The More the Merrier Chapter 672

The More the Merrier Chapter 672

Chapter 672 Daddy Obeys Mommy

Sensing the intense stare, Kingsley looked back. As soon as he locked gazes with Benjamin’s murderous glare, such fear struck him that he hastily took off.

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Shaun, on the other hand, was greatly amused by Benjamin’s displeasure. Nonetheless, he hadn’t Kingsley’s courage to provoke the man every so often.

“I’ll go and have a look as well!”

Benjamin’s gaze fell on the man before he also went upstairs with his long legs.

As he did so, he added, “Stay here tonight!”

Verily, he was rather worried about Mary.

Grasping his meaning, Shaun happily assented, “Sure!”

The children’s bedroom upstairs was incredibly lively.

Arissa stood at the door, torn between laughing and crying at the sight of the room filled with toys.

“Sweethearts, you’re all about to drown in the sea of toys!”

“Mommy!” Gavin greeted.

“Mommy, all these are gifts from Grandpa!” Zachary said.

Subsequently, Jesse chimed in, “Mommy, we’ve gifted all our toys to Tim!”

“All these are fun, Mommy!” Jasper exclaimed.

Finally, Oliver nudged his glasses and queried, “Do you want to play with us, Mommy?”

Amusement inundated Arissa. “I’ll just watch all of you play!”

Tim was initially playing with gusto, but he tensed up once more upon seeing that she had come upstairs.

With a smile on her face, Arissa pinned her gaze on him.

Tim, likewise, stole peeks at her every so often.

His adorable action had Arissa giggling away.

“Tim, join them if you like to play!”

In response, Tim nodded.

“Hurry up, Tim! I’m going to crash into you!”

Jasper increased the speed, and his toy car hit Tim’s toy head-on.

Gasping in alarm, Tim hurriedly moved his little pony away.

All six children played madly among themselves again, joyous laughter filling the air.

Arissa stood at the door and took it all in with a smile.

Darius, Edwin, and William were in the room.

Spotting her, Darius called out, “Issa, come in and have a seat!”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll just stand here for a while.”

Kingsley leaned over. “Mr. Graham, are you going back tonight or staying here?”

At that question, Darius eyed him dubiously. “Why are you asking that?”

Flashing him a sheepish smile, Kingsley admitted in a whisper, “Benjamin wants you to go home and rest earlier.”

Darius snorted and countered, “He’s kicking me out, right?”

Just then, Benjamin and Shaun also arrived at the door of the children’s room.

Benjamin stared at Darius.

“It’s late. They need to bathe and rest! They still have to attend school tomorrow!”

Darius was disgruntled, but still, he glanced at the time.

When he saw that it was already past nine o’clock, shock swamped him. “It’s already past nine o’clock!”

“Can we not attend school tomorrow, Mr. Graham?”

Zachary tried negotiating with Benjamin.

Benjamin arched a brow. “Why don’t you want to attend school?”

“Great-grandaunt is going to be hospitalized tomorrow. We’d like to keep her company!” Zachary said, knowing that Tim would definitely be worried if he didn’t get to tag along.

Arissa turned and looked at the man, feeling that the children could be allowed to skip school for a day so that they could adapt to the surroundings. “Let them attend school a bit later!”

“Just one day!” Benjamin replied.

Jasper and Oliver were overjoyed. “You’re the best, Mr. Graham!”

Even Gavin was smiling so widely that his eyes narrowed into slits. Daddy obeys Mommy now!

Tim was also over the moon.

Conversely, Darius frowned after hearing that arrangement.

“Is Mary sick, Issa?”

“Yeah, she has diabetes. That aside, there are some other problems plaguing her,” Arissa said.

With his brows creased deeply, Darius ordered Benjamin, “Benjamin, you’ve got to find an expert to treat her.”

“I know.” Benjamin nodded.

“Make the necessary arrangements, Shaun,” Darius instructed Shaun.

“I will, Mr. Graham. Don’t worry. Benjamin has long since had me bring the expert team over. We’ll proceed with the best treatment plan according to her situation.”

Sheer relief suffused Darius after he heard that. “Our family owes her a great debt of gratitude. We’ve got to take good care of her!”

“I know. You should go home first.”

Benjamin swept his gaze over the man.

Darius was again chagrined to hear that his son was kicking him out. “Can’t I leave later? If you’ve got something to do, just go and get busy. I still want to play with my grandchildren for a while longer!”

At that precise moment, Tim suddenly stopped playing. He got up and raced to the door.

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