The Legendary Man Chapter 570

Chapter 570 Chance

As he stood on the mountaintop, Jonathan stared coolly at the bronze mirror in his hands. For some reason, it had stopped transmitting messages ever since he posed as Irving to question Sofus.

Ten minutes later, however, words finally appeared in the mirror again: None of my business. Despite the lack of a name, Jonathan knew with just one glance that it was Sofus replying.

J: Fine. But can you at least tell me what’s going on in Summerbank Abyss? Before we came in, you clearly said there wouldn’t be any dangers.

Upon seeing the words, Jonathan curled his lips into a half smile. Ah, somebody’s pretending to be me to ask these questions. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s most likely Irving. Then again, given the unique features of the mirror, who can know for sure?

Just then, lines of words showed up in the mirror again: I invited all of you to help track down my mentor, so why would I bring harm to anyone? In all honesty, Summerbank Abyss was originally a highly guarded secret of the Phoebus Sect. I’m sure you’ve all realized by now that even though the place is fraught with peril, it’s also brimming with spiritual energy.

You’ve faced many attacks from the demon beasts lurking in the abyss, but as the saying goes, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. Trust me when I say Summerbank Abyss has its fair share of magical plants. I’ve only been training for four years, yet I’ve already gone from being a mere mortal to being a Grandmaster.

That was only possible because I found a unique spiritual herb here. Of course, everyone’s free to search for the treasures hidden in this place. As for the man in black, I have no idea who he is, but rest assured that I’ll take action accordingly if I see him. Similarly, if any of you see my mentor in Summerbank Abyss, please inform me. After all, I’ve already paid everyone, so I hope you’ll put in the work and effort.

With that, the mirror fell silent. Jonathan’s frown deepened as he stared at it. Judging by how earnest the messages sounded, he was sure that Sofus had been the one replying.

However, if the latter wasn’t the man in black, then who could it be?

Abyss, including the fact that it contained some of the most magical plants in

would’ve imagined that those plants could boost an ordinary person to the advanced phase of the Grandmaster Realm in a short span of four years? Not only would people like Lauryn want to get their hands on it, but even someone in the *** Realm like Jonathan would also get tempted by

that irresistible temptation had given Lauryn and the others a change of heart. Ever since the man in black showed up, they had more or less decided to beat

they had taken Sofus’ money and promised to find his

things were different now. If there were a secret plant that could help produce a Grandmaster in just four years, taking it out of Summerbank Abyss

Grandmaster cultivation level, they

of nature, so any breakthrough, regardless

reach, why would anyone in their right mind give up

was no exception as he broke into

the recoil of the bell had wounded his meridians and energy field. Therefore, what he needed most was spiritual

he felt as though it was fate that had led him there. After putting the bronze mirror away, Jonathan looked around for a while and finally decided to go in the opposite direction that

the dense forest, the more

the problem is I can’t identify more than half of the vegetation here! If I were to try them one by one, there’s a high chance I’d die from poisoning before I can even

ripples of spiritual energy in the air, Jonathan went full speed ahead. However, not even he had realized that the place he was going to was the core region

was holding a cup of coffee as twenty tired-looking police officers gathered

that moment, all eyes were on the big screen in front of them, where the video of

incredibly baffling. As soon as the video ended, a gray-haired, middle-aged man

this guy is telling the truth?” he asked. Upon hearing that, the man named Bryce let out a deep sigh before placing his stack of notes on

“Although the suspect’s description of Ryan Leiter is wildly fantastical, based on my experience, I can confidently say that Maverick Carlson’s testimony is true.”

The next second, a heavy silence befell the office.

Jasper stubbed out his cigarette in the ashtray, his expression cold and indifferent.

“We’ve handled countless criminals and suspects, some of whom were martial artists too. Thankfully, they were only physically fitter and faster than the average person and were never much of a problem for us. Ryan Leiter, however, has far exceeded our expectations,” he said. “If everything that Maverick said is true, it’s highly possible that the two hundred missing people have become Ryan’s victims.

Who knows what else might happen if we don’t quickly bring someone like him to justice? I’ll report to the higher-ups immediately and apply for an arrest warrant. As for you guys, I want you to tap into your informants and track down Ryan’s whereabouts as soon as possible!”

“Yes, Sir!” the police officers replied in unison. Soon, everyone filed out of the room, leaving Leslie to stare blankly at the paused interrogation video on the screen.

The past few days had felt like an incredible fantasy to her. She had first learned about martial artists in the records before witnessing the scene at Triplex Manifesta on Summerbank Mountain. Later, she met Jonathan by chance and only managed to arrest Maverick with his help.

Even now, she still couldn’t forget how powerful Jonathan’s leaps were and how he had captured Maverick with just a few flicks of his finger. Everything was so bizarre!

If Ryan Leiter is as powerful as Jonathan Goldstein, it’ll be difficult for us regular police to capture him. But if we can’t effectively control him, we can only claim the moral high ground by admonishing him. What good would that be?

Right there and then, Leslie suddenly recalled the incident at Mirage Plaza and felt a shift in her beliefs.

Jonathan’s solution back then was violent, but it also proved to be the most direct and effective. Perhaps that’s the only way to tackle martial artists like Ryan Leiter.

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