The More the Merrier Chapter 670

The More the Merrier Chapter 670

Chapter 670 Bradley Deliberately Hung Up On Arissa

Downstairs, Benjamin, Kingsley, and Shaun were drinking coffee. Meanwhile, Arissa was chatting with Mary. Noticing that the latter seemed a bit tired, she suggested, “Grandaunt, why don’t you take a bath and rest? You still have to go to the hospital early morning tomorrow.”

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“Uh…” Mary hesitated for a moment, finding it rather inappropriate to go and rest when everyone was gathered there. “I can stay and sit for a while longer.”

Aware of her concern, Arissa coaxed smilingly, “Let them sit here by themselves. I’ll take you back to your room. It’ll be late by the time you finish bathing.”

“Mdm. Mary, you should really rest earlier. You have to go to the hospital early tomorrow morning. When you’re done bathing, I’ll check you over again,” Shaun seconded.

Nodding, Mary finally allowed Arissa to help her up and ****** her back to her room.

Arissa helped to draw her a bath before preparing a set of clothes for her.

“Issa, go out and sit with them. I can manage by myself.”

In other words, Mary was telling her that she didn’t need her to wait on her there.

In response, Arissa chuckled. “It’s okay. The men are all drinking coffee, so I’d be the odd one out. Hurry up and take a bath, Grandaunt. I’ll put the towel here, and this is the shower gel.”

“Got it!” Mary relented.

Only then did Arissa shut the door and left the bathroom.

As she abruptly thought of something, she called out toward the bathroom, “Grandaunt, after you change out of the clothes, just leave them be. Don’t wash them.”

“Okay,” Mary answered.

Arissa walked away and started straightening the room.

She didn’t take out the luggage to be brought to the hospital but sorted out the clothes at home instead.

Then, she made the bed and tidied the room.

After doing all that, she waited in the room for Mary to finish bathing.

Recalling that she hadn’t spoken to Bradley, she swiftly rang him up.

A moment later, Bradley’s groggy voice drifted into her ears. “Boss!”

Arissa was stunned for a moment. “Were you sleeping?”

Chuckling sheepishly, Bradley said, “I didn’t go to bed until a little over five in the afternoon.”

Arissa, likewise, chortled. She glanced at the bathroom before strolling over to the balcony.

In a low voice, she asked, “Have you found out anything?”

“What? What did you just say, Boss?”

Bradley’s volume went up a notch.

Arissa repeated herself, upon which Bradley’s voice again rang out from the other end of the phone.

“Boss? Why can’t I hear her anymore? What crappy signal!”

In no time, Bradley hung up the phone.

Hearing the disconnect tone from her phone, Arissa frowned deeply.

Was the signal really bad, or was it deliberate on his part?

Just when she was planning to call him back, she heard the bathroom door opening. She quickly put her phone away and hurried over.

“Where should I hang my clothes, Issa?”

Mary came out with a basin in hand.

Hastily taking it from her, Arissa chided with a smile, “Didn’t I tell you not to wash your clothes, Grandaunt? You’re not in perfect health now. I’ll do it instead. Besides, there are housekeepers here. Just have them do the laundry.”

Mary merely flashed her a smile. “I can wash them by myself. There’s no need to trouble them. Furthermore, I’m still mobile now. It’s not like I’m already bedridden!”

At that, Arissa chuckled. “Sit down. I’ll go and hang the clothes.”

Mary nodded in agreement. “Okay!”

Upon seeing that the bed was already made, she was incredibly moved.

Subsequently, she watched as Arissa went to the balcony to hang the clothes.

“Grandaunt, I’ve packed the clothes to be worn at home. The clothes in the bag are for you to bring to the hospital. Tomorrow, we can bring the bag without taking anything out.”

“Sure!” Mary replied with a beam.

Poking her head in, Arissa added, “Granduncle’s picture is also in the bag. I haven’t taken it out yet.”

“Just leave it and bring it to the hospital as well!” Mary wanted to take the picture with her.

Hearing that, Arissa giggled. “I just knew that you’d want to bring it along!”

Mary walked over and inquired gently, “Issa, were you all living here also previously?”

“Yup! Why?” Arissa hung up all the clothes to dry.

Nodding in acknowledgment, Mary hesitated for a while before asking, “So what exactly is your relationship with Benjamin?”

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