The Love that Never Really Dies, chapter 64

The Love that Never Really Dies, chapter 64

“Oscar, these were all my orchestra mates. After our final performance, we had a celebratory dinner where everyone had too much to drink. We were playing a game where the loser had to be kissed, no matter men or women. I did share a little kiss with a female colleague as well, but I don’t know why they only took pictures of me with my male colleagues. You can go and investigate yourself if you don’t trust me. Oscar, you are the only one that I love in my life. That is the truth. Now that I am pregnant with your child, I don’t want you to misunderstand me just because of a few photos.”

Oscar picked up a photo of Cassie passionately kissing someone at a bar. His voice betrayed not a trace of his emotions as he said, “Cassie, I’d always thought that you were pure and innocent. When I had s*x with you a month ago, there was real blood on the bedsheet. But could you explain to me what was going on in this picture?” “Oz, I can explain. It was my roommate Julie’s birthday, and we decided to party at the bar. Before we knew it, we were carried away by the bar’s atmosphere and had too much to drink. I don’t know how I ended up kissing that person in the picture,

but I can guarantee that nothing happened after that. Oz, when I left you to go to Erihal, I was very down, and I thought that I’d never meet another man that could make me fall in love so deeply. All I wanted to do was to let loose so I went to all the bars and clubs. I wanted to find a man for a quick one-night stand but you remained in my mind. All I shared with those men was a kiss, and nothing else. You have to believe me, Oz. You are the only one in my heart. I’ve really never slept with anyone else.” Tears rolled down her cheeks as she spoke. Even Amelia could not help but praise her acting skills. With her looks, figure, and acting skills, it is a waste for her to not join the entertainment industry.

Oscar frowned and before he could speak, Olivia said, “Ms. Yard, you have excellent acting chops there. Regular men would definitely fall for it. However, our family is a proper business family, and we cannot allow such a wild woman into our family.” Elizabeth scowled with displeasure. “Olivia, I don’t like what you are implying there. Our financial capacity is not that far behind yours, and our Cassie is a pure and innocent girl. So what if you have those pictures? They’re all from the past and they took place when she was single.” Olivia laughed. “Liz, we have been good friends for years. To be honest, I am not as big-hearted as you are. For you to say that shows that you are very patient and magnanimous.

However, as a mother, I cannot handle the misgiving that my son could be cheated on in the future. We can’t afford to have a girl that is so wild and frivolous. Who knows if she would cheat on my son in the future? Nobody can be certain about that.” The Yards’ expression darkened. “Olivia, that is too much. We’ve been friends for years and you’ve watched Cassie grow up. Shouldn’t you know what kind of person she is by now?” Charlie finally spoke up. Charlie and Olivia were university friends and they shared quite a solid friendship. Olivia met Owen through Charlie, so she was still willing to respect him.

Olivia sighed. “Charlie, it’s not that I have insulted you. Look at how you barged in today. Not only did you destroy Oscar and Amelia’s marriage, but you also made Cassie become the mistress. Is that what you wanted?” “Olivia, I don’t want Cassie to be the hated mistress either. However, Cassie and Oscar love each other, and I cannot bring it upon myself to separate them. You are Oscar’s mother, so how could you just stand by and watch him miss out on his happiness?” Olivia smirked. “I thought you were the most logical person out of all the people here, Charlie. I did not expect you to turn out to be just like Liz and allow your daughter to do anything she wants. I don’t care about Cassie’s character, but she cannot blame things on Oscar. Yes, our families’ standings are similar, but my son already has a wife, and they are welcoming their own baby soon.

If you still have any ounce of self-respect, please bring Cassie with you as you leave now. Otherwise, I will have worse things to say about you.” Elizabeth’s face darkened instantly. “You can’t say that, Olivia. Cassie and Oscar were in love back then, and it was Oscar who requested for Cassie to come back now. On top of that, she is pregnant with Oscar’s child, and that is why we came here despite the shame. If not for Oscar looking for Cassie despite being married, our daughter would have never been someone else’s mistress. Are you trying to break off our friendship here?” Elizabeth questioned Olivia grimly. Olivia was prepared to burn all bridges today. No matter what, she would never allow Cassie to marry into the family. Cassie was the woman who abandoned Oscar at the altar and made the Clintons the laughing stock of the upper echelons.

