Parker’s original appearance again.

Parker dodged the white line-like sword light of Longger, but the surrounding blood races did not have such good luck.

The dozens of blood race warriors around were swept away by the white line-like sword light, and all of them were cut into two parts at the waist in an instant, and they died violently.

Lundgren was also able to breathe. He leaned on the ground with a knife, gasping for breath, blood mixed with sweat, dripping on the ground.


The Rakshasa warriors couldn’t stand it anymore. The blood race army, which was attacked by both sides, was smashed to pieces, and people kept screaming and fell down…

There was a hint of despair in Lundgren’s eyes.


Before he entered the **** corridor canyon, the messenger sent by Chen Ning had arrived, and Chen Ning ordered him to stop where he was, and the order to join the main force of the army was conveyed.


At that time, he was overwhelmed by the successive victories, and he was thinking about going through the **** corridor canyon and going straight to Casa City, wanting to become famous in the first battle.

When Chen Ning was in the Rakshasa Kingdom, he had defeated him in the fighting arena.

Chen Ning is also known as the strongest *** of war in mankind.

Lundgren has no objection, but deep down, he still wants to fight and prove himself.

But because of this obsession in his heart, he and his Rakshasa warriors were finally trapped in the **** corridor canyon, facing the dilemma of the entire army being wiped out.

At this point, it’s too late to regret.

He himself was not afraid of death, but he felt ashamed that 30,000 brothers died with him.

He couldn’t help but mournfully said, “Shouldn’t I have kept the commander-in-chief’s orders!”

Parker looked at Lundgren covered in blood, like a matador looking at a dying bull who had been stabbed with countless swords by himself, and sneered, “Hoho, you should regret not obeying my persuasion just now.”

“If there is a next life, remember not to go against our blood clan.”


He raised the dagger in his hand, his figure disappeared out of thin air, and appeared in front of Parker in the next second. The dagger in his hand turned into a cold light and stabbed Lunger’s throat.

Lundgren watched helplessly as the dagger was getting closer and bigger.

Wanting to dodge, but powerless.

He closed his eyes subconsciously, waiting to die.

But at this critical moment.

A hidden weapon, silently, came through the air.


The hidden weapon that flew suddenly hit the dagger in Parker’s hand, causing Parker’s dagger to almost fly out of his hand.

It was also shocking that Parker took a few steps back before he stabilized his body.

His expression was full of shock, he turned his head slowly, and looked in the direction where the hidden weapon was flying.

In the dark night, above the high canyon, a tall and straight figure was standing, and the night wind blew the man’s shirt screeching.

Lundgren walked before the gate of ****, and if he saved his life, he opened his eyes and looked in the direction of Parker’s eyes in astonishment.

As a top human being, even though he is under the eternal night, he can see clearly without any night vision goggles.

At this time, seeing the tall and straight figure above the canyon, he couldn’t help but blurt out, and exclaimed in a low voice: “Master Commander!”


The man above the canyon was none other than Chen Ning.

It was also Chen Ning who rescued Lundgren just now.

Chen Ning was ten kilometers away, and when he heard the sound of gunfire from the **** corridor, he knew that it must be Lundgren and the blood clan fighting.

He ordered Dian Chu and others to lead the troops to move forward, while he himself rushed over to support at the fastest speed.

His support was not in vain. He just arrived here, and just saw Lundgren about to be killed by Parker’s dagger, so he rushed to save him.

at this time!

Chen Ning was standing above the canyon, looking down at Parker indifferently.

Parker and the blood powerhouses behind him also noticed the arrival of human powerhouses. At this time, they all raised their heads and looked at Chen Ning.

Parker’s icy and slightly angry eyes met with Chen Ning’s eyes like thunder and fire.

“Are you Chen Ning, the Chinese *** of War?”

Parker looked at Chen Ning and easily guessed Chen Ning’s identity. After all, among human beings, there are not many people whose strength is higher than that of Longger, and Chen Ning is one of them.

Chen Ning said coldly: “If I guessed correctly, you should be one of the 12 remaining princes of the blood clan, Parker.”

at this time!

More blood warriors found Chen Ning as an uninvited guest.

And the Rakshasa warriors in the canyon who were struggling to resist also saw Chen Ning’s figure through the night vision device.

Croft, covered in blood, looked at Chen Ning’s figure from afar, and said excitedly, “It’s the commander-in-chief, it’s Chen Ning, the Chinese *** of war, he’s here, we’re saved.”

Croft and Chen Ning fought on the ocean together and established an extraordinary friendship.

And he has great confidence in Chen Ning’s strength.

Seeing Chen Ning at this time is like a drowning person seeing a ship, excited and excited.

With Croft’s surprise cry, the Rakshasa warriors who knew the situation also cheered and saw the hope of life.

After Parker confirmed that the uninvited guest in front of him was Chen Ning, the strongest *** of war in human beings, the corner of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a sinister smile: “Hoho, my mission this time was to kill the Rakshasa *** of War Longger.”

“But since you, the Chinese *** of War, also came to die, I can only deal with you together.”

Chen Ning said calmly: “There were also two blood race kings who threatened to kill me before, but they are now sleeping on the earth forever.”

“Do you think you are better than Louis and Vivien Leigh?”

Parker snorted coldly: “You can kill Louis and Vivien Leigh, but not necessarily me.”

“Instead, today, I want to avenge both of them.”


With a swish, he shot up and swept towards Chen Ning above the canyon, taking the lead in attacking.

Chen Ning snorted coldly, squatted down with both feet, followed by a rumbling sound, the ground cracked, and the whole person dived down the canyon like a cannonball to meet Parker…

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