The One and Only Chapter: 1613 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1613


Countless blood servants, with beast-like roars in their throats, emerged from the two sections of the **** corridor like a tide, rushing frantically to the Allied vanguard troops blocked in the canyon.

at this time.

Lundgren and Krove, each leading half of the soldiers, split up to resist the enemy.

Lundgren looked at the torrent of vampires that appeared in front of him, his eyes were cold, and he said indifferently: “Enter the combat state.”


The Rakshasa warriors behind them loaded their bullets one after another.

The machine gun on the armored vehicle, the lightly armored barrel, was raised high and aimed at the enemy appearing in front.

Lundgren said coldly: “Today is the moment for the whole world to witness our Rakshasa warriors who are not afraid of death, fighting for Rakshasa, fighting for the alliance, fighting for mankind, Ullah!”


The Rakshasa soldiers behind him all roared.

this time.

The blood servants in the distance are getting closer.

Lundgren raised his hand and waved it suddenly.

The messenger beside him roared, “Bombardment!”

Tanks and heavy artillery roared together.

Dozens of shells roared and landed on the blood servants in the distance, and they exploded one after another, instantly smashing these blood servants with great strength into pieces, and the fragments flew.

When Lundgren saw this, a sneer appeared on his face.

Seeing this, the surrounding Rakshasa warriors couldn’t help cheering excitedly: “Hula!”


Although the strength of the lower blood races is not strong, they can be numerous.

And they instinctively **** for blood and have a strong tendency to kill.

And they subconsciously obey the will of the upper blood race.

Although the first round of bombardment by the Rakshasa warriors was optimistic, the blood servants were not afraid of death at all. They were like red-eyed beasts, stepping on the corpses and blood of their companions, and slaughtered aggressively.

Lundgren looked at the blood servants like moths to the flames, frowning slightly: “The dark bastards who are not afraid of death, continue to bombard me and crush them all.”

The tanks and heavy artillery in the Rakshasa army continued to roar, and many artillery shells flew towards the ant-like ****** servants in the distance again.

Seeing that the shells are about to fall into the ****** clumps again.


A tall, imposing blood race powerhouse suddenly floated into the air.

It is the blood clan Earl Wu Qi!

Wu Qi floated up in the air, his hair and clothes had no wind.

He opened his hands, muttering words in his mouth, suddenly shouted loudly, and lifted his hands up at the same time.

An unexpected scene appeared.

The dozens of artillery shells that flew towards the ****** army actually stopped in the air, as if they were invisibly supported by a pair of big hands.


Lundgren couldn’t help showing a shocked expression.

At this moment, Wu Qi roared, “Go back to me!”

After speaking, he raised his hands vigorously.

swish swish…

The dozens of artillery shells that stayed in the air actually flew back one after another and fell towards the Rakshasa army.

Lundgren was shocked and angry: “Be careful!”

boom boom boom…

A series of deafening explosions sounded.

Many Rakshasa warriors were blown away, and a lot of tanks and heavy artillery were damaged.

Rakshasa warriors suffered casualties for the first time, and the casualties were quite serious.

Longer furiously drew out his sword, and went straight towards Wu Qi in the distance to kill with lightning, angrily said, “*******, I’ll take care of you.”

Not to be outdone, Wu Qi pulled out a gorgeous saber and killed Longer.

The two collided fiercely, followed by a fierce fight.

The blood servants also rushed to the front of the Rakshasa warriors at this moment. The two sides faced each other, and the war broke out immediately…

the other end.

Croft also brought the Rakshasa warriors, and another blood race began to exchange fire.

above the canyon.

Parker stood with his hands behind his back, staring coldly at the bottom of the canyon, where the vampires and humans were fighting to the death.

Among the dozens of blood race powerhouses behind him, one of them stood up and asked softly: “Lord Parker, is it time for us to take action and join the battle?”

Parker said lightly: “No hurry!”

“Let those ****** cannon fodder consume the strength of the enemy first, we will wait for the work, and then we will take action later.”

When the blood race powerhouses heard the words, they said in unison, “Yes!”

Before I knew it, half an hour had passed since the battle.

Whether it was the Rakshasa army or the blood servants, they all suffered heavy casualties, and this **** corridor canyon had become a meat grinder.

