The Love that Never Really Dies, chapter 69

The Love that Never Really Dies, chapter 69

Unfortunately, Jackson was not interested in the family business at all. Hence, the once successful Blackwood family company was slowly declining under his management. If it weren’t for the intervention of his wife, Sharon, there was no telling what the company would look like now. Sebastian decided to stop prying into Sasha’s life and just wait for her to finish the procedure. “Ugh…” Almost immediately, there was a flash of pain that struck his head, quickly followed by a numb sensation spreading all the way down his body. Sasha gave him a cold sidelong glance. “Bear with it!”

Damned woman. I never said I couldn’t take it. A few needles later, the painful throbbing in his head subsided considerably. Finally feeling at ease, Sebastian’s mood lightened and he continued to ask her questions. “Besides this, what have you been doing while you were out of the country in the past few years? I mean academic achievement.” “Academic achievement?” Sasha chuckled dryly. “Mr. Hayes, I’ve been solely focused on surviving for the past few years.

I wasn’t on vacation, nor did I have time to pursue an academic degree.” “So you’re telling me that after failing the university entrance exam all those years ago, you never resumed studying after leaving the country?” “Yep, I never continued studying. My education level is still at the high school level. So what about it? Do you regret letting me into your fancy, schmancy house? And you even let me treat your illness.” Sasha retorted, her tone was sharp and defensive as she set down the needle. She hadn’t studied once in the past five years. She barely had the time to do so while taking care of two babies. Of course, her top priority when bringing her children to a foreign land would be surviving. Where would she find the time to study?

This man would never understand all the pain and the suffering she had to go through for those five years. Besides, she gave up on her academic career not because she didn’t pass the university entrance test, but because she wanted to marry him! She’d secretly tore up her acceptance letter to Yartran’s most famous School of Economics, as well as the full scholarship that she had rightfully earned. The needle in Sasha’s hand was nearly bent from how strongly she was gripping it. Sebastian didn’t think she would get so worked up over the subject. He’d only asked her some questions in order to confirm something.

But why did she lose her temper all of a sudden? Does she blame me for not getting into university? What a crazy woman! Sebastian’s expression clouded over and he stopped talking. But he didn’t need to continue with his questions. Unbeknownst to him, Sasha would soon leave behind a piece of paper that she’d written his prescription on, and her handwriting on the paper would match the Jetroinian handwriting on the paper she’d left at his office during the daytime. What else is this woman hiding from me? Sebastian slowly grew dizzier with every passing moment. Sasha was still agitated from all the quarrels she’d been through that day. She quickly set down the written prescription on a table and packed up her bag to leave.

She’d had enough of this hellish place and never wanted to come back. But just as she was getting up, Sebastian suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Your request about letting Ian go to preschool. If you can find a way, I’ll let you try it out.” Huh? Sasha stopped in her tracks. She would always grow soft as soon as her children were involved. It didn’t matter how indignant she felt, or how much pain she was in. “Are you… serious?” “

Yes, but you need to keep me updated on what exactly you are planning to do! Ian has already expressed that he’s against the idea. If you use any inappropriate methods and end up hurting him, then you can never see him again!” Due to the treatment, he was slowly starting to trip over his words as he lay there with his eyes closed. “Don’t worry, I won’t. I’m a doctor, so I understand that at the very least,” she instantly reassured. She was trying to remain as calm as possible, but if one listened closely, they would be able to hear that the underlying hatred and impatience that was in her voice earlier was no longer present.

Now, she was clearly more energized. Sebastian let out a huff, then finally drifted off to sleep. Sasha’s mind blanked out. After her constant state of distress throughout the night, her brain needed some time to catch up with the happiness of the sudden surprise. It took her nearly a minute to process the new information before jumping up from the stool and giddily twirling around in circles. “I’m so happy, Little Ian! Mommy gets to bring you to preschool now!”

A genuine smile appeared on Sasha’s face for the first time that entire day. Even though she was still tired and fatigued, relief overwhelmed her as if she had finally grabbed ahold of a floatation device after having drifted at sea for hours. Sometimes, a mother’s happiness was just that simple.

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