The Love that Never Really Dies, chapter 67

The Love that Never Really Dies, chapter 67

“Huh? The kid? Do you mean Ian? He’s asleep, why?” Wendy was busy looking for a dry towel, having noticed Sasha’s soaked hair and clothes and afraid that she was going to catch a cold. Sasha blinked owlishly. Ian is asleep? Then, why is Wendy still waiting up for me…? “Found it! Dr. Wand, please dry yourself off with this first. I’ll make some chicken soup for you before you go off to the third floor.” “The third floor?” “Yes. You came here to do acupuncture on Mr. Hayes, didn’t you? I think he’s still awake, although I haven’t seen him come out of the study since he first went in. You should hurry up and see him before he goes to sleep, and then you can go home early too,” Wendy explained as she handed Sasha the towel, ushering her up the stairs.

Sasha just remained quiet. Wendy had merely made her own choice to wait up for her. Maybe it was Berta who, before leaving, had told her that Sasha would come over every night to provide medical care for that scum. Should I go up? Sasha didn’t want to budge an inch, feeling especially drained when she recalled how they’d fought in his office that morning. Other than disgust, she realized that she could find no word to describe her emotions towards him. “Dr. Wand?” “Okay,” Sasha sighed. After all, she had promised her son that she would help to treat his Daddy. Sasha trudged up the stairs with heavy footsteps.

On the third floor. in fact, Sebastian was still awake and currently having a video conference with some of the higher-ups from his company. It was the middle of the night. If Sebastian chose to have this kind of video conference at this ungodly hour while he was still sick, his colleagues would understand. After all, he had to share the pain of not being able to sleep at night with someone, even if it meant torturing his subordinates. But he was apparently receiving treatment for his illness, and the treatment was effective! So why is he still doing this? Doesn’t he think that he’s being too unreasonable?

“Uh… Mr. Hayes, my son is crying, may I go feed him?” Having had to sit through the meeting for two hours straight, one of the higher-ups finally couldn’t take it anymore and bravely raised a hand up in front of the camera. The meeting instantly went quiet. On the other side of the computer, Sebastian’s expression darkened. “You’re not a woman. Why do you need to feed your child?” “It’s not that, Mr. Hayes. My wife has been carrying my son and trying to get him to feed him for two hours, but she has not eaten anything. So nothing is coming out and I need to try and feed him some formula milk.” There was a full five seconds of silence before Sebastian growled out, “Scram!” The new father happily left the meeting as ordered.

Almost instantly, everyone else started following suit, their eyes sparkled with hope as they started to speak up. “Mr. Hayes, may I go take a shower?” “Mr. Hayes, I’d like to leave for a second. My wife has been calling for me and complaining that she’s cold. Can I go warm the bed for her?” Just as everyone thought their boss was going to start breathing fire through the screen like a dragon, they heard a knock through Sebastian’s video camera. “Sebastian Hayes? Are you there?” What? Sebastian Hayes? Who dares talk to Mr. Hayes like that? And to call him by his full name, too? Who is that? Not even the boss’ future wife, Xandra is that casual with him. So who could it be…? Everyone’s eyes widened, completely forgetting the racket they had caused. Unfortunately for them, Sebastian immediately slammed the laptop shut in the next second.

Sasha, standing outside his door, had planned on knocking once and then leaving if there was no immediate response from him. It was already hard enough for her to come this far. But she didn’t expect to instantly hear the sound of a chair being scraped against the floor, followed by the door opening from the inside. A warm light illuminated Sebastian from behind, and she could see cream-colored walls and wooden furniture when she looked past him.

The study was clearly designed with a warm-toned palette in mind, completely different from the rest of the house. He was also wearing comfortable, casual clothing that contrasted starkly with his usual cold and stern demeanor. “I’m here to help with your acupuncture treatments. Since you’re not asleep yet, we should get it over with as soon as possible.” Sasha avoided looking at him, her tone was cold and hollow as if talking to a stranger. She was just doing her job as a doctor, and he was just her patient. Sebastian’s mood worsened at the sight of her expression.

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