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Chapter: 1611

In addition to the 30,000 mercenaries under his command, Chen Ning’s eastern army also had 20,000 Rakshasa warriors from Lundgren and 10,000 Holy See holy warriors led by Saint Hepburn.

As well as the soldiers led by the gods of war in other small countries, they add up to a total of 150,000 soldiers.

150,000 soldiers, naturally impossible to act in unison.

Chen Ning’s request for everyone is that each *** of war will lead his own legion forward, and only need to arrive at the designated area on time.

The task of the vanguard naturally fell on the Rakshasa *** of War Longgar.

Because in the eastern front army, Lundgren is probably the second *** of war after Chen Ning.

Chen Ning was the commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces and the commander of the Eastern Front Army. Naturally, he could not serve as a vanguard general.

So the vanguard general is in charge of Lundgren.

Lundgren did not shirk, he took on the burden of the vanguard, and led his 20,000 Rakshasa warriors to charge at the front of the army.

After entering the occupied area.

Soon Lundgren’s vanguard troop encountered the blood clan and started a battle with the blood clan.

What surprised Chen Ning was.

Lundgren’s vanguard troops, in the encounter with the blood clan, even won consecutive victories, and the blood clan rallied and retreated.

Lundgren was even more excited to fall down on the Rakshasa warriors and chased after them, invincible.

this day.

The main force led by Chen Ning set up camp on a desert plain.

in the big account.

Chen Ning drank the hot soup while talking to Hepburn and the gods of war from all over the world.

Hepburn said with a smile: “I never imagined that Lundgren would be so brave, that he would even be victorious in consecutive battles, killing the blood race to the point of collapse.”

“It is said that he was invincible, and even left the luggage in place, leaving it for us to help carry. He took 30,000 Rakshasa warriors himself, and went straight into the enemy’s heart like a sharp knife.”

Dian Chu said with a smile: “Hoho, Lunger’s *** of War is very powerful, maybe we don’t need to take action, he will take the Rakshasa warriors alone and kill them to the blood clan headquarters.”

The rest of the gods of war laughed: “Haha, if that’s the case, that would be great.”

Recently, Lundgren’s vanguard has received good news one after another. Everyone’s nervous mood has relaxed, and suddenly everyone is extremely optimistic about the future.

I feel that the blood clan is nothing more than the same. It is only a matter of time that the Allied forces annihilate the blood clan.

Only Chen Ning heard that Longer didn’t even want the luggage, he brought 30,000 Rakshasa warriors, went into battle lightly, and rose up to chase the enemy, he couldn’t help frowning.

Chen Ning felt a vague sense of unease in his heart.

He asked in a deep voice: “Where is Lundgren’s troops, Dian Chu, sent to remind him not to be too out of touch with the main force of the army to avoid accidents.”

Dian Chu was stunned: “General Lundgren is winning consecutive battles now. He is chasing after Chen Sheng. If we send someone to order him to slow down, will it make him unhappy?”

Chen Ning said: “The blood clan can’t be so weak, and it’s impossible for him to beat 30,000 soldiers. I think there may be some tricks in it.”

“Inform Lundgren immediately, let him slow down, wait for the arrival of the army, and can’t rush in any more.”

Dian Chu said: “It may be too late to inform now.”

Chen Ning was stunned: “What do you mean?”

Dian Chu brought the map and said to Chen Ning and the others: “General Lundgren has taken his vanguard troops and is passing through the **** corridor canyon, preparing to attack Kasa City, where a large number of blood clans are entrenched.”

“Now that we send people to chase General Longer, it may be too late. When our messengers catch up with General Longer, they may have already arrived at Kasa City.”


Chen Ning’s face changed drastically.

He hurriedly looked at the map, only to find out that Lundgren was so far away from the main force.

His face suddenly turned ugly.

Staring at the **** corridor canyon, he slowly said, “It’s over, Lundgren is in danger.”

Dian Chu, Hepburn and others were shocked when they heard the words.

Hepburn couldn’t help but said, “Master Commander, are you worrying too much?”

“The 30,000 vanguard troops led by General Lundgren, who have won consecutive battles, are going to kill Kasa City. Why do you suddenly say that he is dangerous?”

The rest of the gods of war also looked at Chen Ning blankly.

