The More the Merrier Chapter 667

The More the Merrier Chapter 667

Chapter 667 No One Else In My Family

Arissa peered at Benjamin and, upon noticing the dark look in the man’s eyes, deliberately ignored it. You’re the one who told me to reply.

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As Darius gave out orders to William, he was also carefully observing Arissa and Benjamin. The old man was overjoyed to see that Benjamin did not get angry nor protest the arrangement. “Issa, your family—”

Darius was interrupted by Benjamin before he could finish his sentence. “Go back if you aren’t staying for tea!”

Darius widened his eyes. When he met Benjamin’s gaze and noticed the dark look in them, he was taken aback.

He glanced at Arissa. Have I said something wrong?

Arissa looked at Benjamin and said to Darius honestly, “Mr. Graham, I’m the only one in my family.”

Darius nodded his head awkwardly.

“I didn’t know that.”

“It’s all right!” Arissa said with a smile. “You were saying?”

Darius stared at her for some time before saying, “I was about to ask about your family members so that I could arrange for Benjamin to ask for your hand in marriage in front of them…”

After all, Arissa was about to marry into the Graham family. Darius deemed it necessary that all proper etiquette be observed.

Darius had wanted to pay a visit to the York family.

“There’s no one else around, really. Both my mother and Granddad have passed away.”

She made no mention of Regan.

“It’s all right, Mr. Graham. This is going to save you the trouble.”

She’s the one saying yes to this. I’ve said nothing.

Benjamin glanced at her. Upon confirming that she was not upset, he eased the tense look on his face.

“It’s no trouble at all. We could maybe pay respects to your ancestors if you don’t have other family members around,” Darius said amiably.

Arissa noticed that Darius was particularly insistent on adhering to the proper etiquette. Hence, she nodded and said, “Mr. Graham, I will pay my respects someday.”

“It’s not only you. It’s the two of you, together.”

He threw a look at Benjamin and said, “Let me know when you guys plan to come back. I’ll prepare something for the two of you.”

Arissa smiled and nodded. She did not have any other choice but to agree with Darius. After all, she was the one who agreed to register her marriage with Benjamin.

In truth, she had not anticipated the turn of events as well.

Benjamin merely sat at one side and did not utter a single word.

Arissa grew more and more uneasy as Darius droned on about the details.

Does Benjamin think that I’m shameless?

Arissa somehow felt like she was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

She dared not even cast a glance in Benjamin’s direction.

Right then, the rumble of a car’s engine sounded outside the house.

Darius’ eyes lit up. “Are the children back?”

“I think so,” Benjamin replied as he peered at his father.

“Let’s go check it out!”

Darius could not hold in his excitement as he beckoned at William.

The old butler hurriedly helped Darius to his feet before the two of them headed outside briskly.

Arissa trailed behind them.

Benjamin fixed his gaze on her and got up to follow.

The car came to a stop just when they reached the front door.

Kingsley came out of the driver’s side.

Darius hurriedly took a step forward and asked anxiously, “Where are Gavin and the others?”

Kingsley smiled and replied, “They’re in the car. Be patient. I’ll carry them out of the car right now.”

Then, he threw a look at Arissa and Benjamin before he hurriedly headed for the backseat to carry the six children out of the car.

“They made it back safely!”

It was as if Kingsley was making a declaration to Benjamin.

Benjamin’s handsome face darkened as he proceeded to warn his friend, “Do not bring them out of the house ever again.”

“Yes, yes,” Kingsley hastily replied.

The six children took a look at Benjamin. They were stumped and did not understand why he was angry.

Benjamin was just worried about their safety. After all, having been in the business circle for years, he had offended quite a handful of people.

Darius could not peel his eyes off his grandchildren the moment he set sight on them. His face split into a wide grin.

He hugged the six children and smiled as he carefully sized them up.

His gaze last fell on an unfamiliar face—Tim. The little guy was dark-skinned and skinny.

Tim was as thin as a rake, especially standing next to his other siblings. Darius felt his heart wrench for the little boy.

“Are you Tim?” the old man asked gently.

Tim did not know who he was. However, he noticed the greying strands of hair by Darius’ ears and nodded politely to greet the old man.

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