Parker, who was watching from the sidelines, could not help but frown slightly.

He said slowly: “Longger is worthy of being praised as the human *** of war who is second only to Chen Ning in strength, and Rakshasa is worthy of being a fighting nation. The fierceness and tenacity of these guys are beyond my expectations.”

When he said this, the conversation changed: “However, that’s all.”


He beckoned.

A blood race officer immediately appeared in front of him.

He calmly commanded: “The blood servant cannon fodder is almost exhausted, and we can dispatch our elite blood warriors.”

The blood race officer said: “Yes!”


The horn sounded.

The ground began to tremble.

I saw a large number of brightly dressed and well-equipped blood warriors appear murderous.

Not only are these blood warriors equipped with swords and daggers, but many blood warriors are also equipped with pistols, submachine guns and other equipment.

Even, there are many armored combat vehicles.

The Rakshasa warriors were all dumbfounded.

Is this still the dark race?

Equipped with equipment first!

The Rakshasa warriors, who were originally struggling to deal with blood servants, suddenly increased their pressure with the appearance of the elite blood warriors.

As soon as the blood race elite troops joined the battlefield, the Rakshasa warriors suffered a large number of casualties, and the situation was in jeopardy.

Lundgren was also frightened and angry. He roared and slashed with a sharp backhand. With a slap, he directly cut off Wu Qi’s sword, and then slashed again, forcibly splitting Wu Qi in half.

Lundgren beheaded a blood clan earl, and his anger was not gone, and then he killed other blood clan officers again.

He was like a tiger coming out of the cage, beheading more than a dozen blood race officers at once, and he has the momentum of becoming more and more courageous.

Parker was on the cliff and could see clearly.

Among the blood race powerhouses behind him, some people couldn’t help but exclaimed: “This person is so strong.”

Parker snorted coldly: “He Zudao, see how I kill him.”


There was a loud bang under his feet, the ground cracked, and a corner of the cliff collapsed.

His whole person has already flew out like a cannonball, roaring down into the sky, and headed straight for Lungal under the cliff.

Lundgren had just violently killed a blood race officer, and suddenly the alarm bell in his heart rang wildly, and he felt an inexplicable murderous aura that came straight to him.

He reacted quickly and quickly judged that the danger came from overhead.

He almost didn’t even think about it, suddenly squatted down with a lunge, raised the sword in his hand, and sent a letter to the top of his head.


A sound of weapons clashing resounded throughout the audience.

Parker thought that he could easily take off Lundgren’s head by diving down and volleying.

But he never thought that Lundgren’s reaction was so fast, blocking his unexpected attack.

He couldn’t help but let out a soft snort, and his body was like a leaf in the wind, gently falling to the side and landing on the ground.

Although Lundgren blocked Parker’s blow, his heart was beating wildly at this time, and he secretly said that it was dangerous.

At this time, he fixed his eyes on the sneak attacker, and saw a tall, thin man with a noble temperament, holding a delicate and gorgeous dagger as thin as a cicada’s wings, standing five meters away, looking like a smile but not a smile. follow him.

Lundgren’s pupils shrank, and he blurted out: “You are one of the only 12 princes left in the blood race, Parker?”

Parker smiled and said, “You guessed it right, reward you for a chance to join our blood clan.”

Longer said coldly: “Unfortunately, dragons don’t sleep with snakes, tigers don’t walk with dogs, and I don’t even bother to be with you dark bastards.”

Parker’s smile turned into a sneer: “You successfully angered me and rewarded you with a thousand cuts.”

Lundgren said angrily: “Whoever kills and who tries will know.”

After finishing speaking, Lundgren held the sword in his hand and swept towards Parker like a gust of wind.

Parker held a gorgeous dagger in his hand, as if strolling in the courtyard, he stepped forward to meet with a relaxed face.

The two sides fought fiercely…

At this moment.

ten kilometers away.

Chen Ning is leading the three legions of Zhanlong, Tiger and Qiangwei, and they are marching fast.

I could vaguely hear the sound of gunshots coming from afar.

Chen Ning’s face changed slightly: “No, the thing I am most worried about has happened.”

“Long Geer was ambushed by the blood clan, and has been attacked by the blood clan.”

“Dian Chu, order the troops to move forward at full speed.”

Dian Chu said: “Yes!”

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