The One and Only Chapter: 1612 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1612

Casa City.

The Prince’s Palace, in the hall.

Max is talking to Parker and Brie’s two lieutenants.

Brie was a burly man with a dignified face.

Parker is tall and thin, like a dandy boy, with a frivolous attitude, but occasionally there is an unnoticeable edge in his eyes.

Max asked calmly: “Let you lure the enemy deeper, how is it going?”

Brie stood up and Shen Shenghui reported: “In response to Mr. Max’s words, we will dispatch a small force to fight the enemy according to your instructions, and we will lose every battle and lure the enemy into depth.”

“Now the enemy’s advance troops, that is, the 30,000 pioneer troops led by the Rakshasa *** of War Longger, have been fooled and have been introduced into the **** corridor canyon.”

“Just now, our ambush vampire warriors have attacked from front to back and surrounded Lundgren in the **** corridor.”

“But considering that Lundgren is not a good stubble, our blood warriors will not attack, waiting for your instructions.”

Max heard the words and said with satisfaction: “Well done, Brie.”


He looked at Parker again and said lightly, “Parker?”

Parker sat in the chair, gently shook the red wine glass in his hand, and asked with a half-smile, “What is Mr. Max’s order?”

Max said: “The Rakshasa *** of War Longgar has been trapped, but he is very powerful. In order to ensure that nothing goes wrong, I would like to ask you to go and take his head.”

“I don’t know if you want to?”

Parker smiled frivolously: “It’s just killing a Rakshasa *** of War. I’ll take this task.”

Max exhorted: “This battle must be won, and Lundgren’s head must be beheaded, so that the enemy can be deterred and chilled.”

“So you can’t afford to lose this time, you know?”

Parker said with a smile: “Don’t worry, Mr. Max!”

“By the way, after I kill Longger, should I wait in place and kill all the human gods of war that come later?”

Max was stunned when he heard the words: “You killed Lundgren and wanted to kill other human gods of war. Do you have the confidence to kill Chen Ning as well?”

Parker laughed: “Confidence is there, but not a lot.”

“I didn’t say that the other *** of War must be Chen Ning. Besides, dealing with Chen Ning, isn’t it your business, Mr. Max?”

Hearing the words, Max couldn’t help but hear that he had lost to Chen Ning several times.

His face became gloomy, and he said coldly: “Since you have no confidence to kill Chen Ning, then don’t make extra troubles, just kill Lundgren.”

Parker stood up, bent down deeply, and saluted exaggeratedly: “Yes, Master Coach.”

Although this guy is taking orders, although he is saluting, his behavior is too frivolous and exaggerated, and it is full of irony no matter how you look at it.

Brie was drinking with a glass, as if he didn’t see it.

The surrounding blood clan guards looked at each other in dismay.

Max could naturally feel that his deputy was not convinced of himself, and his words and actions were all ironic.

He snorted coldly, said that, and then left.

The guards at the scene also quickly left.

in the hall.

Only Parker and Brie were left.

Brie looked at Parker, who was still bowing in the direction of Max’s departure, and frowned, “Okay, Mr. Max has left. Now, at this moment, Parker, why should you be angry with Mr. Max!”

Parker stood up slowly and looked at the direction where Max disappeared. Suddenly, he turned to look at Brie with very sharp eyes.

The sharp eyes were like knives, and Brie couldn’t help but be startled.

But the next second, Parker was back to his cynicism.

He smiled frivolously: “Brie, you misunderstood, I have great respect for Mr. Max.”

Don’t wait for Brie to say anything.

Parker had already waved his hand, turned away lazily, and muttered: “Forget it, I won’t talk nonsense with you, I’ll go to the canyon of the **** corridor and deal with the beast in the urn and the cage first.”

**** Corridor Canyon.

At the exit of the canyon, on the empty plain, tens of thousands of blood clans gathered.

Among them, there are 30,000 elite blood warriors, and there are more than 100,000 blood servants with low combat power.

this time.

A retro sedan, followed by dozens of jeeps, arrived slowly.

On the jeep, dozens of blood race powerhouses quickly got off.

Immediately following, a blood warrior trotted to the retro sedan and respectfully opened the back door of the car.

Then, the tall, thin, airy Parker got out of the car.

“Prince Parker is here!”

The blood clans at the scene burst into cheers.

Parker hooked his fingers.

Immediately, a blood race officer rushed over.

This blood race officer is an earl named Wu Qi.

Wu Qi said respectfully: “Dear Prince Parker, what is your order?”

Parker asked with a smile, “How’s the offense going?”

Wu Qi was stunned, and immediately explained: “We have surrounded the vanguard of mankind in this **** corridor canyon, but considering the strength of Lundgren, we did not dare to attack rashly and wait for the above. instruct.”

Parker nodded: “Okay, go and get me a bowl.”

Wu Qi was dumbfounded when he heard the words, and he asked eagerly, “Bowl, what bowl?”


Parker made a lightning strike and slapped Wu Qi’s face with a slap in the face. With his incomparable strength, he directly slapped Wu Qi obliquely more than ten meters away, and half of his face was covered in blood.

It is also a pity that Wu Qi is a blood clan earl, with outstanding strength and a strong physique. If it were anyone else, it is estimated that he would be directly slapped into meat patties by Parker’s slap.

Wu Qi fell to the ground, feeling aggrieved, wondering why he was suddenly beaten?

Even the surrounding blood clans were all dumbfounded, not knowing why.

The frivolous look on Parker’s face had long since disappeared, and was replaced by a gloomy look. The whole person was like an eagle in the dark night, extremely fierce.

He looked around the crowd indifferently, and said coldly: “The enemies have all entered the trap, and they are all besieged by you.”

“You don’t launch attacks, don’t take the opportunity to destroy them.”

“What are you waiting for?”

“Waiting for the bowl to start the meal?”

Parker’s eyes were like knives, and wherever he went, the vampires bowed their heads in fear, not daring to look at him.

Parker walked up to Wu Qi with a gloomy face, looked down from a height, stared at Wu Qi on the ground indifferently, and said slowly: “Notify the blood clan at the other end of the canyon, and at the same time launch an attack on the humans in the canyon.”

“And, you are the first to charge.”

“Is there a problem?”

Wu Qi hurriedly got up and said repeatedly: “Yes, the subordinates take orders, and the subordinates will go now.”

Parker said coldly, “Go away!”


The horn sounded in the dark night, and the blood races at both ends of the canyon started to attack at the same time.

inside the canyon.

Lundgren is closing his eyes and resting. He knows that the battle may come at any time. He rests as much as possible to ensure that his body is at its peak when the battle comes.

I heard the horn of the vampire’s attack sounded.

He suddenly opened his eyes, a strong man like him, even without a night vision goggle, can clearly see the movements around him.

The personal soldiers around him picked up the individual night vision goggles around him and put them on.

at this time.

A soldier has already rushed in and said in a panic: “General, it’s not good, the blood race has started to attack.”

Lundgren said coldly: “What are you panicking about?”


Croft, the burly four-star tiger general of the Rakshasa Kingdom, appeared and said in a loud voice, “General, my subordinates are here.”

Lundgren said solemnly: “Order everyone, prepare to fight.”

“You and I each lead half of the soldiers, I am responsible for the enemy coming from the front, and you are responsible for the enemy behind.”

Croft said loudly: “Yes!”

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