The More the Merrier Chapter 674

The More the Merrier Chapter 674

Chapter 674 The Exclusive Number Of Benjamin

As soon as Tim’s feet touched the ground, he dashed into the bathroom with the other children. Darius, Edwin, and William followed them.

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Alas, they were shut out by the children who closed the door. “They’re not allowing us in?”

Darius’ brows furrowed deeply, and he glanced around at the bathroom door. At that sight, Arissa giggled. “Come, let’s go take a bath, Jesse!”

She took Jesse’s hand.

Noticing Jesse, Darius teased her while grinning from ear to ear, “Jesse, how about I give you a bath?”

Jesse hugged Arissa’s leg and shook her head profusely. “No, I want Mommy to give me a bath!”

Darius flashed her an indulgent smile. “Okay, have your mommy give you a bath, then. I’ll refrain from doing so!”

Smiling, Arissa took her leave from the man before scooping Jesse up and heading to the master bedroom, planning to give her daughter a bath there.

Benjamin frowned and spun around, chasing after them.

“I’ll give him a bath instead!”

Not only did Arissa glance at him, but even Jesse in the arms shifted her gaze to the man.

“It’s okay. Jesse doesn’t want you to do it.”

After saying that, she carried Jesse into the bathroom and closed the door.

Benjamin stared at the door fixedly, the doubt within him intensifying.

Why isn’t Jesse bathing with the others? Even if he doesn’t know how to bathe, he’ll know after a while when all his brothers are there.

The crease of his brows deepened, and he felt that Arissa was pampering Jesse too much.

When he returned to the children’s room, Darius was still there. Right then, Shaun was chatting with Darius, Edwin, and William.

“Bring him home, William!” Benjamin ordered unceremoniously.

Darius glowered at him. “Gavin and the others are still bathing. Why should I go home?”

Benjamin merely stared at him.

Darius heaved a sigh. Oh well, he’s always been this stubborn. No one can sway him.

“I want to wait for them to come out. At the very least, I’ve got to bid them farewell before leaving!”

Benjamin then shifted his gaze to Kingsley, upon which the latter flashed him a sheepish smile.

“Like Mr. Graham, I’ll leave in a while!”

Benjamin turned to Shaun. “Go and get some rest!”

All at once, displeasure swamped Kingsley. “Why is Shaun allowed to stay here while I’m not, Benjamin?”

“You’re too noisy!” Benjamin retorted.

The corners of Kingsley’s mouth twitched, and he glared at Shaun, who was grinning away happily.

“Why do you get to stay?”

Shaun beamed. “Because I’m a doctor.”

Kingsley was instantly rendered speechless.

Naturally, Darius knew why Shaun was staying. It was because of Mary.

“All right, we’ll be leaving shortly. It’ll be the same routine when I come over tomorrow!” Darius announced.

Then he turned around and pinned his gaze on the bathroom door as he waited for his grandsons to come out.

At that precise moment, Ethen came over. Knowing that Benjamin was upstairs, he went upstairs straight in search of the man.

“Mr. Graham!”

Benjamin nodded in acknowledgment.

Entering the room, Ethen handed the phone numbers he bought for the children to Benjamin.

“It’s all here, Mr. Graham. I also bought one for Ms. York.”

“Okay.” Benjamin counted them all.

Both Darius and Kingsley were extremely curious.

“What are those?”

Kingsley looked at Benjamin and Ethen.

“SIM cards,” Ethen answered.

When he saw Benjamin going over to help the children install them personally, he continued, “Mr. Graham ordered me to buy SIM cards for the children and also Ms. York.”

“What are the phone numbers? I’ll add them to my contacts!” Darius asked with a bright smile.

Ethen was just about to answer when Benjamin spoke.


The man’s voice carried great authority, making one afraid to go against him.

Ethen glanced at Benjamin before turning back to Darius apologetically.

Mr. Graham doesn’t allow to me tell you the answer, so I can’t do anything about it either.

Furious, Darius shot daggers at Benjamin. “What’s wrong with me adding my grandsons’ phone numbers into my contacts, you little punk?”

Benjamin lifted his eyes and swept a gaze over the man.

“Whatever. But you can’t have Arissa’s number!”

Darius was promptly at a loss for words.

Likewise, everyone else was struck dumb.


Kingsley burst into laughter.

He then teased Benjamin, “You’re too domineering that you’re even forbidding Mr. Graham from contacting Arissa, Benjamin!”

Benjamin pinned an icy look on him and asserted solemnly, “This number is off-limits!”

Kingsley nodded. “I know. It’s your exclusive number!”

Following that, everyone doubled over in laughter.

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