Chen Ning said: “The blood clan is so easy to deal with, Lundgren has no obstacles at all, and I have been a little suspicious of even winning consecutive battles.”

“Look at the map again, this **** corridor canyon.”

“The canyon is narrow, and Lundgren goes deep alone and enters this narrow canyon, does it seem like he is plunged into a cloth bag?”

When the gods of war heard the words, their expressions changed quietly.

Chen Ning continued: “If the blood clan was deliberately showing weakness before, to lure Longger to go deep alone.”

“Then after Longger entered the canyon of the **** corridor, the blood clan attacked back and forth, blocking Longger in the **** corridor, then it would be difficult for Longger to fly!”

When Hepburn and the others heard the words, their expressions changed drastically.

Everyone realized that something was wrong, that Lundgren’s situation had become dangerous.

Hepburn couldn’t help but said: “Commander-in-chief, is it because you worry too much, or the blood family is simply vulnerable?”

Chen Ning sighed and said, “I hope so too, but I’m not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.”

“Lundgren is not only the vanguard general of our eastern front army, but also the deputy commander-in-chief of our allied forces.”

“If something happens to him, there will be three advantages and two disadvantages.”

“Not only has the morale of our army on the Eastern Front suffered, but even the entire alliance, and even the entire human world, will be seriously affected when they learn this information.”

Hepburn and others were in a hurry.

“Master Commander, what should we do now?”

Chen Ning pondered for two seconds and said slowly: “The dark sky not only allows the earth to enter the eternal night, but also has no satellite signals.”

“We can’t tell Lundgren to be careful by radio, we can only send messengers to inform him urgently.”

Speaking of which.

Chen Ning said, “Dian Chu.”

Dian Chu said, “Yes!”

Chen Ning instructed: “You immediately send someone to chase Lundgren’s vanguard, remind him to be careful, let him not rush in again, and wait for the army to join him.”

Dian Chu said: “Yes!”

Chen Ning added: “In addition, I ordered the Dragon, Tiger, and Rose Legion to rest for a while, then continue to set off, and rush with me to the **** corridor canyon to support Lunger, lest Lunger encounter an accident.”

Dian Chu, Hong Qi and Black Widow said in unison, “Yes!”

Hepburn and dozens of other gods of war looked at Chen Ning in unison: “Commander-in-chief, what about us?”

Chen Ning said: “As planned, you will rest here overnight and continue your march tomorrow.”

Hepburn said worriedly: “As the coach, you can defeat 30,000 soldiers alone, and help General Longer in the starry night. Is it really possible?”

“If you don’t have a big army, don’t rest and rectify, just continue the rapid march with you.”

Chen Ning shook his head: “It’s not necessary. I’ve just entered the occupied area. It’s not necessary to make everyone sleepy at the beginning. It’s time to rest. You have to take a rest. The task of helping Lunger, just leave it to me.”

“Besides, as you just said, maybe it’s just me thinking too much. The vampires may not be so shrewd, they know how to lure the enemy to go deep, and know how to ambush our vanguard.”

“I’m here to support, and it’s just to buy insurance.”

After everyone heard it, they stopped talking and acted according to Chen Ning’s instructions.

an hour later.

Chen Ning led the three legions of Zhanlong, Tiger and Qiangwei, left the army, and rushed to the aid of Longger.

What Chen Ning didn’t know was that when he led 30,000 soldiers to rush to aid Lundgren, Lunger was already in danger.

at this time!

Lundgren led 30,000 Rakshasa warriors. Taking advantage of the momentum of victory, regardless of exhaustion, he plunged into the canyon of the corridor of ****, trying to pass through the canyon and head towards Kasa City.

But what he had never imagined was that.

When his troops went deep into the **** corridor canyon and stopped in the **** corridor canyon, suddenly the scouts hurried to report that there were a large number of blood races ahead.

He still didn’t speak, and suddenly another sentry rushed over with an anxious face and said in a trembling voice: “General, the situation is not good, and there are also a large number of blood races behind us.”

“We are surrounded by the blood clan in front and back, and we are blocked in the corridor of ****.”

After all, Lundgren was the *** of War of the Rakshasa Kingdom, a world-famous general. Hearing this, he realized that he had been tricked, and his face suddenly became extremely ugly.

He was a hawk all his life, but this time he was blinded by a pigeon.

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