The Legendary Man Chapter 565

Chapter 565 Meeting Their Match

Zachary then engaged the middle-aged cultivator in combat after ordering his men to retreat. Meanwhile, inside the courtyard of No. 1 Villa, the short-haired girl grabbed one of the soldiers and held him in front of her like a shield.

“Go on, open fire! Let’s see if your bullets are faster than me!” Despite being surrounded by dozens of guns pointing at her, the girl showed no sign of fear nor panic. If anything, there was even a glint of manic excitement in her eyes.

The soldiers had their fingers on the trigger, but none of them dared open fire. The girl was standing in front of the Smith mansion, so their bullets could also hit the Smith family members inside.

On top of that, they knew full well that they would only end up killing her hostage if they shot at her. Given her terrifying speed, she could definitely dodge their bullets with ease.

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However, they couldn’t just stand by and watch her enter the mansion either. Unsure of what to do in that difficult situation, the soldiers were all in a dilemma.

The tense moment was interrupted when a clear voice rang out from above the mansion.

“I’m curious, are you here to kill or kidnap?”

The girl looked up and saw Yasmin sitting on the roof of the mansion.

She had her left leg propped up and her two-meter-long sniper rifle resting on her left knee. The barrel was pointed at the girl below.

My instincts are telling me that this woman is the one who shot Hansel!

With that in mind, the girl’s pupils constricted as she asked, “Were you the one who fired those two shots earlier?”

Yasmin let out a chuckle. “Yes, that was me. Also, you haven’t answered my question. Are you here to kill or kidnap?”

“Does it make a difference?”

“It does. If you’re here to kill, then you’ll be fired upon indiscriminately once you do so. I doubt even a Grandmaster would be able to make it out alive! If you’re here to kidnap them, things would be a lot more interesting. We don’t want you killing them, and you don’t want us accidentally hurting the hostages either. That would up the stakes significantly.”

The girl’s eyes lit up after hearing that. She then took a closer look at Yasmin, only to shake her head in disappointment shortly after.

You may be great with guns, but you’re too close to me right now. I could kill you in the blink of an eye if I wanted

to give it a try anyway?” Yasmin asked

a chuckle when she saw Yasmin standing next

die if you

really fought a martial artist before. I’d like to give

her a smile and waved her arms slightly, causing two


firing while her arms danced

changed instantly when

from Yasmin was aimed at the girl’s head, while the second went

completely random directions, but the

hit by the other bullets if she tried to

my spiritual energy now! Only someone from the *** Realm would have spiritual energy powerful enough to change the trajectory of the bullets, so that’s not an option for me either. She’s just a

calm and collected

the greatest trump card she had at

their possible reactions when faced with danger and fire preemptively in those directions

when going against a Grandmaster, even

doctors were seated in the living

frown, “The patient’s condition has been fairly stable throughout the past few days, so lasting another twelve to thirteen days shouldn’t be a problem. Say, Jason, what’s going on out there?

flashed the boy a smile when he heard

just established. Firefights would break out all the time. We’d be performing surgeries while bombs exploded right outside the

the front door of the mansion open. His body was

Sophia. Is

Jason, on the other hand, calmly

insist on seeing her, huh?” the young man asked with a chuckle as

stood up and brandished a scalpel in his

you not understand what I just said? It looks

Those words had barely left Jason’s mouth when he lunged forward, instantly closing the five-meter gap between him and the young man.


A clear sound echoed through the room as the scalpel clashed with the long sword.

Having been caught off guard, the young man was sent flying backward and crashed into the front door.

As he lowered his gaze, he noticed a tiny chunk of his long sword had been chipped off.

A look of greed flickered in the young man’s eyes as he looked up at Jason’s scalpel.

My sword was forged through a very special technique. It’s no magical item, but it’s extremely sharp and can cut through most metal with ease. However, that scalpel was able to damage my sword in one hit, so it must be a magical item!

“That’s a very nice blade you’ve got there. Too bad it’s a little small, though.”

“No, it’s big enough to perform surgery on you,” Jason replied as he gently placed his glasses on the table next to him.

He then loosened up his necktie a little before charging toward the young man at lightning speed.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sounds of those blades clashing against each other continued as they fought on.

As they were fighting at a narrow porch, the young man didn’t have enough room to fully utilize his long sword. Jason was able to get a few cuts in after clashing dozens of times.

Because Jason’s attacks were highly precise and aimed at joints and arteries, even a slight mistake could result in death.

After dodging some of his attacks, the young man was able to slip into the courtyard.

The look on his face turned gloomy when he saw the blood on his clothes.

No. 2 Villa was supposed to be a much easier target than No. 1 Villa, but he was unlucky enough to run into a freak like Jason.

Looks like I’ll have to up my game, or I won’t be able to accomplish my mission!

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