The Love that Never Really Dies, chapter 68

The Love that Never Really Dies, chapter 68

“What happened to you?” Sebastian’s gaze swept over her wet hair and rumpled clothes. Sasha was still wearing the same clothes from when she went to his office in the afternoon. They weren’t particularly special clothes, but at the very least they were clean and dry. Was she robbed or something? Why does she look like this? And what’s wrong with her face? Sebastian looked at her closely with a more critical gaze. Her appearance was rather presentable. Although she wasn’t as pretty as Xandra, her features were still fairly attractive in their own right. Her eyes stood out especially, looking bright and clear like jewels sparkling under the moonlight. But now, those eyes were swollen and red. What happened? “It’s nothing.

The wind was really strong when I was coming in,” Sasha explained curtly. She didn’t stop to consider if his question was out of concern for her. After all, why would he be? What a joke! He was probably just scared that she might lose control of her emotions again and disturb his work, or something else along those lines. Brushing a stray lock of hair aside, she asked impatiently, “Have you decided where you want to be while you I perform the procedure on you?” He felt a flash of anger at the woman’s ignorance but decided to show no sign of it as he left the study without another word.

Sasha following behind him. Two minutes later, they arrived at a large bedroom decorated entirely in monochrome colors. As they walked in, Sebastian picked up a remote control and turned on the heater. Sasha suddenly did a double take. Is this his bedroom? She instantly grew uneasy and disgusted, remembering that another woman used to sleep in this very room. But what puzzled her was that when Sebastian went to the closet to take a blanket, Sasha only saw rows of men’s shirts and suits. She didn’t seem to spot a single piece of female clothing. Huh? As she tried to take another look, a white towel was suddenly flung in her direction.

“I don’t have any women’s clothes, so dry your hair off with this.” Pausing for a moment, Sebastian seemed to realize that his gesture seemed a little too caring for his taste. “Don’t fall sick and pass it on to the kids!” Sasha stood unmoving for a moment before finally placing the towel over her head, and slowly drying her hair. She knew that people were more prone to fall sick after standing in the rain, especially during this time of the year. Even though she escaped death a few years ago, she had given birth to three premature babies at once. As a result, her health was already severely compromised, and her body might not be able to handle a simple illness. So, she wasn’t really in a position to refuse him.

With the rising temperature in the room and her hair finally dried, Sasha felt much more comfortable. She picked up her medical kit and walked towards Sebastian, who was lying on the sofa. “Have you slept today?” “No.” “What about your medication?” “I have taken it…” Just like a normal conversation between a doctor and a patient. Holding her hand out, Sasha said, “Your arm, please. I need to check your pulse.” He turned his head slightly to stare at her outstretched hand. Her slim, pale fingers were slightly red at the joints. After a long while, he finally stretched his arm out.

This was a very strange feeling. He still saw her as the nineteen-year-old girl he married several years ago. Back then, as soon as she first set eyes on him, she’d stumbled all over herself and was too shy to even look him in the eye. Since when did she become so… cold? As she gripped his arm, Sebastian couldn’t sense a single trace of the fear and nervousness she once had. “When did you learn to do all this?” “What?” Sasha’s eyes darted towards him, still focused on taking his pulse. “Do you mean this?” “Yes. I remember that you didn’t study medicine. How do you know how to do all this?

” Sebastian’s gaze fell on his wrist. There was still a hint of leftover coolness on his skin from where Sasha had taken his pulse. It wasn’t a large area nor very cold, but there was a little sensation on the small spot of flesh. “Have you forgotten that I come from a family of doctors? My mom studied under my grandfather ever since she was young. Then, she inherited his legacy after she grew up. If she hadn’t married my father, she would likely be set to inherit the Blackwood family business right now,” Sasha told him, her tone slightly sour as she pulled out a long needle from her kit. Sebastian coughed awkwardly. He had, indeed, forgotten that her Uncle Jackson and his family were running a healthcare business.

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