The mere thought of that disgusted her. She could have just thrown Cassie out of the door if not for her consideration for the Yards’ reputation. However, she had to go for broke with the Yards right now. She had no choice as based on her son’s character, he could very well abandon his wife to marry Cassie. Olivia sighed. “Liz, Charlie, I didn’t want to mean, but Oscar will definitely not marry Cassie. I am very satisfied with my daughter-in-law, Amelia, and I will never allow them to be divorced. It was probably a night of confusion for Oscar and Cassie. How about this? Let’s assume that Cassie is really pregnant. We will conduct a DNA test when the baby is born. If the baby really is Oscar’s, we will bring up the child. On top of that, we will provide Cassie with allowance.” Elizabeth was so angry her face turned slightly green. “Olivia, don’t cross the line here.

Our daughter is not to be abused like that. Now that she is pregnant, you Clintons definitely have to bear the responsibility. Otherwise, our families will become enemies, and I will spare no expenses to seek justice for Cassie.” With that, Elizabeth looked at Oscar and said, “Oscar, you’re the person in question here. What do you think? Just tell me whether you are marrying Cassie. We are still a reputable family and we won’t hound you, but I’ll tell you now that I will not just leave it as it is.” Oscar looked at Elizabeth calmly and said, “Mrs. Yard, I will handle this properly, and I will take care of Cassie’s child. Stop making a scene here if you trust me. Otherwise, Cassie should just abort the child.” Cassie looked at him begrudgingly with red eyes and said, “Oz, you said you would marry me. Was it just to make me happy?” Oscar replied patiently, “

Be good, Cassie. Go back with your parents first. I’ll look for you later tonight.” Cassie bit her lips and nodded before saying amenably to her parents, “Mom, Dad, let’s go back. Ms. Winters was just discharged from the hospital today and we shouldn’t have been here in the first place. I don’t want your friendship with Mr. and Mrs. Clinton to be severed just because of me. You can’t burn all bridges because of my wilfulness.” Elizabeth was about to protest but her husband tugged her dress. She had no choice but to get up and take her leave. Before she left, she said, “Olivia, Cassie is our only child. If Oscar marries her, everything that we have will become yours. Don’t cut off this financial route just because of a moment of anger. It’s not worth it.”

With that, the Yards left. Gloom hung across the Clintons’ living room. Amelia mustered a smile and said, “Mom, I’m so sorry that you have to stand up to the Yards because of a useless daughter-in-law like me.” “Silly girl, Oscar wronged you in the first place.” Mrs. Clinton sighed and said, “Amelia, don’t blame Oscar. There are times when men just can’t control their lower bodies. Even if Cassie is pregnant, you are still our only daughter-in-law, so don’t worry.”

Amelia shook her head and said graciously, “Mom, I’m fine. Don’t get agitated because of me. It’s not worth it.” Olivia sighed and looked at Oscar disapprovingly. “Oscar, remember what I am about to say now. The Clinton family will only acknowledge Amelia as our daughter-in-law. If you still have unfinished business with other women, you can forget about calling me Mom for the rest of your life.” Oscar remained silent. “Why, do you still want to continue your affair with Cassie?” “Mom, Cassie is already pregnant with my child. I can’t just abandon her,” Oscar said. “Oscar, don’t forget that Amelia is your wife and she is pregnant with your child too. Aren’t you worried about hurting her when you say things like this in front of her?

When have I ever taught you to be such a beast?” Olivia rebuked him woefully. She did not expect Oscar to be so fixated with Cassie. “What is it about Cassie that made you willing to abandon your own wife?” Olivia could not understand it at all. “I’ve spent a lot of money to get these photos, and you still can’t see what kind of woman she is? You are an intelligent man, so you shouldn’t be easily misled by her words.” Oscar stood up and said, “Mom, I’ll settle my relationship matters myself. Even if I were to divorce Amelia, I will make sure that she will not be in want for the rest of her life.

Don’t worry about that.” Olivia clutched onto her tightening chest and panted slightly. Instantly, Owen pulled Olivia into his arms and instructed Oscar grimly, “Get Mr. Lancester here this very instant.” Oscar immediately made the call. “Get out, you jinx! My mom would not be like this if not for you!” Stephanie dashed forward and shoved Amelia aside. Amelia nearly fell to the ground. Olivia’s chest tightened further at that sight.

She stared at Stephanie and muttered with much difficulty, “Stephanie Clinton, she is your sister-in-law, and she is pregnant. If anything happens to her, you might as well kill me too.” Stephanie bit on her lip furiously as she stared at Olivia. “Mom, I am your daughter, how could you—” Owen picked up Olivia in one fell swoop and reprimanded Stephanie, “Steph, shut up. Can’t you see that your mother’s suffering a relapse?” Stephanie bit her lip aggrievedly.

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