The More the Merrier Chapter 668

The More the Merrier Chapter 668

Chapter 668 Darius Finally Meets Tim

“Good boy.” Darius caressed his head fondly. “I finally got to meet you, Tim. Let your grandpa hug you, okay?” he asked softly, afraid of scaring the young boy.

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Tim widened his eyes as he stared at Darius. This old man is my grandpa? “Tim, he’s your grandpa!” Gavin said to him. “Hello, Grandpa!” Zachary, Oliver, Jasper, and Jesse greeted sweetly.

“Hello!” The old man hurriedly hugged the four of them to comfort himself as he had missed his grandchildren.

“I’ve missed you all so much!”

Darius hugged them for a while. After that, he moved to hug Gavin, but the latter shrank back.

Darius was amused by his reaction. He patted Gavin’s head before looking at Tim.

“Can I hug you?”

The boy was a little shy.

Zachary tugged at his sleeve. “Go on and greet Grandpa!”

Darius looked at Tim in anticipation.

Tim’s lips quivered for a moment before he softly greeted, “Hello, Grandpa.”


Overjoyed, Darius picked the little boy up as he proudly bragged to everyone, “Tim called me Grandpa!”

Benjamin was a little jealous. The brat hasn’t even called me Daddy.

Arissa observed the interaction between the old man and the children with a smile. When she noticed Shaun and Jack returning with Mary and Edwin, she quickly approached them.


Everyone helped the old lady alight the car before Arissa pushed her over.

Upon seeing the unfamiliar face, Darius looked at Benjamin.

“This is Grandaunt Mary, the woman who raised Tim,” Benjamin introduced her to Darius.

As realization dawned on the latter, he greeted Mary enthusiastically, “So, you’re Mary. I’m very grateful to you.”

“It’s fine!” she replied nervously.

Arissa leaned forward and introduced to Mary, “Mr. Graham is Tim’s grandpa.”

The latter nodded in response as she knew who Darius was.


“Come in and have a seat. It’s windy out here.”

Darius carried Tim in one hand and held Jesse’s hand with the other as he ushered Mary into the house.

“Let’s head in, Grandaunt.”

As Arissa pushed Mary into the house, she turned her head and shouted to the children, “Come inside, sweethearts!”

With that, Gavin led Zachary, Oliver, and Jasper into the house.

Benjamin furrowed his brows when he saw Darius holding onto Jesse’s hand.

“We had just gone out when you and Mr. Graham urged us to come back. We didn’t even get a chance to take them for a walk,” Kingsley complained.

Benjamin shot him a glare as he chided, “Why did you bring them out?”

Kingsley pouted. “Can’t you tell that I did it out of consideration for you and Arissa? You two can spend some quality time together when we’re out. Have you…”

His words grew suggestive as he spoke.

Benjamin’s handsome face instantly darkened.

Kingsley kept his mouth shut and looked at Benjamin’s grim expression. Is he dissatisfied?

As he recalled that Darius had come only shortly after they left, he felt that it was most likely the case.

Benjamin responded by rolling his eyes.

“Why are you still here?”

Kingsley looked at him as though he had been wronged. “But I haven’t spent enough time with them!”

Shaun patted his shoulder as he chuckled. “I think it’s better that you leave.”

“You wish! You think I don’t know that you want to send me away so you can spend some time with the cutie pies?” Kingsley harrumphed before running into the house.

Darius sat down with Jesse while still carrying Tim as he entertained Mary.

William quickly served Mary some coffee.

“Thank you.”

The old lady was not used to being treated with such respect, so she was a little flustered.

“Have some coffee, Grandaunt,” Arissa said gently as she sat beside the older woman and held her hand.

With Arissa by her side, Mary did not feel so nervous.

Arissa lifted the cup to offer the old lady some coffee.

The other children came in and also sat beside Arissa. After entertaining Mary for a while, Darius began to play with the children.

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