The Love that Never Really Dies, chapter 2

The Love that Never Really Dies, chapter 2 Five years later, in a renowned hospital in Moranta.

Sasha was presenting a patient’s case study in fluent French to the other medical experts in the meeting room. The short hair suited her delicate skin and features, accentuating her bright eyes like a pair of dazzling gems. “I’m sorry, Dr. Nancy, but do you mean to say this patient doesn’t need an operation? You’re suggesting that we should use acupuncture?”

Sasha flipped through the medical report and flashed a confident smile at the medical experts. “If you trust my opinion, then yes.” She was now Dr. Nancy Wand, an alias she assumed five years ago.

Back then, the gynecologist had announced her demise to the Hayes after saving her from the jaws of death. Sasha would rather die than return to the Hayes Residence; that place was a nightmare for her. Later, she came to Moranta and settled down in this country. Within five years, she made a name for herself as a doctor who also specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine using the skills she had inherited from the Wand family.

The medical experts’ thoughts wavered upon hearing her confident reply. Yet Sasha had no time to wait for their answer. She took a glance at her watch and soon left the meeting room. “Dr. Nancy, you’re picking up your kids again?” “Yes.” While hurrying down the stairs, she came across some colleagues and returned their greetings with a bright smile.

She was eager to fetch her kids. Ten minutes later, at the preschool. The entrance of the preschool was deserted by when Sasha arrived. Just then, a little girl with a pigtail cheerfully trotted in her direction.

“Mommy, you’re finally here! I’ve waited for you for so long!” She immediately got out of the car. “I’m late today. I’m sorry, Vivi. I won’t be late next time. Can you forgive me?” Vivian would never blame her mommy for being late. “It’s alright. Matt is here with me, and he brought me a lot of yummy snacks! Look, I’m stuffed!” the little girl said as she rubbed her tummy. Her words warmed Sasha’s heart. Matt, Vivian’s twin, was indeed a very thoughtful little boy.

He would always take good care of his younger sister. “Why don’t we go and find Matt now?” “Alright, Mommy!” A few minutes later, Sasha found her son in the teachers’ room. She was concerned to see him being the center of attention once again, surrounded by the teachers. “Oh, my god! Look!

The transfer student who is joining us really looks identical to our dear Matteo!” “You’re right! Check this out!” One of the teachers brought a photo next to Matteo’s face. Matteo took a glance at the photo. “How do we look alike? Is his face chubby like mine?” “Well… No.” “Does he look as adorable as me when he smiles?”

Matteo leaned forward, cupping his cute little face. The teachers burst into laughter. Yet, they found the two didn’t really look that alike after a closer look. The five-year-old boy in the photo was pulling a straight face; his gloomy expression made him look like a little adult. To them, Matteo was definitely cuter. “Matt, what are you doing?” Sasha asked when she saw the interaction between them.

“Mommy, you’re here! Well, I did nothing.” Upon hearing his mom’s voice, he reacted swiftly by hopping off the table, beaming. Matteo had always been a cheerful boy. Even though his facial features resembled that man, he didn’t inherit the latter’s cold and ruthless personality. Rather, Matteo was a kid with a warm personality and a bright smile that never left his face.

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