The Love that Never Really Dies, Chapter 6

The Love that Never Really Dies, chapter 6 Matteo, who was guarding their suitcases, noticed her abnormality.

He grabbed Vivi’s wrist as the two rushed up to her. “Mommy, what’s wrong? What happened?” “W-What?” Sasha was boiling with rage when suddenly her child’s voice crept into her ears. She lowered her head to look at them standing beside her. Oh no, how could I have forgotten about Matt and Vivi! It doesn’t matter if that b*stard catches me, but I can’t let him find out about them. Or I will lose my most precious babies. Finally, she came back to her senses.

Kneeling in front of Matteo, she grabbed his arms and explained, “Matt, listen to me now. I can’t bring you guys to Jetroina because there’s an emergency that I need to attend to. I’ll call Ms. Fischer to come over and bring you back. Is it okay?” Matteo fell silent for a while. Although he was surprised by his mom’s sudden change of decision, he nodded his agreement upon seeing the panic and the tinge of guilt in her eyes. “Alright, Mommy. Don’t worry.

I will take good care of Vivi and go home with Ms. Fischer.” “Matt, you’re such a good boy. I’ll leave everything to you then. Now I’ll bring you guys to the café over there where you wait for Ms. Fischer.” Sasha looked at her thoughtful son lovingly. With a heavy heart, she pulled him into her arms. Standing beside them, Vivian wanted a hug too. “Mommy, why do you only hug Matt? I want a hug too!” “Oh, I’ve missed out on our little Vivi. Come, let me hug you!”

Sasha let out a chuckle as she embraced her daughter, who had a plushie in her arms. Soon after that, she led them to the nearby café. Ten minutes later, she received a call from the hospital. “Dr. Nancy, are you at work? Mr. Jackson is waiting for you.” “I’m on my way,” she replied impassively while walking out of the airport. Then she got into her car and drove off. Actually, she was not afraid of confronting Sebastian since she didn’t owe that man anything; she did nothing wrong.

Nevertheless, she avoided him because she was reluctant to meet him. Besides, she was worried that she might lose Matt and Vivi if he found out about them. She had traveled all the way across the globe to settle down in Moranta. It was beyond her expectation that he would show up after five years. Since the matter had already come to a head, she might as well meet him and deal with him once and for all. On her way to the hospital, she regained her usual composure.

There was not a trace of emotion on her face. In the meantime, Sebastian was toying with a doctor’s ID card as he waited in Henry’s office. Nancy, huh? This name indeed sounds better than Sasha. Besides becoming gutsier, that woman who dared fake her death under his eyes had also acquired a better taste over the past five years.

He stared intently at the photo attached to the ID card with his bloodshot eyes. Henry asked in a quivering voice, “M-Mr. Scott, i-is Mr. Hayes alright? D-Dr. Nancy is on… on her way here.” The grim expression on Sebastian’s face daunted him. Sitting near that man, the director couldn’t help feeling suffocated by his intimidating aura. Luke didn’t know how to respond since he had no idea if Sebastian was alright.

All he knew was that after the latter heard about that woman and the babies’ death, he personally chose three burial plots of the best location in the cemetery and buried them in his capacity as a husband and father. Not only that, Sebastian never once mentioned marrying Xandra after that. Luke was equally unsure whether Sasha would be alright. Perhaps Mr. Hayes will really kill Madam… He shuddered at the thought.

All of them waited tensely in the office for about forty minutes. Finally, they heard the sound of clicking heels approaching them. “Mr. Jackson, it’s me, Nancy.” In an instant, her voice brought the men back to reality. Henry had never been so agile when he rushed to open the door. The elderly director’s swiftness rendered Luke speechless. Sitting in the black rocking chair, Sebastian’s pupils constricted the moment he heard her voice.

He was clenching on the ID card so tightly that it broke into two. Sasha Wand! You’re finally here! Standing before the opened door, Sasha cast her eyes over the office and immediately saw the man sitting in the middle of the room. He looked the same as five years ago, with his chiseled features and thick eyebrows, a distinct feature of a mature man. His dark eyes were reddened, yet the arrogance in them was evident. The man was still full of charm, though five years had passed. It was a pity that she was now immune to his charm.

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