The More the Merrier Chapter 671

The More the Merrier Chapter 671

Chapter 671 We Are Dating

Arissa was momentarily startled. Smiling, she answered, “We’re dating!” At the sight of the shy expression on her face, Mary felt very much relieved.

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“Benjamin is a pretty decent man. I’m really giving him much trouble this time!” With the basin in one hand, Arissa helped Mary into the room with the other.

“Grandaunt, don’t feel that you’re making trouble for him. He’s happy that you’re staying here. Of course, we’re also glad about it. While he seems cold, he’s actually warm-hearted. He’s just bad at expressing himself and is rather stern in nature. As you can see, he even treats his friends in the same manner. Don’t be intimidated by his chilliness at times!”

Mary chortled. “Indeed, he’s very stern. Sometimes, I don’t even dare speak to him.”

“Heh! Many people don’t dare speak to him, so you’re not the first person, Grandaunt. When I first made his acquaintance, I was also apprehensive. But it was all fine after knowing him better,” Arissa consoled her.

Of course, that was also her heartfelt words.

Benjamin’s attitude toward her had changed significantly, so she was no longer that fearful of him.

Following that, Mary nodded.

Arissa helped her onto the bed before going to the bathroom to put the basin away.

When she came back out, she helped Mary lie down on the bed.

“Grandaunt, I’ll go and call Dr. Bailey up.”

“Okay.” Mary lay on her back.

Arissa went out and hollered at Shaun, who was in the living room.

Right then, Shaun was chatting with Benjamin and Kingsley. The instant he heard her calling him, he promptly stood up and went over.


Benjamin took a sip of coffee before putting the coffee cup down. He got to his feet to trail after the man.

Seeing that, Kingsley hastily went over to show his concern for Mary.

Shaun checked Mary over and found that all her vitals were stable.

“Get some sleep after you take your medicine, Mdm. Mary.”

Arissa swiftly took Mary’s medicine out while Benjamin prepared a glass of water.

Eyeing the man, she took the glass from him. When she sensed that the water was at just the perfect temperature, a smile bloomed on her face.

Well, he’s pretty considerate.

Benjamin’s gaze stayed on her countenance for some time.

Arissa went over to the bed and helped Mary up, feeding her the medicine.

After Mary took the medicine, she tucked the covers around her. “Sleep with peace of mind, Grandaunt. I’ll go downstairs and look in on the children.”

“Okay. All of you should go out and continue chatting. I’ll be going to bed first,” Mary said to Benjamin and the others.

“All right.”

Inclining his head in response, Benjamin threw a look at Kingsley and Shaun, signaling them to go out with him.

Arissa then turned on a small lamp before leaving the room with them.

“It’s late, so kick Dad out first. The children should be going to bed at this hour!” Benjamin ordered.

Arissa was wholly stumped. “That’s your father, yet you’re asking me to give him the boot?”

“Yes!” Benjamin affirmed in a low voice.

Kingsley and Shaun looked on in amusement.

“Arissa, Benjamin means that you’re the mistress here, so you have the right to give someone the boot.”

Stealing a peek at Benjamin, Kingsley noticed that the man’s expression remained unchanged. Thus, he was convinced that he was right.

Smiling, Shaun echoed, “That’s exactly what Benjamin meant!”

Arissa glanced at Benjamin, embarrassment flooding her when she met his profound gaze.

“Even if I’m the mistress here, I can’t kick an elder out of the house, no?”

It’s not like I’ve got a grudge against him. That aside, it’d be extremely rude if I were to do so.

Whirling around, she ascended the stairs. “I’ll go and tell the children to take a bath!”

Benjamin’s gaze followed her.

Meanwhile, both Kingsley and Shaun regarded him in mirth.

“Do you need to be so clingy that you can’t be apart from her for even a second, Benjamin? Why didn’t I know that you were so passionate in the past?”

Kingsley guffawed uproariously.

With his eyes glinting, Benjamin shot a hard glare at the man.

“Get out of here!”

The corners of Kingsley’s mouth twitched. Hah! He’s no fun at all!

“I’ll go and tell Mr. Graham to go home.”

He then trotted up the stairs.

Catching up with Arissa, he even assured her with a grin, “I’ll do it. You don’t need to worry, Arissa!”


Arissa beamed at him, for she couldn’t bring herself to do such a thing.

As Benjamin glimpsed her bright smile at Kingsley, his brows knitted together, and he shot daggers at Kingsley.

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