The More the Merrier Chapter 669

The More the Merrier Chapter 669

Chapter 669 Presents For Tim

Benjamin entered with Kingsley and Shaun and sat off to the side. Edwin instructed Jack to follow him and prepare some food for everyone.

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“Sweethearts, I’ve brought presents for you all!” Darius told the children with a chuckle. “Sweethearts, I’ve brought presents for you all!” Darius told the children with a chuckle.

Jesse was delighted and clapped her hands. “Thank you, Grandpa!”

“Good girl.” Darius happily dipped his head and kissed the little girl’s forehead.

“Thank you, Grandpa!” Oliver and Jasper expressed their gratitude gleefully.

Zachary also echoed them.

“Come. I’ll take you all to see the presents!”

Darius picked up Tim and Jesse and ushered the other four children upstairs to unwrap the gifts.

As Zachary jumped off the couch, Oliver, Jasper, and Gavin followed suit.

Edwin and William quickly followed to take care of the children.

“Tim, I didn’t know what you like, so I bought some toys!” Darius told the little boy in his arms.

His heart ached the more he looked at the skinny boy.

He’s too thin.

“Thank you, Grandpa,” Tim replied softly.

Noticing that the boy was shy, the old man smiled. He then brought the children into the bedroom to see the gifts.

“Which of these are for Tim, Grandpa?” Gavin asked as he looked at Darius.

“These are for Tim. Those are for you all,” Darius told them and allowed William to distribute the gifts.

Upon seeing the pile of presents, Zachary and the others were overjoyed.

“Have a look at the presents, Tim, and see if you like them!”

Darius brought Tim over to open his gifts.

Tim looked at him before looking at Gavin. Upon seeing that his presents were more than the others, he bit his lower lip.

“Why do I have so many presents, Grandpa?”

Darius, William, and Edwin were momentarily stunned. Then, they smiled contentedly.

Darius patted the little boy’s head. “Because I’ve never bought presents for you. I’ve gifted Gavin, Zachary, Oliver, Jasper, and Jesse before, so I bought more for you this time!”

He then unwrapped one of the gifts and took out a toy car.

“Do you like it, Tim?”

Tim stared at Darius but could not bring himself to take it.

Seeing that, Gavin ran over.

“Tim, this is from Grandpa. Take it. We still have a lot of toys. This is also for you.”

Gavin gave the airplane he had just unwrapped to Tim.

“I don’t want it. It’s yours!” The latter turned him down.

Darius smiled. “You also have a plane.”

The old man quickly found it and unwrapped it for the little boy.

Gavin took it and stuffed it into Tim’s arms. “Hurry up and take it. You can also have my other gifts if you like them!”

Tim hugged the toy, feeling touched. “Thank you!”

Gavin patted his head. “This is my home as well as yours. We can share our toys!”

Darius, William, and Edwin were pleased to see the little boy acting more like an older brother.

Zachary, Oliver, Jasper, and Jesse also carried their toys over to Tim.

“This is also for you, Tim. Grandpa previously bought us many gifts!”

Tim was instantly surrounded by toys.

Jasper let out a laugh as he took a picture with his phone.

“Look over here, Tim!”

Tim looked over at him, a little confused.

Everyone burst into hearty laughter.

Their reaction made him blush even harder.

“Tim is blushing!” Jesse chuckled joyfully.

Jasper slid over with his toy car.

“Get on, Tim! Let me drive you around.”

Zachary and Oliver also came over to coax Tim to play.

Children get along with one another easily, and soon, Tim was playing with all kinds of toys with them.

Many of the toys he had never seen before, but he still liked them very much when he saw them. For those that he did not know how to play, Gavin and the others taught him.

Darius and the two butlers sat to the side and watched the six children play with adoration written all over their faces.

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