The More the Merrier Chapter 675

The More the Merrier Chapter 675

Chapter 675 The Phones Have Passcodes Setup

After inserting a SIM card into Tim’s phone, Benjamin installed a tracking system on it. Subsequently, he took the rest of the children’s phones to insert SIM cards into them.

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Just when he turned them on to install the tracking system, he was stunned to see that all their phones were set with passwords. I can’t believe them.

While he continued fiddling with the children’s phones, Kingsley, Shaun, and Ethen were chatting with Darius.

When the five children were done bathing, Benjamin had already completed his task and laid the phones out.

Clean and refreshed from their shower, the children looked extremely adorable.

Unable to resist himself, Darius pulled them to his side.

“I’m proud that all of you know how to bathe by yourselves!”

Gavin shot Darius a glance.

Why is Grandpa so excited when I have long learned how to shower by myself?

“Grandpa, don’t you know that we know how to do that?” Zachary asked in amusement.

Darius tousled his hair. “I wasn’t aware Tim knew how to do it too!”

The children grinned at Tim, who was still inside the bathroom where Jasper was combing his hair back for him.

With his exquisite features, he exuded a slight tinge of maturity.

Kingsley, Shaun, and Ethen were awestruck and couldn’t peel their eyes away from him.

Edwin and William, too, gave Tim a look that was filled with affection, causing Tim to feel shy.

Meanwhile, Benjamin walked over and led the five brothers to the bedside.

“Sit down. I’ll blow your hair for you.”

Benjamin gave Edwin a look, and the latter hurried off to bring the hair dryer.

The boys sat by the bedside obediently. All of them looked the same, making for an adorable sight.

“I can’t believe how cute they are!” Kingsley was astonished.

Shaun, too, was amused. Even though he wasn’t as blown away as Kingsley was, he was mesmerized by them.

“The boys are as dashing as Mr. Graham!” Ethen exclaimed with a narrowed gaze.

“Since when is he as handsome as his children? He looks aloof and wears a sullen expression all the time,” Kingsley retorted.

Tickled by what they saw, Edwin and William continued to watch the children.

Suddenly, Darius snatched the hair dryer from Benjamin’s hands. “Step aside. I’ll do it!”

“Sweethearts, let me blow your hair, all right?” Darius beamed at the children affectionately.


The four boys nodded in agreement.

Tim, not wanting to be left out, anxiously muttered, “Sure!”

Smiling so vibrantly that his eyes couldn’t be seen, Darius began blowing the children’s hair for them.

Since he couldn’t bathe his grandchildren for them, he was more than satisfied to blow dry their hair.

Standing by the side, Benjamin watched Darius with his brows furrowed.

“Can’t you start from the left and then come back after one round? If you keep blowing Jasper’s hair, the rest will catch a cold while waiting.”

Even though Darius was annoyed, he did see Benjamin’s point.

Moving on to Oliver, he retorted, “Do you think I don’t know how to dry their hair? I don’t need instructions from you.”

Benjamin pursed his lips.

“Mr. Graham, why don’t you wipe their hair first?” Edwin handed him a towel.

Upon receiving the towel, Benjamin dried the other boys’ hair.

Darius glanced at him, then continued to blow the children’s hair.

The five boys sat obediently while waiting for their hair to be dried.

Hanging his arm around Shaun’s shoulder, Kingsley beamed while watching Darius and Benjamin fuss about the children.

“What a harmonious scene!” Ethen smiled as he nodded at both butlers.

Once the children’s hair was blown dry, Benjamin tucked them all in.

“Go to sleep.”

“We’ll be checking on Mommy and Jesse to see if they’re done.”

Gavin jumped out of bed and hurried out the door with his three brothers in tow.

When Tim saw them run out, he, too, quickly followed them.

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