The Love that Never Really Dies, chapter 4

The Love that Never Really Dies, chapter 4 Henry was at a loss for words.

As for Xandra, she was infuriated to hear Sasha’s words. “What did you say? I dare you to repeat yourself!” There was a threatening undertone in her piercing voice. Yet Sasha didn’t bother to spare a glance at her. In fact, she left the office without batting an eyelid. Xandra was a b*tch who didn’t deserve to talk to her.

“What’s with that attitude? Is she out of her mind? Is she quitting her job?” “Oh, Mrs. Hayes, please don’t take it to heart. I believe there has been a misunderstanding. I’ll explain to Dr. Nancy immediately and make sure she treats Mr. Hayes tomorrow. Do not worry about that.” In an agitated state,

Henry explained to Xandra to defuse her anger before he went after Sasha. This woman is Mrs. Hayes now? So Mr. Hayes is my patient, huh? How dare they ask me to treat that man! Five years have passed, yet these two scumbags are still alive and kicking. Both of them should go to hell. Why should I even treat him? Upon hearing snippets of their conversation,

Sasha quickened her pace to leave the place. Little did she know her entire body was quivering in anger and she was clenching her fists so tightly that her knuckles had turned white. She ran all the way to her car and slammed the door shut, buried her head in the steering wheel as she closed her reddened eyes.

She thought she had already forgotten about the past, but Xandra’s appearance made her realize that the wound in her heart hadn’t healed. Hatred was still boiling in her and she wanted to stab that woman to death on the spot. Sebastian Hayes, you have no right to ask me to save you. I’d rather save a dog than the man who sacrificed his children’s lives for his so-called love. After a long while, she finally recollected herself and headed back home.

Her children were already sound asleep when she arrived home. Sasha knew she could always count on Matteo. Not only had he had dinner with Vivian, he also gave her a bath. The two were now huddling together in bed. “Mommy, you’re back?” he mumbled in his sleep. Sasha pecked him on the forehead.

“Yes, I’m back. Goodnight, sweetie.” Matteo rolled over and continued sleeping. Sasha couldn’t help but curl her lips into a heartfelt smile as she tucked the blanket around them. For a moment, she looked at them lovingly before leaving their bedroom for her study. “Willow, have you gone to bed?” “Not yet. Why?” “Can you do me a favor? Go to the hospital tomorrow morning and…” Sasha spoke to Willow Fischer, her best friend, through the phone while she booked three flights to Jetroina on the Internet. …

In the penthouse suite of Hilton hotel located at the city center. With a gloomy expression, Sebastian stared at the woman, who was sobbing ever since she returned. He was sitting on the couch with his legs crossed. In his white shirt coupled with a black tie, the man had a distinguished air about him.

He became even more charming although five years had passed. “Ms. Green, you mean Clear Hospital didn’t arrange a doctor for us? The rumors were wrong? It is not a renowned hospital?” Luke Scott, the president’s assistant, asked after seeing Xandra crying.

If one had been paying attention, one would have noticed that he had addressed Xandra as Ms. Green, not Mrs. Hayes. “That’s right! Their attitudes were atrocious. The petty doctor started scolding me after I raised several queries.

She said she never intended to treat Sebastian!” Xandra recounted what happened earlier in the hospital in an exaggerating manner. Hearing that, Sebastian’s eyes darkened. “Who is she?” “Nancy! I heard Mr. Jackson calling her Nancy.

He said she is the one and only doctor in the hospital who knows Traditional Chinese Medicine,” Xandra answered eagerly. The hostility in her eyes was barely veiled. She hoped they could immediately bring Sasha to Sebastian so that the latter could make her pay the price for her rudeness. Nancy, huh? Sebastian’s face was clouded over.

He had suffered from chronic insomnia for years and could only fall asleep with the help of medication. However, everyone knew it would be detrimental if one was to take such medication on a long-term basis. It would bring about significant side effects such as an alteration of mood and acute headache, which could be so unbearable that the sufferer would end up having an outburst of anger. That was why Sebastian resorted to seeking help at Clear Hospital.

His eyes gleamed with murderous intent when he heard a petty doctor was refusing to treat him. “Luke, look into this person called Nancy. I want to know who she is.

” “Yes, Mr. Hayes.” “And also, ask Henry to come and see me.” Sebastian was referring to the director of Clear Hospital. Luke immediately complied. As for Xandra, a wicked smile crept onto her face the moment Sebastian gave his orders. Nancy, you’re just a petty doctor. I will make you pay for going against me! …

On the other hand, Sasha’s her sleep was disrupted by thoughts of her encounter with Xandra earlier that day. Even so, she failed to notice that the screen of her phone, which was in silent mode, lit up several times throughout the night. The next morning, when she was awakened by the alarm, only did she find out there were eight missed calls. She was instantly wide awake.

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